November 30

It's that time of year again. Christmas!! One of my favorite times of the year. We have made photo cards each Christmas for years and this year will be no different. Since December begins tomorrow, I guess that means I need to get busy with this task.

Today, I'm going to promote a great company- Shutterfly. They offer fabulous cards for all occasions and have so many different options to choose from. They have so many beautiful Christmas card designs, I don't know how I will pick the one I want to use. Since we have done quite a bit this year and Grayson is so cute, I typically like to use a photo card with multiple photos. Maybe one of the ones below will end up in your mailbox this year! You’ll have to wait and see. Within the past few years, I have used Shutterfly to make photo books and Grayson’s first birthday invitations and have always been pleased with their work. You can also send birthday cards. I will use them again for more birthdays and maybe a little announcement when our newest addition arrives! So, check them out and let them put together some great Christmas cards or holiday invitations for your family and friends. And just for fun, Shutterfly is offering an incredible deal for all bloggers out there. The chance to send out 50 FREE Christmas cards, just for posting on your blog! So, go here for more info on how you can get yours! The promotion ends in a few weeks and I promise you will not be disappointed with what you get.


November 29

Look at those fabulous stacking skills. Makes Mommy so proud.


November 28

McDonalds seems to be our place now when we are traveling because they are one of two restaurants I know of that have playgrounds. But not all of them do! We went to at least 4 McDonalds today before finding one that had a playground and when we pulled in, we discovered it was outside. I quickly looked at the temp in the car (which said 54 degrees) and said, we're doing it. Just grab the coats and hat. He needs  to run around. Twelve hours is a long time to be in a car, for anybody! So, we ate our meal and headed outside to play for a little while. Grayson had fun and didn't mind the weather and we made it home without any fits!

If anyone knows of any other restaurants that have playplaces inside, please share.

November 27

Adam and I were able to go to the football game today! Something we haven't done in years since we don't live in TN anymore. We went with my cousins and aunt and uncle. If I had looked at the weather a little more closely, I might have been more prepared for a cold day.

But despite the cold temperature (especially since the sun went down on our side at kickoff) we pulled out a win against KY!


November 26

There was some serious shopping that happened this morning at 5. The tradition continues!

November 25

Happy Thanksgiving! We have so much to be thankful for this year. God has truly blessed us this year and we anticipate another big blessing at our Thanksgiving table next year.

And Merry Christmas too! Becca's extended family has some scheduling conflicts this year, so we had to do Christmas right after our Thanksgiving meal! Grayson got more into the presents this year, so this will be a fun year with him. 

November 24

Grayson got a four-wheeler that was just his size when he got to Mimi and Papa's. He caught on really fast as to how to drive it by himself.

November 23

Back to our favorite McDonalds when we travel. Grayson is now infatuated with dipping whatever he can. He liked the apple dippers tonight.


November 22

This is a new one for me. I washed a puffy, fleece lined vest from GAP this morning and before throwing it in the dryer, I thought I might check out the care instructions (one step too late, I know). But I found it odd when I read "tumble dry in a large capacity dryer with tennis balls". Has anyone ever heard of this?! I decided to go without the tennis balls and it came out just fine.


November 21

One of Grayson's newest things is trying on everyone's shoes and trying to walk around in them. It's very fun to watch his determination and persistence.

Oh, what fun!

November 20

The difference between boys and girls.
Boys do not eat chocolate covered strawberries delicately in several small bites. They prefer to shove the entire thing in all at once, let the chocolate melt off, and then chew up the rest. It's much quicker that way.

Grayson was in rare form tonight while we were with a different set of friends. He worked really hard to bring this abacus over, set it on the table, climb up in the chair, and practice his math. When has this child ever focused on an activity like this before?

November 19

Since we have yet to experience any kind of Korean food, we thought we should do that before going. We got a recommendation for a restaurant from Grayson's daycare provider and went with our Dinners for Eight group. One of the guys in our group lived in Korea for 6 years so he was a great help ordering and making food selections. Each table has a small grill inside to cook the meat on. They also brought 6 side dishes out to be eaten family style. Overall it was great food and we had a great time.

Apparently, this is how you are supposed to eat your meat. On lettuce, with rice, and bean paste. Tasty! 


November 18

Tonight we attended Jump, Jiggle, and Jive, an event organized by our school district's Parents as Teachers program. They simply set up lots of gross motor activities and riding toys in the gym and cafeteria of a school and let the preschoolers have at it. Grayson had a great time and was asleep within 20 minutes of arriving home.

November 17

Countdown to Christmas!

