April 27

Grayson has been going up the stairs by himself for several weeks now, but he is just now getting the hang of coming back down. We've been working on teaching him how to turn around and slide down on his belly. I think he's getting it. Now with this new independence, he's a little explorer going in all the other rooms to see what he can get into. Keeps me on my toes.

April 26

The next phase of our kitchen renovation began today. Now Grayson has a new place to play.

April 25

We are ready for the Trolley Run, a 4 mile race that benefits the Children's Center for the Visually Impaired, where Becca works. We joined 10,500 others on this cold and wet morning for this fun event.


April 24

Ready to sell our junk (treasures)

Once we made some money, Grayson and Mommy went to check out the other sales in the neighborhood. This was one of our buys: a walking and riding toy. He really loves to try to stand behind it and take a few steps although it gets away from him pretty quickly. He just laughs and smiles really big each time we put him up behind it.

April 23

Just hanging out on the blanket while Mommy and Daddy begin getting things ready for a garage sale. I'm not so fond of grass yet, so I never venture off.

April 22

You would think that after 10 months, Adam would have the dressing thing down, but he admitted tonight that there are still times when Grayson is dressed like a mermaid. That's one way to slow him down I suppose.

April 21

A good portion of what was in our cabinets is now on the table ready for the next part of our kitchen remodel. Guess we'll be eating in the living room for a while.


April 20

I overheard Mommy say that everything needed to be pulled out of the cabinets so our countertops could be worked on tomorrow. She didn't ask me to, but I volunteered to help start the process. It was much more fun than going to bed.

April 19

For the past few weeks Grayson has had a girl-friend come over to "play" on Mondays. Today she came bearing gifts: these cute teva flip flops. We've tried them on a few times, but he manages to get out of them pretty quickly

April 18

Microwave is installed and working!!!


April 17

Halloween preview. Grayson got this chicken costume at a garage sale this morning and Adam wanted to try it on him. He looks quite cute, but I'm concerned it may not fit in 6 months. So, this may be the only time we see him in it.

Adam had the desire the begin installing a new microwave today. We had to remove the tile backsplash first though. Here's what is left. Now we get to replace the sheetrock. What a process! I hope it's done by Monday

April 16

I guess you're never too young to begin reading the paper while you eat. Grayson just pulled it off the table onto his tray. He also was quite interested in this cup and surprisingly knew how to use it correctly. He's so big

April 15

The lovely perks of home ownership!!
This afternoon I discovered we have termites. I noticed some dust behind the kitchen faucet and reluctantly moved the picture that was hanging to find this mess.

April 14

We had such a busy day and weren't at home at all, so I have no picture to share. Sorry. I haven't missed a post in a long time, but there just wasn't anything to take a picture of today.


April 13

We walked to one of our favorite places to get home made ice cream tonight . . .

And it was exhausting!!

April 12

Stopped by the park during our walk around the neighborhood. I love to swing

April 11

We had a sleepy afternoon today. Grayson and Adam took 5 hour naps (no joking) and I got to enjoy a book for the first time in a long time. Since the movie just came out, I am trying to get through the book so I can see it. So far, the book is really good. I would recommend it.

April 10

I'm 10 months old today!!!

I don't know why Mommy tries to get me to sit still in this chair every month. Doesn't she know that I don't stop moving anymore?


April 9

Yummy- homemade banana bread sticks. These are supposed to be like teething biscuits, but are quite crumbly and messy.

April 8

Today our friends, Steph and Teagan, came over to play and bring us lots of new clothes. We are appreciative of all the clothes they have passed on and Grayson looks so cute in all of them.

Teagan fell asleep on the way to Chick-Fil-A and never woke up, so he took his nap on the table while the rest of us ate lunch.

April 7

These talking eggs were discovered this year as great hiding eggs for the visually impaired kids I work with. I opened one for Grayson the other day and he really liked it. He's getting better about finding it, if he is not distracted by too many other things.

April 6

Who says eating off the floor can't be just as tasty?


April 5

Today is opening day for the Royals, KC's Major League Baseball team. Grayson dressed to support today


April 4

Happy Easter!

After Grayson finished his lunch, he roamed all over the deck, eventually discovering a large pot of dirt

Within seconds Grayson learned what dirt tastes like. He's all boy!!

April 3

Adam got a new lawn mower today. The yard looks great now!!

April 2

We have a little party animal tonight. Grayson wanted to play until 11. I'm not sure where all the extra energy came from.

(I was trying to get a picture of the clock to show how late it was, but the time didn't show up)


April 1

Instead of going to sleep when he was put down for a nap, Grayson worked for an hour and a half on destroying his crib. Notice the mobile is down and in multiple pieces and the bite guard along the rail is pulled away.

Such a beautiful day calls for a picnic dinner outside

March 31

Grayson's passport arrived today!! We can travel the world now

March 30

Ride 'em cowboy