April 28

Grayson finally got a new potty today that sits on the floor!! So, as soon as we brought it home he needed a diaper change, so we put him on it. And he left a present inside!!!!!!!! Bet that won't happen again for several months, but hey, it's a start, right!

When Adam got home at 5 tonight, he said, "Would you kill me if I ask you to make a diaper cake for a baby shower in the morning?" Of course not. I have lots of extra time tonight (sarcasm added)!! So, I whipped it out and he helped.  

April 27

Grayson wanted to take his snake to school today. OK. When I picked him up, his daycare provider said that he did a good job of sharing it with his friends today. Yay!! And then he decided to bend it in half. And it broke. So, he gave one half to a friend and he kept the other half. Now that's the way to get around sharing!!

April 26

Helping Daddy in the garage!


April 25

No candy in the Easter basket this year because today was Gray's first trip to the dentist!! We haven't had any concerns, but there are a lot of teeth in there to check on. We have a good friend in dental school that did his very quick exam. Grayson was a fabulous patient and his teeth look great. We'll see how long that lasts!!

For being so good, he got 2 stickers and a frog toy! Oh, and of course a new toothbrush and toothpaste!

April 24

Happy Easter!

We had a great morning at church and then had lunch with friends. Although the weather was not quite as warm as I was hoping for the end of April, it was still a nice day.

So handsome!

I thought I would try to get a closer shot with the flowers, but as soon as he sat down, he started to destroy the flowers. And since it wasn't our yard, the photo shoot ended!

After Grayson's nap we told Grayson the true meaning of Easter through the Resurrection eggs. There are a dozen eggs that have a small object inside that represents one piece of the Easter story. (If you have little ones at home and don't have a set of these, you should get them)

Grayson also got a few fun things in his Easter basket. He was most excited about the sidewalk chalk.


April 23

Grayson got an Easter basket in the mail from Mimi and Papa. There were lots of fun goodies inside

April 22

Grayson had an Easter egg hunt at daycare today. He came home with a little bucket of eggs and candy. As I was talking to his daycare provider after I had put him in the car, I turned around a few minutes later and found this. He found (and figured out how to open) his chocolate bunny! No wonder it had gotten quiet. So the whole ride home I kept saying "Please don't touch anything and keep your hands in the air," while trying to call Adam to get wet paper towels and the camera and meet me in the driveway. No harm done!

April 21

Grayson had a friend join him for breakfast this morning. He was a very nice table mate. Not too loud, used good manners, but didn't eat much. Grayson eventually had to help Monkey finish his cereal.


April 20

Grayson dyed his first eggs at daycare today. They turned out pretty good. Wish I had gotten to see it.

April 19

Grayson has an Easter egg hunt on Thursday, so we decided we should practice tonight. We hid some eggs and gave him his basket. He did a great job and found them all with little help.

Then he began discovering all that could be done with these eggs!

April 18

Mom and I have done so much work, we deserved a night out. So, we played bunko. This was Mom's first time and she won a prize!

April 17

This morning was the 23rd annual Trolley Run, benefiting the Children's Center for the Visually Impaired, where Becca works. This is our 4th year to participate and as always, we had a great time. Adam ran 4 miles in 38 minutes, without training, and I finished with a good time as well, especially considering between mile 3 and 4 I was repeatedly picking up blankets and toys that were being thrown out of the stroller.

After the big race, we headed to the kids race across the street. One year olds are allowed to race, so I signed Grayson up for his first race. He had been practicing at home and doing a great job, but once we got in line to run, disaster ensued. I'm not sure why people think it's a great idea to have large mascots jump around in front of a bunch of 1 and 2 year olds. Grayson was TERRIFIED and would not even stand up on the ground. He was glued to me so tight. When they said "go" I peeled him off of me, determined we were not going to let any mascot ruin this race. Then, halfway through the course, he lost a shoe. Needless to say, he finished last, but still got a blue ribbon.

Lesson learned: we are definitely not ready for Disney World.


April 16

Helping out again. This time he emptied his wipes container and scrubbed down the kitchen table. Thanks!

April 15

Tonight Grayson took Nana to his new favorite restaurant, Fritz's. This is such an entertaining restuarant for kids, so it's a little more relaxing of an experience for the parents.  

He loved watching the trains go around the top of the restaurant and then drop food off at everyone's table.

April 14

The Easter box was pulled out today and Grayson liked what he found!

With a garage full of stuff for the past 2 weeks and the mower all the way in the back, our yard has been a little neglected. So, Grayson decided he needed to help out a bit. He powered up his lawn mower (with water) . . . .

and took off behind Daddy in case he missed a spot

April 13

Becca's mom arrived today for a "work trip" to help us get ready for Neylan to come home. The sad thing is that nothing exciting happened all night. She was put straight to work and washed a bunch of dishes for me. That's what mom's are good for.  

April 12

Always a helper- sweeping off the driveway for us tonight!



Ah, the colors of spring. Love it!!

April 10

Today was a perfect day to be outside enjoying the weather. After church, our Sunday School class went to the park to have a picnic and hang out. Adam brought several yard games which were a hit.

And Grayson thoroughly enjoyed his time throwing rocks over the wall. It was way more fun than taking the usual nap!


April 9

Had a great sale yesterday. Wrapped things up today with another great day. All for you, Neylan!!

April 8

Ready for a big day of selling!

April 7

We can barely walk in the garage right because it is so full of wonderful deals for many shoppers. Now, let's get this show on the road so I can park in the garage again.

Started working on Neylan's room this week. But right now, it's just our clothing sorting area for the garage sale.


April 6

Rarely do I ever get a text from Grayson's daycare provider and usually when I do, something is wrong or she has a question. So, today, right after I started working, I got a text. I was really hoping something wasn't wrong since it was only 8:30. Nope, just this fun message!

April 4

After the very violent and loud hail storm (that thankfully only lasted about 5 minutes), every screen on the front of our house is busted and ripped in many places. I think Adam counted 18 holes in these two windows! We also have quite a few dents in our cars now too.


April 3

Grayson played in the garage for a little while today so I could work on more organizing. It's more than 80 degrees outside and Grayson wants to go sledding!

Well, it was too hot for sledding, but not too hot for wild weather tonight. We had a hail storm that came right after Grayson went to bed- perfect timing. We had hail the size of marbles and meatballs pounding our house. This was a great night to have to be parked in the driveway!

April 2

This morning, we pulled everything out of our garage to organize it for our upcoming sale. We have had a great donation turn out so far, so we are trying to be a bit more organized about it this time and not wait until the day before to start setting things up.

Grayson checked out all of the items and found a few he liked. Now, we are the type of parents that strongly promote independence and want to see our kids move out, but honestly, didn't think it would happen this soon. But Grayson found this suitcase and headed off down the sidewalk. He got a little ways and turned around and said "bye bye" and waved. So, we asked where he was going. He said, "church".

April 1

Tonight we attended a birthday party for a friend. There were lots of people there and so many baby girls. Grayson was just in heaven.

Once the crowd died down a little, the little entertainer came out

March 31

I dug deep, really deep within myself today and came up with a little bit of motivation to work on this project. I spackled the holes in this wall to get it ready to paint. It only took 2 minutes! It's only been waiting to be done since last May. Sad, very sad, I know.

March 30

These two baskets appeared at our house today. Maybe a certain bunny is thinking about filling them in a few weeks.

March 29

My consignment sale find this week- the hip hammock. Recommended by a family I work with, it allows the kid to ride on your hip, like they normally would, while you can be hands free. I bought this to take to Korea with us in case the city is too crowded to manuever the stroller and we need to have both kids in a carrier.