November 26

Today in Grayson's class, it was pajama day! When his class gets 10 compliments for various things, like following directions, walking nicely in the hall, helping those who need help, ect, they get a pajama day. Today was also his school's Thanksgiving lunch for all of the parents to come to. When I dropped him off, I think he was a bit embarrassed that I wanted to take his picture! And when Adam and I came back to eat lunch with him, he didn't really want to leave his friends to eat with us! It's started so early :(

November 24

 Although Christmas has begun inside, there is still lots of fall to deal with outside. We love our house in our old, established neighborhood, but it comes with the very big chore of dealing with LOTS of leaves!! Adam has given up with his blower and rake and decided to borrow our neighbor's monster sized blower to get the job done faster!

Several hours and over 30 bags later, I think we are calling it quits for the season! This is our last load after the 20-something bags we already did last week. 

November 23

This morning we had Breakfast with Santa at Chick-Fil-A. They were so hospitable and gave all the kids free breakfast, treats, and a little toy as we left. Grayson was a bit nervous to sit on Santa's lap, but eventually warmed up a bit and asked for a puppy. Neylan wasn't nervous at all and asked for a Buzz and Woody camera. 

Since we are hosting Thanksgiving this year, and people arrive in a few days, we are decorating part of our house for Christmas. The rest of the house will be decorated for fall, but since this will be our family Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations, we thought we would decorate for both! 

Everyone pitched in and helped!


November 22

The ceiling is starting to go up!

I just wanted a picture of my office, but these goofballs wouldn't move!

November 19

I found a box and a bag of shoes in the basement today- and luckily they are Grayson's size. They are hand-me-downs from our triplet friends, so there are multiples of several pairs! Grayson was so excited to have new shoes that he spent a lot of time organizing them!

November 18

This morning I took a few maternity pics for my neighbors. She is so cute and so very pregnant! There's going to be another boy on the street very soon! 

And little Franny is none too happy about it!

After a quick lunch and nap we headed to the zoo with friends for the last hour they were open

Neylan had no interest in walking today and just wanted to ride. I am test driving our neighbor's stroller today in hopes it may be what we need for riding around Disney World in. It was perfect, except that the tires were flat and I didn't realize it until we got there!

November 16

With only 2 weekends left before our Thanksgiving company arrives we need to get some yard work done. Adam climbed up on the roof to check out the gutters and see how full of leaves they were. He got up there and then said, "I don't see this ending well!" So I ran to get the camera and the phone in case I needed to call 911!

While Adam worked on the roof, I raked some leaves, only to have the bags dumped out on the sidewalk so someone could ride their scooter through the pile. 

Abby's family is coming home today and I think she knows it! While we worked in the yard, she perched herself in between the sidewalk and the street to watch all of the cars pass by, probably hoping one would come to rescue her from our craziness!

Grayson really wanted to help, so Adam let him climb a few steps on the ladder and clean out some leaves. He was pretty thrilled!

It was a long day, so dinner out at Steak n' Shake was it!

November 14

Look what these guys got tonight?! They are excited for the moment. Grayson wanted to sleep in here tonight, but we'll see how long it lasts. Neylan has never had a headboard and footboard since we moved in, so we've been looking for a while. But, with 21 people coming for Thanksgiving, we thought bunk beds would be a good bet and a way to get an extra person a good night's sleep!

November 13

Things are really starting to take shape in the basement. The walls were painted today and are looking really good. 

November 12

We had a very chilly and busy afternoon, so when I stopped to get gas, it didn't take much for me to be persuaded to get some hot chocolate! This is a really special treat for them!

November 11

Overnight, the beautiful leaves on our pretty trees fell, so I raked a few up and decided to try to get a few pictures. None of them turned our very good though. Oh well. They had fun jumping and kicking them around. 

November 10

Grayson likes to take my phone away and just start taking pictures of anything and everything. Lately, he's been snapping pics of himself! 

November 9

Our neighbors went out of town today for the week and we inherited a dog, a cat, and a fish to watch over! The boys are super excited to have Abby hanging out with us. The cat does his own thing, and they have decided they aren't too thrilled with boring fish. But, a dog is a different story! They begged all morning to take her to the park with them. 

We didn't have time to go to the park because we went to cheer on Matt, the guy that currently lives with us, in his first full marathon. The boys were so disappointed that Abby couldn't be walked to the park this morning, that we loaded her up in the car and took her to the race. She was well taken care of there.   

Through a lot of pain, he did it! 

November 8

With our big surprise trip coming up soon, we thought it would be best if we tried to introduce a few more characters and stories they may come into contact with while there. Our neighbors were generous enough to lend us a laundry basket full of Disney movies. Yes, lots are VHS, but we still have a TV/VCR combo that is perfect for them to watch on. 

November 5

Tonight was a big night for Adam, the coach's training for the upcoming Upward season. I went to help decorate and with anything else that was needed at the last minute. He did a great job and had a good turnout. It was a great night to encourage and get the coaches pumped up for a great season. It's not easy running a program with 650 basketball players and cheerleaders, over 100 coaches, and countless volunteers, but Adam is heading into his second season in charge with a fresh excitement!

November 4

Today's Monday outing with Mommy was to the Johnson County Museum. I had never taken the boys there before and we needed to get out of the house. They have a little mock community that the boys enjoyed playing in for a little while. We had a fun morning and burned some energy!


November 2

Today was so full of errands. First was to Home Depot, where we realized that they were doing a kids activity. The boys have never done these before and were so excited to participate in their first one to make a sail boat. 

They each got an apron and a pin to wear back each month during the kids project days

A couple of hours later, we finally left with more stuff for the basement

Then, we headed to Sams for lunch and more shopping. I think it's time to go home now! We are out of room and have spent so much money!