January 28

Grayson got this very cute outfit from Becca's cousin Keeley several months ago. It is really soft and very warm. So, I thought it would be appropriate to wear today when the highs were only in the 20's. When I picked Grayson up at daycare, his babysitter said (in her Asian accent) "His clothes very warm today. Too warm for such an active boy" It made me giggle.

January 27

I went to bed tonight without a picture for the day. But, Grayson didn't let me down. He woke up around midnight, an hour after I went to bed, and was really fussy. I went through my whole routine of calming techniques: feeding, teether, tylenol, and cartoons. When nothing worked, I resorted to real food. He gobbled up 3 bowls of sweet potatoes and cereal within about 10 minutes and went right back to bed. This only took me a little over an hour to figure out. So, notice the clock in the background. He's eating a large dinner at 1:05 in the morning!!

I know that since it was after 1 am, it is technically Thursday, but since I hadn't gotten much sleep yet, it was still Wednesday night in my mind.

Januray 26

Leavin' on a jet plane. Passing time at the airport on our way home

January 25

It just happened that our friends, Kristi, Jeremy, and Eli, from Austria were in TN during our short visit home. We had not seen them since last March and really wanted to see them before our trip to their house in July. So, we met in the middle to play, chat, and open Christmas gifts. The best place we found to do all of this was in the children's section of Books a Million.

Grayson was really interested in Eli's goldfish crackers. Looks like he is nearly ready for small foods like this. Such a big boy!


January 24

One of the biggest jobs of the weekend was going through all of Grandmother's jewelry. She had a ton. Adam and Nick model some of the rejected pieces that no one wanted.

We have discovered that Grayson loves dogs. Adam's dog Shadow, was not feeling quite so much love. Grayson had fun chasing her around the room and trying to pet her.

January 23

We spent the evening at Wasabi celebrating Becca's cousin Rachel's birthday. Yummy!!

January 22

Nana got Grayson a bath mat that allowed him to swim around the tub like a fish. More freedom than our little tub at home
Uncle Nick and Grayson got to be big buds

January 21

How many people does it take to dress a squirmy baby? It took both Mimi and Papa to get Grayson's pjs on tonight.

January 20

Our first time in Charlotte, NC. We only stayed for an hour during our journey home with a VERY fussy Grayson


January 19

Grayson's babysitter has been telling us how much he loves to play with the door stoppers. He was able to find the one in his room and repeatedly moved it to hear the funny sound it makes.

January 18

This afternoon, Adam's sweet and spunky grandmother passed away. We had a great relationship with her and feel very blessed she was able to meet Grayson.

I think it's time to put away the bouncer seat. You just can't leave him alone anywhere anymore, even if he is strapped in. He's a mess!!

January 17

January 16

We went back to the gym today!!! (I got Adam to join for at least 3 months). They don't provide childcare until kids are 6 months old, so it's been 7 long months since I've gotten a good workout. It felt nice to go back.


January 15

It doesn't take long before Grayson has all the toys pulled out and scattered all around. I think he finds it more entertaining to pull everything out than to play with some of them. If I could just teach him how to clean up.

January 14

Out with the girls at Ruby Tuesday's while our husbands socialized at Starbucks.

January 13

Now, that's a blow-out. Teri, you will be happy to know nothing got on the seat. It all slid down his pant leg.

January 12

Now that Grayson has teeth, we have to start brushing. He loved it.


January 11

I got to start using my mesh feeder at Christmas. Mommy puts pieces of pear in it for me to chew on and eat (without worrying about me choking). I can also feed myself with this!

Still celebrating TN's big win last night with my UT bib and outfit

January 10

I'm 7 months old today!!
What a day to celebrate that monthly birthday. UT beat KU in a big way. Yay!!! Go Vols!

I even wore this outfit to church this morning so all my friends would know who I was cheering for

January 9

Success in the kitchen!! Once we found out the faucet we were attempting to install was defective, we bought a new one and installed it in 40 minutes. Adam also put up 3 new light fixtures while Grayson observed and learned some handyman skills.


January 8

We are taking advantage of our snow days together to get some updating done around the house. Unfortunately, the kitchen faucet has gotten the best of Adam. Anyone with plumbing experience is asked to come over, asap. I need my kitchen sink back.

January 7

Another few inches fell yesterday
This is the most snow Adam and I have seen since 1993

The small green spot in the middle of the picture is the tip of a 12 inch ruler


January 6

First experience in the snow. He loved it!!

January 5

January 4

I'm army crawling all over the place this week. It won't be long before I can really crawl


January 3

Grayson helps by pulling the clothes out so I can fold them

January 2

Home, Sweet, Freezing, Snowy, Home
I think it's time to lower the mattress

January 1, 2010

We began driving home today, but with a little one, we now have to stop halfway because Grayson can't tolerate being in a carseat for 12 hours.
All nice and quiet in his peapod

Five minutes later- on the floor

December 31, 2009

Happy New Years Eve