May 23

Immediately after getting home this afternoon, Grayson and I parted ways. I went downstairs and he went up, apparently. A few minutes later I heard water running. And it never got turned off. Then Grayson appeared in the basement wearing a new outfit. He quickly announced he was in new clothes because his others got wet. So, I go upstairs (because the water is still running) to try to figure out what is going on. On the bottom carpeted step are some brown dots, then the same on the next step, and the next, etc. I asked what it was and who did it and then I realized what it was. A brand new loose powder had been opened in the kitchen, the plastic seal removed, and carried up each step, upside down, leaving it's pattern behind. I followed it to our bathroom and found this mess. Grayson had opened 2 powders, the fingernail polish and had water everywhere. (I grabbed the camera and took a deep breath instead of immediately releasing the wrath). I put Grayson in time-out and told him to stay until I got everything cleaned up.

When I came back down, he had taken himself out of time out and this is what I see.
Me: Grayson, what are you doing?
G: Fixing my dinner
Me: Did you get all of that down by yourself?
G: Yes
Me: Where did you get the orange big plate?
G: Out of the dishwasher
Me: (big sigh) The dishwasher is dirty!

I have to say he gets a big E for effort to fix his own dinner and be so independent. All I have to say is Mimi and Nana, you have your hands full next week!

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