November 26

Today in Grayson's class, it was pajama day! When his class gets 10 compliments for various things, like following directions, walking nicely in the hall, helping those who need help, ect, they get a pajama day. Today was also his school's Thanksgiving lunch for all of the parents to come to. When I dropped him off, I think he was a bit embarrassed that I wanted to take his picture! And when Adam and I came back to eat lunch with him, he didn't really want to leave his friends to eat with us! It's started so early :(

November 24

 Although Christmas has begun inside, there is still lots of fall to deal with outside. We love our house in our old, established neighborhood, but it comes with the very big chore of dealing with LOTS of leaves!! Adam has given up with his blower and rake and decided to borrow our neighbor's monster sized blower to get the job done faster!

Several hours and over 30 bags later, I think we are calling it quits for the season! This is our last load after the 20-something bags we already did last week. 

November 23

This morning we had Breakfast with Santa at Chick-Fil-A. They were so hospitable and gave all the kids free breakfast, treats, and a little toy as we left. Grayson was a bit nervous to sit on Santa's lap, but eventually warmed up a bit and asked for a puppy. Neylan wasn't nervous at all and asked for a Buzz and Woody camera. 

Since we are hosting Thanksgiving this year, and people arrive in a few days, we are decorating part of our house for Christmas. The rest of the house will be decorated for fall, but since this will be our family Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations, we thought we would decorate for both! 

Everyone pitched in and helped!