February 27

We met a new Korean friend today who came home 8 months before Neylan did. The best part- he lives 3 minutes down the road!! Yay! The boys had a great time playing outside and wanted to eat lunch out, despite that it was 50 degrees or less and I didn't bring jackets!

And our new little friend has something big in common with Neylan- he drools all the time too!!!

Febrauary 26

Today, I officially gave up all hope. I held out for a long time, but at this point I'm done. There's no snow coming, so I put away my winter decorations.

February 25

The boys participated in a little photo shoot this morning for some friends who are going to be selling these cool new bikes. Neylan was able to get right on this two-wheeled bike and take off, completely in control with his feet. They did a great job. The idea is that by getting on at such a young age and learning balance, steering, and control, you should be able to transfer to a two-wheeled bike without training wheels. These might be good birthday presents!

February 24

Got the best card in the mail today! So funny. I so remember all of these things!


February 23

It was a beautiful day today, so we actually put on shorts and filled up the water table for some play time. And, they are still enjoying their Valentine's day suckers.

February 22

Happy Birthday to me!!
As you can tell from the picture, there was absolutely nothing exciting about this day. Wednesdays are always long and hard as Adam is gone ALL day long. So, after dinner the boys wanted candy from their bucket. I told them they needed to stay in the kitchen to eat it, so they positioned themselves as close as they could to the living room, without stepping out of the kitchen.

February 21

The boys came home today and had a little birthday party planned for me. They gave me a fabulous gift- a new camera which is bound to capture the fastest of boys in action! Unfortunately, I was so tired and had such a bad headache, it never even made it out of the box. But, it's bound to get some good use soon.

Funny story of the day: My driver's license expires tomorrow, so after work I went to have it renewed. The lady looks at my current license and just types in the same info: your eyes are still green, you still wear contacts, and you still weigh 1XX lbs. I just let her keep on going and never said a thing. I just couldn't bring myself to tell her the truth, that my weight is about 10 lbs more now than it was just after I got married 6 yrs ago! That's a lie women are always entitled to tell, right?!

February 20

Note to self: in future homes do not put the toy shelf next to curtains. Over time it will just get ripped out of the wall!! So, after the boys went to bed tonight, I took the curtains down. Will worry with sheetrock repair later!

February 19

Oh my, here we go. After bath, Grayson asked if he could wear big boy underwear. Ready to get this process moving, I said "sure". He made it about 30 minutes and then while brushing his teeth says, "it's leaking", thinking he was talking about the toothpaste or water on his hand, I said "what's leaking"? He said, "me, I'm leaking" and looked down at the puddle on the stool! At least we were in the bathroom, but still no where near ready to wear big boy underwear all the time!!


February 18

The boys stayed with GG, Bill, and Shannon last night while Adam and I were at the concert. So, this afternoon, they made me a birthday cake.

They did a great job and the cake was delicious!

February 17

Adam and I went to Winter Jam tonight to help Holt, Int, our adoption agency. To see more check out the adoption blog.

February 16

Got the first bloody injury tonight! Running and playing a little too fast and landed wrong on the bookshelf. Ouch!!!

February 15

I bought a big container of spinach, so the best thing to do with? Green smoothies!!!! They were delicious and the boys drank them up.

My recipe:

Lots of spinach
strawberry soy yogurt

Blend it all together and enjoy!! You can't even taste the spinach!!

February 14

Happy Valentine's Day!!

One of my little valentines! He brought me a dozen roses and chocolate!!


February 13

We finally had our first real snow today, only about 2 inches, but it was enough to have a snow day! We have been talking about building a fire for the past few days and finally decided tonight was a good night for it. Grayson was so excited to help bring in the wood,

and put the paper in.

Because once it got started, he got to roast a marshmallow

and make a s'more!!

Neylan was the only one of them who ate the treat though. Grayson just wanted to eat everything seperate!


February 12

Another successful pinterest recipe. This is the second time around for this one: baked oatmeal with strawberries, bananas, and chocolate. It turned out much better this time. Note to self: Chinese 5 spice should consist of cinammon and cloves, not garlic and onion! It totally changes the recipe!!

February 11

Woo Hoo!!! It's done. Adoption tax credit and all is ready to go. We find it odd that there is no street address, but are guessing that enough is delivered to the IRS that the mailman will know exactly where to take it.

February 10

Our Friday night in was spent finishing up our taxes (for the most part). We were able to e-file our states and get everything else printed off to file for the federal. Hoping tomorrow we can make our final copies of all adoption related documents and get it in the mail!

February 9

 Finally, I made my first Pinterest recipe that turned out to be edible, looked just like it should, and tasted great! Baked spaghetti braid. The boys loved it too!! I will definitely be making this again!


February 8

Busy night + dinner on the run = soup in a cup to drink in the car!

February 7

Grayson got an exciting prize today (he just isn't as excited about it as I am)

Sorry- can't rotate this photo. Weird!

February 6

Mimi has been here all weekend, so today we got out and took the boys to Kaleidoscope for some art fun.

Then we ran over to Crown Center for the new kids exhibit about animals

February 5

Chocolate chip cookie dough cheesecake bites were my Super Bowl dessert contest entry. Too bad they looked better than they tasted!!

February 4

As hard as it is for a mommy to watch her little boy grow up, it does come with perks!

February 3

All of the spring-like weather almost makes us want to start spring cleaning! So, Adam got started with his closet and filled a big garbage bag with clothes to donate.


February 2

This duo is sporting the matching jammies and cool slippers tonight!

February 1

Well, at least we have one interested in going potty. Too bad it's not the age appropriate one! Here's hoping we can use Neylan to motivate Grayson along in this area. Neylan has been quite successful in this venture.


January 31

Grayson told me he was all done with breakfast and jumped down. A minute later I look over to see this!
"Just putting my milk away, Mom"

And, so glad I had the camera on the table right next to me!!

January 30

Neylan has made tremendous progress with his trunk control in the time since he's come home. Never would have thought he would be able to wheelbarrow walk at 19 months!

And never would have imagined that our athlete, Grayson, would not be able to do it!

January 29

you never know what might happen when you leave the room for one minute. I went upstairs to do something tonight and came down to these partners in crime trying to hack into my computer! Thank goodness it is password protected

And then they wanted to eat. Now they look all innocent with their canteloupe

January 28

Tonight we went to a Lunar New Year party with other adoptive families. We had a great time, but to see more pics, you'll have to check out the other blog!


January 27

Tonight the boys went to a birthday party at a local gymnastics gym. They had so much fun on the trampoline, in the foam pit, climbing things, balance beams, ride-on cars, and all the fun stuff that comes along with a gym like this, 35 friends, and cupcakes!