May 23

Immediately after getting home this afternoon, Grayson and I parted ways. I went downstairs and he went up, apparently. A few minutes later I heard water running. And it never got turned off. Then Grayson appeared in the basement wearing a new outfit. He quickly announced he was in new clothes because his others got wet. So, I go upstairs (because the water is still running) to try to figure out what is going on. On the bottom carpeted step are some brown dots, then the same on the next step, and the next, etc. I asked what it was and who did it and then I realized what it was. A brand new loose powder had been opened in the kitchen, the plastic seal removed, and carried up each step, upside down, leaving it's pattern behind. I followed it to our bathroom and found this mess. Grayson had opened 2 powders, the fingernail polish and had water everywhere. (I grabbed the camera and took a deep breath instead of immediately releasing the wrath). I put Grayson in time-out and told him to stay until I got everything cleaned up.

When I came back down, he had taken himself out of time out and this is what I see.
Me: Grayson, what are you doing?
G: Fixing my dinner
Me: Did you get all of that down by yourself?
G: Yes
Me: Where did you get the orange big plate?
G: Out of the dishwasher
Me: (big sigh) The dishwasher is dirty!

I have to say he gets a big E for effort to fix his own dinner and be so independent. All I have to say is Mimi and Nana, you have your hands full next week!

May 22

The packing has begun!! Just a few more days till we're cruising- by ourselves!!!!!!

May 21

Happy Anniversary to us!!
Six exciting years

May 20

Grayson and Neylan were invited to a birthday party tonight. I made Neylan a dairy free cupcake and ice cream so he could eat too. I think he liked it!!

May 19

I received a birthday card in the mail today! It only took 3 months to find its way back to me after the sender sent it to the neighboring town!!


May 18

Nearly every time we go outside, they ask for water. Grayson likes to water the flowers, trees, and mulch

and Neylan likes to paint the concrete

May 17

My naptime project for the day was the spruce up the front door with a new coat of paint. I had no idea how bad the door actually looked until I was up close and painting. It looks so much better now.


May 16

Hmmm. . . I think we might have an acid imbalance problem with our hydrangea bush. It's made for a very pretty bush though!

May 15

Grayson has his last Parents As Teachers' visit on Thursday (he will age out when he turns 3) and at our last visit, Ms Anne said she would need to see how Grayson cuts with scissors. So, we finally bought some and tonight was our first practice night. He did pretty well for his first time. I hope Ms Anne is impressed!

May 14

In the midst of trying to get out of the house, I find Grayson trying to make "crazy hair" like Daddy does with him. He had a cup of water, his comb, and had squirted who knows how many squirts of soap onto the top. So, we did a quick hair washing in the sink and Grayson had to settle for boring hair the rest of the day!

May 13

Happy Mother's Day!

My little boys got to make the lunch decision. They chose McDonalds! I'm one lucky mommy!! But, Adam decided we could go a bit classier, so we went to Burger King!

Adam fixed my dinner- grilled ham steaks, asparaus and corn on the cob

I got some lovely painted pictures and a card the boys picked out themselves. They insisted on the one that sang!

The boys were so wound up during dinner that I never could get a great picture of the three of us

May 12

We had more fun today at a big Korean Children's Day celebration with our local Korean American society. There were so many activities for the kids to do and we got to see some of the families from our adoption group. More pics on the adoption blog!

May 11

quick and easy bath night


May 10

The new sand is in the table- until it gets so hot we have to switch it to just being a water table!

May 9

How to pass the time before going to daycare when Mommy is trying to get everything ready to go!

Fun at first until you have to go to school in wet clothes!

May 8

Daddy and the boys were given the job of finding some sand for the sand table tonight. So, they went to our big, local garden center. They found more fun than just sand!

Wow! All by himself!

Thumbs up!

May 7

I had a really cool video to share here, but have not been able to get it off of my camera and onto here. Still learning my new camera. If I figure it out, I will post. If not, I will try to get another video for another day. Sorry


May 6

My little boys are getting so big! They got their first tatoos today. They were so excited and decided to get 3 tatoos each!

May 5

This morning we had a picnic with our adoption group to celebrate Children's Day in Korea. There is a nice playground at this park, so the boys stayed entertained for hours!

It's so fun to see all of our Korean friends every so often.

 The boys got to eat their first freeze pop, but the heat melted it pretty quickly and they couldn't figure out how to get the juice out

We had a great time visiting with our adoption group. More pics on our adoption blog!

May 5

I was only gone for a couple of minutes to gather jammies!!

In that short amount of time, the boys found themselves some snacks. And Grayson managed to open a brand new box of crackers!

And spill them everywhere (these are the days I regret being an OT and encouraging such good fine motor skills!)

Pause the bedtime routine- let's vacuum instead

This was Neylan's pick. Thank goodness he didn't get his box and package open!!

May 4

Adam needed to mow tonight, so I took the boys to the park to keep them out of the way. They have discovered the sand volleyball court now and wanted to stop here first.

I'm going to get you with a handful of sand!

Ha, ha, I got you instead!

Oh no you didn't! Here's a handful of sand for your hair!

Friends again!! Bath night FOR SURE!!!!

May 3

There's been a lot of de-cluttering and organizing going on this week in an effort to show how much storage space we have (obviously not much, since we had to bring it all out to the garage). The garage looks much better now as do all of our closets. Hopefully the buyers will see the potentional!


May 2

My mom has a stress fracture in her foot and can't put any weight on it for a while, so she gets around with this scooter. Although her mobility was limited during this trip, the boys sure have loved going on scooter rides,

being chased by the scooter,

and having scooter races!