June 29

Wow! It's so much more fun being 1. I get Happy Meals now. This is my first one at the start of our road trip to TN

June 28

Had a mini shopping spree to take advantage of big sales and coupons we had

June 27

Our milkshakes quickly got snagged at Sonic when Grayson realized that it came with a straw, his new favorite way to drink anything. He drank it so fast because he was nervous Daddy would take it back.

June 26

Just another fun afternoon at the pool


June 25

Grayson had his first birthday pictures taken and we got the link today to view them all. We got some good ones. Enjoy!!

June 24

I just love watching cute little boys, with no shirts on, do chores for me


June 23

Not a very exciting day. But Grayson looked really cute in his camo overalls and new shoes!

June 22

We are so blessed!
This nice little gift card arrived in the mail today from our realtor, who we referred some friends to a few months ago. Obviously, it was a success. So, if you are looking for a great realtor in our area, we can recommend a good one (for your benefit, not ours)


June 21

Grayson and his friend, Rowan. He had just finished his lunch, but when she got put in his highchair, he realized he might be missing out on something. So, while she was busy with the mesh feeder, Grayson ate the little bit of food she had on the tray and then begged for more. They ate like this for at least 10 minutes. We've learned that no one is allowed to eat unless Grayson is eating, yet he's only in the 10 %ile.

June 20

Grayson was trying so hard to pull his friend Benjamin, who is 2, in his wagon. Unfortunately, they didn't get very far.


June 19

Happy Father's Day, Daddy
We are celebrating a day early because Daddy is leaving tomorrow for almost a week. We went to the pool today and my favorite part was the slide for little kids. I went down so many times.

I gave Daddy his present tonight. Mommy helped me pick out and buy this new outdoor game that Daddy thinks looks fun. I guess we'll have to wait for him to come back home before we can play it.

June 18

Mommy gave me a fork and a spoon tonight at dinner, but I am just not quite sure how to use them. I just know they are supposed to end up in my mouth.

June 17

12 month checkup and shots!! I think he's a little disappointed at his weight. He's only 19 lbs 14 oz, which puts him in the 10th percentile. It also means he can't turn around and face forward in his carseat yet. Bummer. Otherwise, he's in the 15th percentile for height and 50th %ile for head circumference.


June 16

This caterpillar sprinkler sure makes for a fun water fountain

After the numerous storms we've had recently, it sure is nice to see a double rainbow

June 15

With all the rain we've had lately it's made for some pretty hydrangeas

June 14

We went back to the farm today. It was a nice, cool, overcast day to be there.

Grayson's reaction to the powerful air dryer. The tongue must help him cope with this new experience.


June 13

Tonight was my first time to play in the sand at Daddy's volleyball game. I really liked it, so that made my mommy, the OT, very proud! No texture aversions here.

June 12

Grayson's first birthday party was so much fun!
We borrowed a small inflatable bounce house becuase it had been pouring rain all day until 3 hours before the party started. So, this was our Plan B. Fortunately, it stopped raining, the sun came out, and we got to play outside like planned.

We played in the pools and sprinkler

Grayson dove right into his cupcake and ate nearly the entire thing

Our pool themed cupcakes

June 11

Just trying out my new bike trailer. It's designed for 2, so if I ride with a friend, I might fit better.


June 10

Happy Birthday Grayson!!

Well, I did it. I completed my Project 365 challenge, only missing 5 days. I'm pretty proud of that. Do you want me to continue?


June 9

Tell me what about this outfit would make you think this is a girl? He's dressed from head to toe in blue. I took Grayson to the gym tonight and when I dropped him off, the worker said, "can you sign her in, please?" When I picked him up, a little girl said, "I still can't tell if this is a boy or a girl". The worker immediately responded "That's a girl". Grayson then walked over to me to pick him up and another worker said "she did a great job here tonight". I corrected her and finally said "He's a boy!" I guess he's just a pretty boy and I'll take that anyday over an ugly boy.


June 8

That was an incredible dinner, Mommy

Adam loves doing science experiments and he is doing some this week at VBS. He had dry ice leftover from his demo today and wanted to show Grayson what fun things you could do with it. Grayson was quite intrigued.

June 7

Just saving it for later, Mommy

I'm a little daredevil

June 6

Grayson, Mason, and Lyndon are ready for their daddy's first volleyball game of the summer.

June 5

Look at me!! I'm growing up fast!


June 4

I got to go on a mini-vacation today to a bed and breakfast about an hour from home. I went with some girlfriends for a scrapbooking weekend. This is pretty exciting as it's really my first time away for 2 nights since Grayson's been born.

June 3

This is Grayson's newest favorite toy. Definitely a good garage sale find. He's clapping for himself because he's so good at it.


June 2

I believe that tonight we can say that the kitchen is nearly finished (minus painting 1 0r 2 walls) and cleaned. We love the outcome!

Much better than before

June 1

Learning a new skill always takes practice. So, I was practicing my walking at daycare today when all of a sudden, the coffee table jumped right up and got me on the forehead.