March 29

Today was BEAUTIFUL!!! Spring is here. We spent some time this morning at our neighborhood playground.

March 28

Adam's college roommate, Josh, and his wife, Rachel, came to town this weekend for their first visit to KC. Tonight we had tickets to the NCAA women's basketball games. We had dinner at Chef Burger before heading to the games.

March 27


March 26

Scrapbooking with friends for the evening

March 25

Waiting to see the doctor at my 9 month check-up. All is well, but I'm a little small. I weigh 18 lbs 4 oz (9th %ile) and am 27.5 inches tall (16th %ile). They also drew blood today and I didn't even cry at all.

March 24

Now that's some bed head


March 23

Ah!! This is the life

March 22

The tulips are poking through yet another layer of snow. Spring must be coming!!


March 21

Ready to go home

When Grayson rode in this plane the last time (Nov) he couldn't sit up well by himself. Today he's ready to fly this plane wherever you want to go.

March 20

Wedding day! Everything turned out beautifully and we had a great time.

The cutest baby at the wedding

March 19

With all of the wedding preparations and festivities, Grayson spent a lot of time at Nana's today.

Kasey, the bride, and I at her bridal luncheon. Spring is finally here!!

March 18

Today, Diana (mother of the bride), Kasey (bride), Cherry (my mother-in-law), and I had our wedding manicures and pedicures

March 17

Happy St. Patrick's Day
Mommy's not going to let anyone pinch me today. I'm wearing my green.


March 16

Grayson got to meet TN's Lady Vols coach, Pat Summit, the nation's winningest coach in women's and men's NCAA basketball history. She said he was beautiful.

March 15

We headed south for spring break--really?!?


March 14

Mimi left the tupperware cabinet open for Grayson

When everyone turned their backs, he decided he needed to take the fun a step further and get a better look

March 13

We arrived in TN today for spring break. The main reason we are here is for a wedding next weekend. Tonight were the bachelor and bachelorette parties.

March 12

Here's Trouble



March 10

I believe the days are gone when Grayson will sit still for his monthly picture. It was a real struggle today and the one we got was not the best. Oh, well.
Grayson is 9 months old!!

March 9

The first installment of our kitchen remodel. It's definitely not fancy, but it's a step up for me.


March 8

I just love how he sleeps with his butt up in the air. He's been doing this since he was born and it's just the cutest. Maybe it's more comfortable. I should try it sometime.

March 7

First bites of graham cracker and shredded cheese were a hit. He ate an entire cracker and the few shreds of cheese that actually made it to his mouth

March 6

Today's post is about a place that is very close to our hearts- New Day Foster Home in Beijing, China. They do incredible work with orphaned children who have special needs. When we went to Beijing in August 2008, we were able to visit and I helped with some therapy. We began sponsoring this little girl over a year ago. You will notice I have now posted two blog buttons on our page for direct links to their sites. They are currently offering a giveaway for a plasma car. It looks really cool and like something Grayson would love. Check out their site and blog. You will be blessed and inspired.

We sent Addison a Valentine's Day package with fun things for her to enjoy


March 5

Tonight was the MOPS and Pops Banquet. It turned out to be a really nice date for us. A great dinner with friends, hilarious entertainment, and FREE childcare!!!

March 4

After much procrastination, Grayson's passport application was filled out today. Our time is ticking. We HAVE to get this done.

March 3

No more little bathtub at home. The freedom is so exciting

Helping to wash the side of the tub


March 2

Grayson seems so interested in all of the chores. He has really taken a liking to the dishwasher this week.

March 1

Aw man!! They've taken this baby proofing thing to the next level

February 28

After Grayson went to bed, we had a relaxing evening watching the closing ceremony of the Olympics.