September 30

I promised Grayson that today would be the last day to ride in his infant carseat. He's moving up to a big boy car seat. So, after music class today, I allowed him to eat a rice krispy treat for his last ride. Who cares if he gets the seat all sticky?!

September 29

Grayson has learned a new trick in the tub. He thinks it's pretty funny when you put a squirt toy under the hat of the duck and press down. If aimed correctly, it will squirt him in the face. He usually does it over and over, but lost interest quickly tonight.

September 28

Our first big adoption fundraiser is quickly approaching- a garage sale. So, tonight everyone pitched in to clear everything out of the garage, sweep it out, and put everything back in. We are now ready to start setting everything up.

September 27

We finally helped Adam celebrate his birthday 19 days late. He had a really nice dinner and I made his requested cake: funfetti!


September 26

Our church gathered this morning to have one service at the park. Since we are such a large church, we are never able to worship together with everyone. There was no childcare, so that made it harder to pay attention. Grayson's not the most quiet and still child. We had great weather and a great time.

September 25

I think fall finally showed up today with temperatures down in the 60s. So, it was a perfect day to go out to the pumpkin patch and apple cider mill. Grayson wasn't quite sure what to do with the pumpkins. Do I try to pick it up? Do I try to sit on it and ride it? Do I roll it?

September 24

I started working on the flowers for my 3rd wedding tonight. This was a smaller wedding with only a few flowers, so it was relatively easy. I think they turned out well and I was only up until 1:30 getting them done! I think she will be pleased.

The bride's bouquet

September 23

Having kids provides lots of learning opportunities for all involved. Today was one for me. I should have known not to let him pick up my bowl and walk off the carpet. As soon as he got to the kitchen, he dropped it. Oh, well. I guess that's why they encourage kids to eat on plastic dishes.

September 22

Just a tip for the day: We have discovered that we have REALLY bad fall allergies. Someone told me, after I had been suffering for 2 weeks, that I need to eat a spoonful of honey that is made as local as I could find because the bees are eating from the local plants. So, eating the honey is supposed to build your immunity to the allergens. So, we went to the local farmers market and got this honey to try. It's darker than the honey I am used to, but the girl said this is wildflower honey, for fall allergies. She knew all about this home remedy. So, I will definitely try it. The girl recommended starting 2 weeks before the allergies get bad, so it may be too late, but I'll give it a shot and know for next year.


September 21

Tonight was nice outside, so we asked Grayson if he wanted to go on a bike ride. Of course, he did, so he hurried out to the garage. Adam pulled the bikes out and then Grayson spotted the air pump. It was all over then. He started pumping air for the first time and then REFUSED to go on a ride. So, we went to the back yard instead and let him pump away.

While I demolished Adam in 2 games of ladderball!

September 20

Breakfast just tasted better this morning when it was served on the floor. (I did sweep and mop really well early this morning)

September 19

Adam and I went on a date tonight. Grayson was with some friends, so we had a nice dinner out and then went shopping. Some of you may think that our choice of store was pretty boring, but when you are childless, an hour at Target can be quite fun.


September 18

We woke up this morning to the sound of hot air balloons flying over our house. This weekend is the first annual balloon festival. There are events going on all weekend. We hope to see more.

We also went to our first touch-a-truck event this morning. There were lots of fun vehicles for the kids to climb into and experience. Grayson liked the fire truck, bulldozer, limo, race car, and of course, the Krispy Kreme car.

September 17

This picture is reenacted, but just how I found Grayson when I picked him up from daycare today. Sitting on the bottom step--because he was in time out!! She said he had been kicking the doorstoppers and then tried to pull one out of the wall. He also tried to get another boy to do it as well. And when he wouldn't stop, he was sent to time out. Oh, what a wonderful road we are beginning to travel- discipline.

September 16

Grayson had a good 15 month check up today. His weight is now 22# (20th %ile), which means we REALLY need to get him a new carseat. He will be happy about that. He's not growing very tall and has fallen to the 3rd %ile. His head circumference is in the 60th %ile. He had 4 shots and got lots of compliments on how cute he was. 


September 15

It's amazing how little ones just pick up on something without having to be told. Grayson is doing a new chore. He was never asked or told to do this, just did it one day. Now, what chore should be next?


September 14

You don't see this everyday- someone hauling a computer on the back of a motorcycle- attached with only 3 bungee cords!

September 13

Play group resumed today, so we took advantage to play somewhere besides home.


September 12

Grayson had a great time at CCVI's annual ice cream social this afternoon. He played several games and got some fun prizes to bring home.

September 11

Apparently, you can still have lots of fun in a pool with no water

September 10

Someone on Adam's volleyball team brought him these cookies for his birthday. Now, what are we going to do with all of these?


September 9

Do we have a little artist?

September 8

You'll do anything to get a bath, won't you?

Happy Birthday Adam! Sorry you were too sick to celebrate.


September 7

Arghh!!! Here we go again with these awful breathing treatments. Grayson's allergy and teething drainage quickly made its way to his lungs and now he has bronchiolitis again. I'm really hoping it doesn't last as long as last winter.


September 6

Adam chose to have dinner at Stroud's, famous for their fried chicken and southern cuisine, for his birthday dinner with my parents. It was delicious of course.

The restaurant is in an old house and then you are welcome to walk around the grounds while you wait. This was Grayson's favorite part, the birdbath, in which he took his own bath.


September 5

The Bible- always a good choice of reading material

September 4

Nana, are you almost here?

Yay!! Nana's here to play with me for a few days. (Granddad is here too)

September 3

Fall is on it's way. Our allergies have confirmed it!

September 2

Why do I have to stop playing just because it's raining? I don't mind!


September 1

Is it sad when a boy pulls a hair straightener off the counter and knows exactly what to do with it?

No, it means he's super smart and VERY observant

August 31

Adam Grayson suggested that we get ice cream for dessert after dinner and Adam was quick to oblige. So, we walked to Walmart (to burn a few calories before we ate 10 times that amount), but he just couldn't decide what kind he wanted. So, we ended up with both.

Today is Becca's wonderful grandma's birthday. She is 86 years young today. When I called to wish her a Happy Birthday, she missed the call because she said she was outside sweeping the driveway after the yard was mowed! She's amazing!