August 31

Tonight was low key! Adam went to watch TN's first football game and the only thing I could muster the energy for was to walk across the street to the neighbor's house to let the kids play together. Grayson stayed entertained for a while playing "smurf olympics", a challenging game of balancing smurfs (the new McDonald's happy meal toys) on various body party while being tickled by a flower. (I know what you're thinking- you're jealous of our incredibly exciting life!)

August 30

This is what happens when little boys start playing with little girls! They put on earrings just for fun! 

August 27

I had to work late today, so I arranged for friends to take the boys home from school. Just so happened that they had swim lessons this afternoon. Perfect- mine could use a little group lesson/peer pressure at times to encourage them to do more in the water. Even though we had swim lessons yesterday, we could probably use another one! Neylan has not been fond of the swimming idea this summer (unless it's on his terms)

It has taken all summer to get to this point- and finally today, with a little peer pressure, we're there!!!!
So proud


August 26

An more mud! Grayson and Sophie love making mud pies

After we got everyone hosed down, we went to Home Depot to start shopping for our next big project- finishing the basement! Our house has been chosen as the destination for both sides of the family for Thanksgiving this year. We'll be hosting about 20 people. So, that's enough motivation to get a move on and hire contractors to do this big project. I'm super excited because it also means I'll be finally getting a real office and won't have to do all of my paperwork on the dining room table! So, our big purchase tonight was a bathroom vanity and mirror we just happened to find for half of what was budgeted for that item! Score!! 

August 24

Can someone tell me what the big fascination with mud is? I don't get it!

Tonight I got to go out with my Korean adoption mom's group to a new restaurant. It's always so fun to see them and the food was amazing!

seafood pancake appetizer

bulgogi- traditional Korean beef (don't you like how it's served on a cow platter?)

one of my favorites- kimbap!

August 23

Adam took the boys on their first camping trip tonight. They only went about 45 minutes from home to the camp where Adam takes his kids each summer. They roasted hot dogs, s'mores, and slept in a tent. 

And this mama was super excited to have the night all to myself!!

August 21

Each week on Wednesday nights, Adam does a Minute-to-win-it game with the kids. Tonight's was nearly impossible, so Adam jumped in to see if he could get it. The object was to blow up the balloon and use the air inside to blow the cups off of the table. Adam didn't make it very far in his minute either!

August 20

It's the first day of preschool!! These guys are ready

Preschool was exhausting today! They had a great day, but fell asleep before we made it out of the parking lot!

August 19

Scuba Sam!

August 18

Today was  a big day for all of the boys in our house!

After church we headed to the boys' preschool, which is where I work, to the annual ice cream social. Grayson woke up this morning and said, "I'm getting a little nervous about preschool". I'm so glad he was able to verbalize it and I'm so glad we had the opportunity to go this afternoon to meet his teacher, see his classroom, and get a bit more familiar with the building before school starts on Tuesday. 

Neylan met his teacher, Miss Molly. He needed to go potty when he was in his class and was SO excited to discover that the potty and sink were just his size!!

Grayson's teacher, Miss Jamie

cake and ice cream!

This helped decrease the anxiety significantly! I think they are excited to come back this week. We could hardly get them to leave

We had a short hour or so before our next big event of the day- the volleyball tournament for Adam's team that he has been playing with all summer.

We ended up being at the park all night long because his team kept winning!

After 3 long matches or games (or whatever you call it in volleyball) his team WON the championship!!

August 17

Today we helped our friend Brayden celebrate his 5th birthday at a fun car themed party

No birthday party for a boy would be complete without tattoos!

A car racing game

The birthday boy!

August 16

Today was the end of an era :( Today was our last day with Miss Lydia. She has kept Grayson since he was 10 weeks old, helped us GREATLY when we traveled to South Korea to bring Neylan home, helped Neylan adjust well when he came home, taught the boys Korean songs, games, and prepared them Korean food, and took great care of them for so many years. But, they are ready to move on to a preschool and get ready for kindergarten, so we decided that this summer would be our last with her. But, she will not be forgotten and we plan to keep in touch. We'll go out for Korean food, if nothing else!

August 15

Today was our annual check-ups. We need to get ready for school to start as well. Everyone did great and no one had to have a shot! Grayson was just 2 inches taller and 5 pounds heavier than Neylan. They are so close in size!

August 10

Today was a hot one, so we pulled out the pool for the first time this summer

The pool came with blow-up dinosaurs. Grayson called me over and said "Look at our dinosaurs that we just adopted. The green one is 6 and the pink one is 1"!

Tonight Grayson and Matt, a guy that Adam works with and now lives with us, had a little guitar lesson and jam session. Grayson did a really good job making up rhyming words to form into song!

August 9

Tonight we went to see Hairspray at Theatre in the Park. The show was full of really talented singers and dancers. The weather was nice and we had great company. Despite some language and racial comments, the show was really good.

August 8

Sporting the swim cap at our lesson today!

This afternoon, someone didn't want to take a nap, so he planned an elaborate restaurant for all of his animal friends. He set most all of it up by himself

Each person had a role: Mommy, Daddy, Baby, little sister, ect. Once everyone was seated, they all got menus and Grayson took their order

I was told to run the kitchen and prep the food for the guests. So, I was the chef and Grayson was the waiter! It kept him busy for quite a while and was pretty creative

August 6

Today we were back in the swing of work, daycare, and scrambling to throw something together for dinner! All I could come up with was an Asian concoction of bulgogi, stir-fry vegies, ramen noodles, and spring rolls. And the juice is one of my favorite fruits from China, the mangosteen