May 29

Finally- spring/summer is back! The temperature increased at least 20 degrees today from yesterday's cold temps in the 60s. So, we played outside for a while tonight. Grayson loves his new water table. He gets completely drenched every time he uses it, but he never minds.

May 28

Today, we had a major distraction from cleaning and getting ready to travel. A vacuum cleaner salesman stopped by promising to shampoo one room. We have never had our carpets cleaned and the living room desperately needs it. So, we agreed since they said it was free and would only take an hour. But 2 hours later, only a small spot shampooed, and lots of money paid, we have a new vacuum cleaner!! It has a lifetime warranty, so it should be the last one we ever buy. Adam was all about this deal. Unfortunately, he never vacuums!

May 27

Tonight we went to an international market to see what Korean delights they had. We bought some bulgogi marinating sauce, roasted green peas (which Grayson loves), and some white rabbit candy (similar to vanilla tootsie rolls that we discovered several years ago in China). It was a huge store with so much variety. Looks like we will be back quite often.


May 26

Grayson and I went to visit some new adoption friends this morning and then went on a little lunch date- to McDonalds

I had to make a snack for bunko tonight, so I made a banana pudding and Grayson had his first beater licking experience

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May 25

Grayson really complains about me using the aspirator when his nose is stuffy, but the minute I walk away, and he knows he needs it, he knows exactly what to do with it and takes care of the problem.

May 24

Grayson has the car plugged in and ready to charge. I guess this is what they do further north to keep their cars from freezing in the winter. Our weatherman is calling for thunderstorms tonight, but I guess there's a chance they could be wrong and we get snow instead!! In that case, Grayson has us prepared.

May 23

I had Adam try out the carrier tonight on a walk to Wal-Mart. One of us needs to get used to wearing it around for long periods of time. Shhh. .  .Don't tell Grayson that. He gets a little squirmy after a few minutes.

And- check out those muscles on those boys! Wow!!


May 22

So, what happens when you start taking all of these meds as the doctor prescribed them? Apparently you get a nasty reaction. Adam tried to go to church this morning, but had to be brought home an hour into it becuase he was getting so sick. He laid in bed the rest of the day and once some of these meds started wearing off, he began feeling better!

May 21

When this little man comes to find you looking like this, safety concerns go out the window and you run for the camera. Where does he learn these things?!

Grayson and Neylan are getting a sand and water table for their birthday. But since the weather was so nice and warm today, it came out for some play. Gray's birthday is in just 2 weeks, so it's not that early! He loved it and it kept him quite entertained for a long time. We did go through 3 outfits today though!

Today is our 5 year anniversary!! But nothing fun and romantic going on here today. Adam started his morning at the doctor, then stopped at the pharmacy on his way home, and has been in bed for much of the afternoon and evening. The doctor said he has a "contagious virus," whatever that means!

May 20

Grayson was officially introduced to playdough tonight. It really helped buy some time while I cooked dinner.

May 19

Adam took Grayson out for awhile tonight so I could get some work done around the house. My project was organizing the storage closet in the basement. Sounds fun, huh! One of the boxes that I found was full of memoriabilia from our dating years. And one of those items was this lovely wax hand that says I love you in sign language. Isn't that what every girlfriend wants?! I believe Adam made this for me while he was in college. It's a little flat now. Now that I have this lovely picture, I think the wax hand is going to the trash!


May 18

This lovely piece of mail has arrived for me. A Juror Qualification questionnaire. It's not asking me to do jury duty- yet. I just have a feeling that once this mandatory survey is turned back in, I will be in line.

May 17

Tonight, Grayson went to his GG, Bill, and Shannon's house so Adam and I could get some stuff done. We went to dinner to celebrate our anniversary and then went shopping for trip stuff.

While Grayson lounged around playing with a huge variety of play food and serving everybody just what they ordered

May 16

Tonight we did some shopping for our trip and then took Grayson out for frozen yogurt. He loved that idea!

May 15

Taking the ergo carrier for a test drive tonight. Wow- carrying nearly 30 extra pounds is not the easiest no matter how much support you have. Grayson liked it though and enjoyed his view from higher up. I think this carrier will work well in Seoul.

May 14

We were supposed to have a cookout for lunch today for a group of adoptive families who are all waiting on their kiddos to come home from Korea. Unfortunately, that fell through at the last minute. We had already prepared some food, so we called some friends and had our cookout for dinner. Afterwards we played Bananagrams. It was a fun night!


