December 26

Today's big highlight was playing Holiday Minute To Win It games. This was supposed to be with our gift card exchange last night, but the weather got worse than we thought. So, we postponed the games until tonight.

They are much harder than they look.

Even Grayson tried to get in on the fun


December 25

We woke to a white Christmas and snow that came down all day. This was the first white Christmas we have seen in 17 years.

Grayson is really into Elmo this year, so he got quite a few Elmo gifts. One was this very fun digital camera from Aunt Kasey. Now, he can start his own blog!!

All this partying is enough to wear anyone out. 

December 24

Merry Christmas Eve!

We had a great day today, although Adam was sick and in bed most of the day. Grayson really got into opening presents tonight. It was very fun to watch. He definitely had a preference for opening toys. Whenever a gift of clothes was opened, he threw it to the side and gave the most disappointed face he could muster. Oh, how quickly they learn!

Uncle Ben gave Grayson this beautiful rocking chair that is just his size. Grayson really liked it and has been rocking ever since. 

We had our traditional fondue dinner and dessert tonight. I guess this is also becoming a Christmas tradition. 

December 23

Today was a very busy day with lots of things to do. First, Becca's cousin, Carrie, and her two kids, Lauren, and Asher, came for a visit. Our boys are only 2 months apart and all the kids had fun. We haven't spent much time together since we got married, so it was great to see them.

Then we headed to the TV station where Papa works to listen to "The Night Before Christmas" during the taping of a show. When we got there, Grayson was greeted by Mimi and his fan club, the ladies from Mimi's office.

Grayson was a good listener this year and was on TV several times for his good behavior. I think this might be a new Christmas tradition, if we are in town.  


December 22

Our first Christmas gathering was tonight at a fast-food Japanese restuarant. Adam's cousin was not going to be able to stay through Christmas this year, so we celebrated with him over some yummy Asian food.

December 21

On our way home at Thanksgiving, we saw a billboard advertising the largest indoor playplace in America. It was at a Burger King in the same town we usually stop in at our favorite McDonalds. So, tonight we found it and gave it a try. It was a huge playplace and more difficult than what Grayson could manage by himself. Now we know we have more options.

Grayson and Adam are looking out the bubble at the very top of the picture (in case you couldn't find them)


December 20

Grayson is finally on the mend after a long weekend inside full of breathing treatments, nasal suctioning, sneezing, fevers, etc. So, we ventured out to Bass Pro Shop with his stand-in in-town grandparents. Their displays were beautiful and provided lots of photo ops. Oh, and it was FREE!

 We tried again. Poor Santa. His feelings must get hurt a lot when kids like Grayson see him and immediately turn away and start screaming. He did get close enough to take a candy cane from him. But, Grayson never told Santa what he wanted, so we'll have to see if he gets any presents.

We had Grayson's 18 month pictures taken tonight. Click here to check them out!

December 19

We finally decorated our gingerbread men tonight. Grayson had fun with it- because it involved food and sugar! He did a great job. This will probably be a Christmas tradition from now on.

December 18

We worked really hard to clean off the table so we could decorate gingerbread men, but Grayson kept saying "bat,ba". So, those fun plans were put aside so he could take a bath!! It must have been what he was looking forward to all day.

December 17

It's 3:30 in the morning. Grayson has a fever and is having a really hard time breathing. We are watching cartoons (for hours) and despite feeling so crummy, he still has it in him to eat an entire apple, a bowl of cheerios, and a graham cracker! Should I question if he is really sick, or just excited because it's almost Christmas.


December 16

This morning was the Christmas meeting at my Renew for moms group. We had fabulous food, got fun treats, and did an ornament exchange.

December 15

Mommy scored a great white elephant gift at her work party for Grayson tonight. He was pretty pleased with the new Mr. Potato Head dressed as Santa.

December 14

Grayson's first ornament that he picked out himself has now been added to the tree.

December 13

Fell in the snow and the trauma is nearly more than he can handle


December 12

Yesterday and today our church presented their Christmas program. This year they offered a gourmet dessert buffet for everyone afterwards. Adam and I volunteered to help serve. By the end of Sunday night, I was sick of sugar. We did have some really delicious desserts, though. I'll be going to the gym first thing in the morning!


December 11

Grayson has really gotten into playing the Wii with Daddy. When you ask if he wants to play video games, he runs to the living room and points to the TV. Baseball and sword fighting are the two favorites.

December 10

The weather was warmer today, so we thought it was the perfect night to do some stuff outside. We headed to Crown Center to look at the Mayor's Christmas tree and listen to the choirs sing festive music. It was a nice night and Grayson had a lot of fun.

December 9

We had an eventful day today.

It began with a play date with friends from Renew, my mommy group. Grayson had lots of fun in the inflatables.

Tonight we went to the Christmas program at Mommy's work. And guess who showed up? Someone extremely scary!!

Now, this was more Grayson's cup of tea. Maybe if we had taken snacks along to see Santa, it would have gone better.


December 8


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December 7

I attended a Tastefully Simple party tonight. I must say they have some scrumptious products. I might have bought myself a few!

December 6

Just in case the bathtub were to catch fire- he's ready!


December 5

Our second annual cookie exchange took place tonight. There were so many yummy cookies, it was hard not to sample them all. This is in no way going to help me keep the inches off and my jeans buttoned.

Sneaky, sneaky!!

December 4

Tonight we met friends on the Plaza for a wonderful dinner at California Pizza Kitchen, a stroll around the Plaza to look at the lights (a quick stroll since it was below freezing), and coffee at Starbucks. It was a nice night and Grayson had fun with the babysitters.

December 3

I am so pleased with my mantle this year, I wanted to show it off. I know I need 2 more candles, but it's nearly finished and so cute (in my opinion).


December 2

Time to decorate!!

We weren't exactly sure how to do this this year, so we decided to put the tree up in stages and see if it actually stayed up and unbothered. It's a lot of work to put it up and put everything on it if a certain little someone is just going to mess with it and possibly pull it over.

So, on Monday night we put the tree up and let G help. He did a great job and didn't bother it afterwards.

We put the lights on Tuesday night and let G help. A little more intrigued tonight, but still leaving the tree alone for the most part.

We got out the Elf on the Shelf and let G put him on the tree. He was most excited about this and just wanted to carry him around.  

And, tonight, finally put some ornaments on. The intrigue and curiosity is growing. Grayson has learned that the lights go off when you pull the plug out of the wall and they come back on when you plug it back in. Something he is trying, but not succeeding at before getting in trouble and going to time out. The ornaments are pretty fascinating too. He wants to look at them and touch them, but hasn't tried to pull one off yet.

So, we'll try it. I'm not sure if I'll put any presents under the tree just yet. But I wanted to continue all of our Christmas traditions, the tree especially, and make this a really special time of year for Grayson.