September 11

I will NOT take this personally- but, is my driving really that bad?!

September 10

The excitement continues! Grayson went to find his AWANA book and all of his papers from last night. We worked on his Bible verse today and he's getting better with it.
We also had the opportunity to take the boys to the new house tonight. We were able to show them their new rooms and all the fun new things about this house. Hoping this really helps the transition. Grayson brought Monkey along to make sure he approved!

Their new favorite space- the GINORMOUS tub! We could fit a few more kids in here

They also had fun with their dog and asked if he came with the house

Why, yes it did!!!

September 9

My baby is old enough now to start our AWANA program at church!! He started tonight and was excited to have his vest and his book. I am helping in his class this year. He will get patches to sew onto his vest for every Bible verse he memorizes. Hope the excitement continues!

September 8

Today was Family Fun Day at the farm for my work. They had a pancake breakfast, concert, and free admission. We took advantage of the great weather and headed out for the morning
Grayson was happy to run into friends there

Feeding the goats is still a scary thing at times, but I think we made great progress today

Today was also Adam's birthday and he wanted a cookie cake, so he went and picked out the one he wanted!

Grayson's friend Kaity came over for the party and a sleepover!!

September 7

Adam came home today with a bunch of homegrown apples that he was given. Oh, the possibilities are endless as to what they could be used for. Maybe a bunch of homemade applesauce?! Yum


September 6

This whole moving process has not been an easy one on a certain 3 year old. The tantrums, fits, and violent behaviors have gotten OUT. OF. CONTROL!! Poor little guy has lost all security and control of his environment and is lashing out on everyone. So, tonight we took a little trip to the store to buy stuff to make a calm down bottle. 1 TBSP glitter glue: 1 cup hot water. (I think it really needs more glue than this though) Add in a couple drops of food coloring and a small tub of glitter and shake it really well.
When a little meltdown starts the bottle can be used to redirect the kids' focus. They are supposed to watch the glitter settle while they collect their thoughts. Becuase of the glue inside, this should take 4-5 minutes. I bet we have to use it soon!

September 4

Had to pull out the allergy meds for all of us. Ughhh!!! Fall is coming!


September 3

Happy Labor Day!
We decided to go to the zoo today, even though it was supposed to be 99 degrees! But we had a little detour when we got a flat tire. It only slowed us down by 30-45 minutes.
This was the first time this year we have been to the zoo and we decided to buy a season pass so we can go back throughout the fall when it's cooler

Grayson really wanted to have his picture made with this sign so he patiently waited in line

the kangaroos are out hopping in the open and this one had her joey in her pouch. She was ready to go back through the gate and stop having her picture taken!

By 1:00, Grayson asked to go home because it was so hot and humid. We'll have to come back later when it's not so miserable

September 2

A lazy, hot Sunday evening spent at the pool

learning a few new tricks

and just having good family quality time!

September 1

Had dinner and banana splits with friends tonight


The only moments of the night when all 6 kids were completely silent!

August 31

Tonight was TN's first football game of the season and Adam and a friend went to watch it at a restaurant while the other wife and I were left to entertain 5 kids! So, we took them to the community center to burn some energy. And that they did. Grayson and Neylan have started wrestling with each other, although it doesn't last long before someone is hurt and crying

August 30

After the buyers walk-through tonight, we still had a few things left to get out. So, we all went over to say goodbye to the house. The boys have been shuffled around so much in the last week that I don't really think they understand what is happening.
When we walked in the door, Grayson had some great expressions. "Where is everything"!

The sand table was one of our last minute things we had to take with us, so the boys played in the garage while we cleaned up a bit

Bye, bye house! We've had a lot of great memories here, but are ready to move on to bigger and better places!

August 29

Calling it a night! With our busy schedules, the only time I could find to clean our house before the walk-through tomorrow was tonight, starting at 10 pm. It is much easier to clean with nothing in it, but it still took a while. Hope they are satisfied!


August 28

We are settled into our new temporary place today, so I decided to do a little baking tonight! Pumpkin muffins

August 26

Our deadline is fast approaching! Can we get it all packed??

August 25

Adam took the boys to a new park this morning so I could pack more boxes. This climber was the perfect thing for Neylan, our child who walks around all day saying "I need to climb, I need to climb!"
The park also had a mini city, in which there was a jail.