Our adoption fundraiser is in full swing and halfway over now. There are some fabulous prizes available and the rules are simple. So, if you haven’t checked it out, head on over and do so. There are some great Christmas gifts for everyone in the family. We would really appreciate your support.

Please let me know if you have any questions. I hope to continue adding prizes through Thanksgiving and then drawing for the winners by the 1st of December.

November 16

Tonight our family put together our shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child. These are shoeboxes filled with gender and age-specific gifts for children around the world who would otherwise not get any gift at Christmas. They also get to learn about Jesus when they get their gift. Adam and I started doing this when we got married and have since added a box for Grayson too. We want to make sure our kids learn at an early age just how blessed they are and how much of a blessing they can be when they give Christmas to another child.


November 15

You know the hyper monkey really doesn't feel good when he falls asleep on our bed while watching his fish swim again in the aquarium (as Adam changed the batteries, he fell asleep). I think 3 of his 4 canine teeth have gotten the best of him today as he is running a fever and obviously feels crummy as they push through his gums.

November 14

Grayson decided to get up a little earlier than we expected, so we had plenty of time to give both guys haircuts before church. Grayson really didn't mind it at all this time and when he was done he kept looking at the clippers and was trying to get back into the chair. I guess he wanted it a little shorter.

November 13

Today was full with lots of activities, one being a lovely baby shower tea party for a good friend. It was quite fancy and delicious!


November 12

Today was the perfect day for soup--cold and rainy. I've always wanted to try butternut squash soup and on my way home from work, they talked about a recipe on the radio. So, I decided to try it. The first few bites were pretty good, but I'm not sure I'll make it again. The texture started getting to me after multiple bites.

November 11

I definitely will be rethinking giving Grayson syrup with his waffles next time. Although, it was pretty cute to turn around and see him licking the plate after his waffle was gone. I think he'd be better off eating them dry!


November 10

Grayson brought home his first piece of "art" from "school" today. It's going on the fridge!

November 9

I learned a new trick today. If I move my chair to the entertainment center, I can stand up and play with the DVD player!

November 8

Just a little duet--Maybe "Heart and Soul"?


November 7

Since we hadn't ventured out any this weekend (because everything we really wanted was right by the hotel) we decided to go towards downtown this morning before leaving Minneapolis. We went to a sculpture garden at the art museum. It was rated as one of the best places to take kids becuase they are encouraged to climb on sculptures. We thought this was just what Grayson needed before his 7 hour ride home. But, beside every sculpture, there was a sign that read "Please do not climb on sculptures". Go figure. We got to see the famous (supposedly) silver spoon and cherry sculpture.

Grayson did pretty well on the ride home- - for the most part. Every couple of minutes I would turn around and see something completely different though.

Houdini letting us know he had a dirty diaper

Hungry Houdini

Sleepy Houdini

November 6

We went back to Mall of America tonight and bought Grayson an unlimited pass to the amusement park. He had the best time on the rides and as soon as each one ended, he was signing "more" and occasionally crying. He ended up riding 10 rides and LOVING it. The faster the better!

The one part he did NOT care for at all was meeting Dora and Boots. He was scared to death.


November 5

Oh, this is going to  be a fun night!! Time to get some Christmas shopping done.

Those Swedes think of everything!

November 4

After I got out of the conference today, we ventured out to the mall. Since it was a weeknight, it wasn't too crowded. It was huge!

Grayson checking out the indoor roller coasters and wondering just how tall you have to be to get on.

November 3

We are on the road again. This time to Minneapolis to go to a conference for work. After working all day and a 7 hour drive with a little one, this was such a welcomed sight.

November 2

I put Adam in charge of buying some school supplies for Operation Christmas Child boxes. He did, indeed!! I only told him to get enough for 4 boxes. He just got so excited, he went a little overboard.


November 1

We had a challenging flight home today, which got even worse as Grayson fell and cut his head open as he walked off the plane. The pilot gave him a band-aid and that stopped the tears. And, yes, I am that mother, who pulls out the camera to capture this pic while there is still blood on his nose.

The evening took a turn for the better when we went to GG's (Grayson's KC grandma) house for another round of trick-or-treating.


October 31

Happy Halloween!!

Our little rooster caught on quickly to the trick-or-treating routine. He stood patiently at the door and then allowed anyone and everyone to fill his bucket with his favorite goodies.

Since Grayson and Mommy were back in TN for Halloween, the grandparents had the treat of having a special trick-or-treater. Can you tell he's the first grandchild on both sides?!? This must be a preview of Christmas!