June 28

Ready for school. Grayson found his stocking cap, put it on, and said he was ready. Never mind that it's already 80 degrees outside at 8:30 in the morning!

June 27

Bedtime snack- oranges! Adam said they were both slurping the juice so loudly it was getting to him. I could hear them chweing and slurping all the way in the kitchen. They really enjoyed it, though.

June 26

Being two years old means you have enough cognition to get into a lot of mischief!

June 25

Headed to the park!! The first wagon ride of the summer. Neylan liked it.

And, boy does he LOVE swinging!!!

June 24

A big celebration!!
We had the boys' birthday parties tonight. We held a traditional Korean dol in honor of Neylan. We had a great time. You can find all the details over on the other blog.

Yum! Delicious. I doubt he never got a cupcake in Korea.


June 23

Oooohhhh! A dishwasher! I'm sure I can help out in a big way with this chore!

June 22

Out for a stroll to the park in our new big ride

It glides so smoothly that it will put your right to sleep. This actually made this trip possible as I took both boys to the park by myself. Grayson and I were able to play while Neylan slept the whole time.

June 21

You caught me! But, I didn't start it. That other boy did.

Grayson went back to daycare today. (HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!) And since we were gone for his birthday, they had a little party for him and he got a present- this cute Elmo backpack.


June 20

Happy First Birthday, Little Guy!! So glad to have you home. You are absolutely adorable!

After dinner and cupcakes we let the boys play outside in the water. Although it wasn't Grayson's birthday, he played in his birthday suit!

June 19

Happy Father's Day!

Unfortunately, Daddy's day was less than exciting. Mommy and the boys just couldn't get it together in time. Adam did get to play his first volleyball game tonight, so we went on our first family outing with Neylan. He played for a long time in the sand and had no problems. He likes sand, but can't stand grass!! He was also quite the little social butterfly as he crawled over to different people and climbed up on them. No stranger anxiety here.

June 18

"I hold you" Grayson said to Minseok. This picture just cracks me up. Grayson definitely knows who's the "baby" in the family now, but I don't think he's quite realized that Neylan is his size!

Kristi and Eli headed back to TN today. She was a big help during our first few days at home and Grayson loved having Eli around to play with.

Tonight, we had more company. More friends brought over pizza and helped cut down a tree that fell while we were gone. We let all the boys play outside while we had dinner. We looked out the window at one point and saw three little monkeys standing in the water table.


June 17

Tonight we attempted a family photo shoot since Kristi is a fabulous photographer and she is only here for one more day. We went to a beautiful park. It was extrememly humid and Neylan was very tired. So, some of the pictures we got were, umm, not frameable or mantle quality. There were a few that might be able to be salvaged with some good editing. I will post those when Kristi is finished doctoring them.


June 16

Well, today did not go as planned. We got up and out the door as early as possible to go to the farm. Ten minutes after we got there, they closed the place down because of a lightning warning and approaching thunderstorm. So, this was the only picture we got. We will have to try again another day.

Kristi's one request for a dinner out was BBQ. And we knew exactly where to take her. We had a great meal and finished it off with ice cream.

We also threw in a small birthday celebration/ gift opening. The boys got really cute shirts (which I failed to get a picture of) and Neylan got a great book on adoption.

June 15

We're home. After one VERY long day of traveling, we pulled in the driveway at 1:30 this morning. And then our first visitors arrived at 10:30. Two of our favorite friends in all of Europe, Kristi and Eli are here for a weekend visit. It didn't take long after everyone woke up (at 11:30) for Grayson to start asking to go outside and play in the water. So, we did. And Neylan loved it! We actually ended up outside twice today.

Grayson and Eli hanging out in the little pool. I think it's time for an upgrade to something a bit bigger.

June 14

The boys sitting with Haechi, the official mascot of Seoul


June 13

It's official. We have 2 toddlers. And I'm exhausted already!! But feeling very blessed.

Minseok has done a lot of chasing grayson around the room by crawling after him. It is so funny to watch. I really think Grayson is scared of him.

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June 12

The only picture taken today while we were out and about shopping at Insadong. I'm not even sure what this is supposed to be or mean.

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June 11

Tonight we went to Seoul tower. We planned it so that we could see the city during the daylight as well as when the lights came on at night. Seoul is HUGE and just goes on and on and on.

Around the top of the tower the distances to cities all over the world are listed on the windows

To get to the top of the tower, you take the worlds fastest (or so they say) elevator. It had a movie playing on the ceiling while you ride. It was pretty cool.

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June 10

We met our precious boy today! And Grayson met his brother on his birthday!

White out at the playground the other day, an older lady was "exercising". Today when we went over, grayson went straight for the equipment and began exercising, just as she had done. So observant!

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June 9

We have been taking the subway nearly everywhere we go and Grayson is really interested in acting like everyone else. He can't reach the handle when I carry him, so it's a special treat for him to ride with Adam so he can reach.

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June 8

Be Bim Bap, a popular Korean dish made of rice, vegetables, and egg. This was what I chose for lunch today when out touring. It was quite good. We just received a children's book for the boys called Be Bim Bap. It talks about the family making this for dinner and then has a recipe in the back. I will definitely be trying it when we get home.

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June 7

Our highlight for the day- Children's Grand Park. There are so many things we can do here: a zoo, botanical garden, dancing fountain, animal shows, splash gardens, restaurants, amusement park, and on, and on. We will be going back for sure. This place is fabulous!!!

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June 6

We have arrived and are scoping out the area around our hotel. There is a little playground just outside the front door of our hotel. We will be spending lots of time there over the next week.

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June 5

We are on our way. It was a long, but successful day of flying!

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June 4

All packed and ready to roll. Seoul bound in the morning!

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June 3

A friend brought over these fun headphones for Grayson to wear on the plane. Hope he likes them!

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June 2

This odd piece of mail has arrived and we are not sure what to do with it. It's a tax form and has all of the information we need to file our taxes, like which numbers go in which boxes. So, what do we do with this form now since taxes were filed in March? Weird!

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