May 13

Grayson helped fix dinner tonight. We tried a new recipe out of our cookbook and it was delicious!

Chicken Peanut Mole with Cilantro Rice (p 34)
My last college roommate, Laura, submitted it. She's a great cook.

We still have cookbooks to sell if anyone does not have theirs yet.

May 12

A certain little someone refused to take a nap today so after 2 hours of trying to get him down, I gave up. But since I was going out tonight, I needed a shower. So, I had to take one with company. Afterwards, I was getting ready in the closet and heard an unfamiliar noise. I came back in and saw this. He said "uh oh". Uh oh, my foot. There is NOTHING accidental about this! He did help pick up all the wet cotton balls and put them back in the bag for me. Thanks!

May 11

Mommy's Mother's Day present arrived. Isn't it pretty?! When I asked Adam if he had any ideas for my gift, he said no. So, I showed him what I wanted. A few days later, he came and said I could just order it myself so it was exactly what I wanted. OK! I picked the pearl on top since both boys have June birthdays. There is room to add one more disc on top (if we pick a short name- or even have a third!)

I had a really good experience with this company and would highly recommend them to anyone.


May 10

I finished painting the kitchen today and it feels so good to be done! This was the biggest, most time consuming task on our to-do list and now it's done!! It only took a year to gather the motivation and time to do it.

And, we were able to put up my new Uppercase Living saying I got from our fundraiser. I love it. The plan is to put a few picture frames underneath the quote and fill them with pictures of the boys making messes in the kitchen

May 9

Today Grayson got to go to our local zoo for the first time. And what made the trip even better was that he was invited by his girlfriend!

We went on a train ride through the Australia area and saw a bunch of kangaroos


May 8

Happy Mother's Day!

Yesterday Grayson and I had a little chat about Mother's Day and what was expected. He just smiled and nodded like he already had it under control. So, today as I was getting ready for church, he came and brought me a card. Then he took me out for lunch. When we got home he took a nice, long nap, so Mommy could get some stuff done. Then we had a picnic dinner. It was a beautiful day here. I am such a blessed mommy.

May 7

For the next few weeks we will be trying to get in lots of family time with Grayson before his world is changed forever. So, this afternoon, we took him to the farm. We looked at several animals and then found our way into the baby goat area. And these babies love to eat. I think they prefer bottles of milk, but will also nibble on your clothes or anything they can find. 

A little girl said she was done with her bottle and gave it to G with some milk left in it. He caught on quickly but then several goats also caught on that there was a bottle nearby. 

OK, this is better. Just one goat to feed

Oh no, they all found out again and are now fighting over the one bottle!

Oh my gosh! And then they got bigger!

Ah, this is more like it- the playground

Taking it slow on my first swinging bridge


May 6

Adam and I have been helping with the kids' musical at church for the past few months and tonight it finally happened! I helped with the set, and although I only made the really cool coral sticking out of the rocks, the whole set turned out fabulous.

May 5

Adam did a little shopping tonight and came home with this. Our social worker asked that we get one before we travel, so we were able to mark that off the list tonight. Now, just where to put it?

May 4

This week is teacher appreciation week and although I am not a teacher, I am appreciated by one of the kiddos I work with. He gave me a little geranium and some chocolate chip cookies. Very nice.

May 3

All of this waiting and stress and to-do's and such is sending me over the edge. So, I got in a little retail therapy tonight. Gotta start buying for this trip at some point!

May 2

Daddy put together the boys' new contraption tonight. Don't want to show it yet because it's not quite complete. Will reveal soon, I hope!


May 1

During our drive home today, we spent some time making our to-do list of everything we would like to and need to get done before we travel. There's only 56 things, an average of 2 per day. Manageable, I'd say. There is some motivation behind it.

April 30

We spent the day at Silver Dollar City. We grew up going to Dollywood in TN all the time, so now we can say we've been to the sister theme park. Twin sister, I think. Most rides, shows, restaurants, and park theme were exactly the same as Dollywood.

Grayson woke up on the wrong side of his pea pod this morning, so within 20 minutes of entering the park, he was out cold for over an hour. Thank goodness. He needed a good nap!

There wasn't a lot that Grayson could do, but he enjoyed the ball area for kids. His favorite was the ball vacuum.

He also enjoyed the carousel. He picked the gray horse, I guess because they have something in common. Giddy up Ol' Gray!

April 29

Today we traveled to Branson with some friends for our last weekend getaway as a family of 3. The place we stayed had a little playground, which was just perfect for Elmo to play on. He liked to swing.