August 24

A blue stamp was found tonight- and tried out on inappropriate things- by both kids (Neylan stamped the carpet)!

August 23

A friend offered to take the boys off my hands today so I could get a lot done. So, I tackled the toys. Boy, was I ambitious. It took several hours to sort and organize what goes, what needs to be packed and stored, what is too babyish, and what needed to be trashed.

August 22

A bit more progress is being made. Wow, this is a SLOW process!


August 21

Adam started classes tonight, so there was not going to be any packing done. So, we headed to the park instead to ride bikes. Grayson is getting pretty good with his new bike and wanted to try the ramp. No problem at all!
Last night, I gave all the boys haircuts. I got the clippers ready and started with Grayson first. After I cut the first strip, I realized that I put Adam's #3 guard on instead of Grayson's typical #7. Oops! He has his first shaved head. Looks so much older to me.

August 20

These little guys braved the cold water in the pool for a swim lesson today. While we were in TN a few weeks ago we missed Olympic week at the pool, so their teacher wanted to get pictures of them in their swim caps and goggles. I think they look pretty handsome!
swim caps, racing goggles, and tattoos! Now that's a manly boy!!

Watch out Michael Phelps! Just a few more years and these guys could be swimming for gold

So, removing Grayson's rail last night was not good. He was up so many times and is back at it again tonight. It was after 10:00 and Grayson showed up downstairs and said he wanted to study with Daddy.

August 19

Grayson asked for his mesh rail to be removed from his bed tonight. Since we are preparing him for a big boy bed in the new house, we obliged. Will see if he stays in!

August 18

Adam took the boys to "safety day" at the farm this morning. One of the pieces of safety equipment that was there was the children's hospital helicopter. It happened to land right in front of them and then they got helicopter tattoos. Pretty fun morning!

August 17

A bit more progress was made today with both of us off of work. Still NO WHERE near where we need to be. Ten days away. EEK!!!

August 16

Stress is setting in HARD today! The sight of all these boxes that need to be packed is really getting me down. I can do this, I CAN do this!


August 15

Progress is being made- VERY slow progress. At this rate, we will be able to move out by November!

August 14

Oh my! There are certain outfits that Mr. Independent puts on that are NOT allowed out of the house!

August 13

Also had a large oil spill on the patio. Ugghhh. The new homeowners are going to love us!! So, we attempted to clean it up tonight. Unfortunately, it didn't work :( and the stain is still very much there.

August 12

Tonight was our annual church picnic and families were allowed to bring dogs this year. But, someone brough their pet pig and Neylas was excited to pet it. It does look like a dog from some angles.

After the picnic, we headed to Theatre in the Park for the last show of the season, You're a Good Man Charlie Brown.

August 11

We had a BIG mess this morning in our storage room: peanut oil that leaked everywhere (under the furnace and hot water heater as well). So I was trying to think of ways to clean it up and remembered that a mom told me about making sand out of flour and oil. So, I dumped a whole bag of flour around our room and let it absorb the mess.

It worked and was pretty easy to clean up, although it did leave a stain.

August 10

Adam got tickets to the Chiefs pre-season game tonight, so the boys and I were invited to a playdate during the game. The boys were excited about the little power wheel and it didn't matter at all that it was a Barbie car!

August 9

The boys had their annual check-ups this morning. Everyone is healthy and growing. They are 2 lbs and less than 3 inches apart!

Neylan had to get his last shot until kindergarten, so he was less than enthused about his picture being taken

August 8

So nice to wake up and see this sign this morning


August 7

We had a quick visit with Adam's best friend from college this afternoon. He and his wife just had a baby and we just had to meet her before heading home. She slept for most of our visit, but one hard push in the swing by some very eager boys made her eyes shoot open! Then the boys began giving her all of their toys to look at and play with. But, a 3 week old girl is just not as interested in sharks and alligators as these big boys.

Little "Maggie Monkey"

Neylan was so fascinated with her and didn't want to give her back.

A short while later we were homeward bound!

August 6

Mimi and Papa got tickets for the boys to go to the aquarium today. Neylan has never been to an aquarium, and although started out the morning with a fever and was a bit under the weather, he loved it!

August 5

The biggest event of the day- we have a new house!

Adam drove by this house on Friday and wanted to see it. It became available on the market yesterday morning and Adam was the first to see it at noon. He knew I would love it so called me to skype through it. We wanted to sleep on it before we put an offer in, but knew we would have to act fast. After another tour via skype today, we decided to put an offer in, without me seeing it in person!! Our offer was accepted within an hour tonight!

I can't wait to see it. I hope he did as good as he thinks he did!


August 4

Today was another busy day as we met up with one of my best friends from high school and her girls. We let the kids play at the park and splash pad and then had lunch together. 

I caught this rare moment after a rough evening- I think they are sharing and playing together! 

August 3

Grayson and Neylan spent the day at Mimi and Papa's house today. Grayson was a big helper at dinner and helped Mimi get everything all ready for all the company that joined us!

August 2

Grayson chose to go to breakfast like this and some battles aren't worth fighting!
After packing up our hotel this morning, we headed to Grandma's house for lunch before returning to TN. She has always had a container of Tinker Toys for any kid that comes over to play with. The boys were not disappointed and came up with some clever creations. 

(if you've noticed that Grayson is in his second outfit by lunch and wondering if this is still the same day, it is. He had an accident when he couldn't find the light at Grandma's house and missed the potty!)

August 1

We spent this morning visiting my grandpa in the nursing home. His activity for the morning was bowling. The boys did a great job of taking the ball to each of the residents before his/her turn and cheering loudly for each bowler. After the residents were finished with their game, Grayson and Neylan had their turn to try for a strike. 

The afternoon was spent at the Charleston Children's Museum. We had never been, but were told it was worth checking out. Indeed it was. The boys had a great time checking out the different themed rooms.

The water room

The pirate ship

The grocery store

The firetruck outside

And the garden