November 14

A late night prepping jars for the dry ingredients to be added later. Twenty-seven had to be made and glitter got everywhere!

November 13

Another friend night- watching tv with a girl!!

November 12

We had an insane weekend so this morning Grayson asked if we could just stay home and play in our jammies all day! Sometimes I don't realize how much our busy lifestyle affects the kids until they begin asking to just stay home. So, that's what we did. All day!
We had breakfast with hot apple cider in Christmas mugs (this was the first time I have given them breakable mugs to drink from and the pictures I got are priceless. Some of my new favorites!)
Grayson made his own breakfast
Later this afternoon, Grayson finally asked to make his pirate pumpkin that we have been asking him to make since October. Now that Halloween is over, he's ready to make it!

We had a great day at home. Lots of good, quality mommy time was had today. We played every single board game we own, played baseball outside, took naps, did our pumpkin, and was reminded that we often need to slow down a bit to really enjoy each other's company!

November 10

The leaves were so pretty on the trees. Now we have to deal with them all over the ground! Yardwork morning!!


November 9

A night with friends! A warm night, good for popsicles!
And a baby who got lots of attention from our crew!

November 8

The way Neylan eats from a bowl drives.me.crazy!! He refuses to use a spoon, although fully capable! This morning he asked to put socks on his hands and then wanted to eat breakfast. And then the best thing happened!! He used his spoon to eat his entire bowl of cereal!! He must not have wanted to get his socks wet!

November 7

A new project was started (and nearly completed)!!

November 6

The boys discovered we have a spare bedroom today and decided they wanted to make it their "house". So, I brought up their tent and we made a house and added all of the stuffed animals they found yesterday!

November 5

The last of the toy boxes was unpacked today and one was full of stuffed animals. I was hoping they wouldn't get too excited about these and I could just pack them back up for good. But, I was wrong! Many of them ended up in the bed tonight!

November 4

Today we went to the Hen House (one of our local grocery stores) holiday celebration. They give out lots of samples, coupons, and even some bigger items to take home! This is what we came home with today- for FREE!!!

November 3

I had a scrapbooking retreat weekend, so Adam took the boys to Jumping Jax this morning.


November 1

Our last night of trick-or-treating tonight! At the last minute Grayson really disobeyed and didn't get to go, so Woody was on his own tonight!
We went to Grandma Toni's (the house where we stayed when we were in between houses in September)

October 31

Happy Halloween!
Tonight we only got to Trick-or-Treat at one place since we had to be at church. So we made it a late night and went to GiGi, Bills, and Shannon's house. And in true toddler fashion, the costumes changed again! Eeyore became Woody

October 30

So exicted to wear his Halloween jammies that glow in the dark!

October 29

This morning we had a Halloween playdate with a bunch of friends. Grayson decided he was going to be Batman and Neylan switched to Eeyore

October 28

Yesterday we were "booed" by a neighbor. So, today I had to keep the "booing" going by giving little goody bags to two other neighbors. We've never been in such a family-friendly, fun neighborhood before. We are LOVING it here!
In our boo package yesterday were 2 cans of silly string. Adam thought it would be a great idea to teach the boys how to use it- on me!!

October 27

Although it was a bit chilly, we ventured back to the zoo today for Boo at the Zoo. These very thick costumes were perfect for the day and the boys had a great time trick-or-treating. Since it was colder, there were VERY few animals out today, but the boys didn't seem to mind since they were on a mission to collect candy!

Eeyore and Tigger found their friend, Owl

Eeyore loves candy!


October 26

The weather became VERY cold today, but that didn't stop us from getting out for some fresh air. Nana and Granddad arrived on Wednesday for a short visit, so we decided to take them to the school playground in our neighborhood. The boys rode their bikes there because it's so close!


October 25

Someone noticed these outfits in the closet and wanted to try them on. A Halloween run-through? We'll see what mood these guys are in next week. I highly doubt Tigger and Eeyore will remain the costume of choice.