June 16

Happy Father's Day
Since our big birthday party was yesterday, we didn't really get anything planned for Father's Day. So, it's going to be postponed until next week. We did however, go to Daddy's favorite ice cream shop and got him a free scoop

June 15

It's PARTY time!!

The boys picked a superhero theme for their big party this year. We found a bunch of cute ideas and planned our first destination party, at the park (because all of my mommy friends said it's much easier than party planning and cleaning your house).
We had a very busy week of VBS and had to put together all of the party activities at the last minute, but it got done. We were all ready to go, and then the rain came!! A bunch of rain!! Such a big storm that there was no way that this party could be outside. So, an hour and a half before the party was supposed to start, we cleaned the house threw everything in sight into a closet and prepared for 50 people to arrive shortly!! (This mama was a bit stressed and not prepared for this little change!!)

The boys are very blessed to have such wonderful friends to celebrate with!

One of the fun activities I found was superhero sand art. The kids chose between a Superman or a Batman logo and created some really cute masterpieces

Grayson got the pinata that he wanted (after seeing one at the adoption picnic we went to last weekend). He picked it out himself. It was quite sturdy and took quite a while to break into

The three cakes I made

Happy Birthday to you!!

I also found decorate-your-own masks. Several of the kids made some super creations
 Present time!! It was funny to watch the boys this year. You can see the progression as kids get older. The first year, I opened all of the gifts. The second year, I had a little more help. By the third birthday, they are pretty independent at opening. And now, for the fourth birthday, all of your friends help you open your gifts!!

The rain finally stopped at the end of the party so we could sneak out for a group picture of the boys and their super friends
We did it!! This party was not quite what we had in mind, but it turned out to be really cute and the kids had a blast! Maybe I'll shoot for the park next year



June 14

Tonight was cake decorating night! No pictures were taken. Oops!

June 13

And After:
PS- I LOVE the Krylon Fusion spray paint for plastics. It worked great!!


June 12

Tonight was Family Night at VBS. All of the families got to come and check out the fun music and everything that has been going on with the kids so far this week. The boys loved it!
The big family treat for the night was the Kona Ice truck that came at the end to treat everyone to a sno cone. It was worth the long wait in line



June 11

Tonight we were invited to a "small" cookout with friends
After dinner the kids had a water balloon fight. This was Grayson's first time with water balloons, so he wasn't quite sure what to do. The bigger kids got most of the balloons, so he was a bit disappointed once he figured out what to do and there were no balloons left.

We missed the memo that this was a water party for the kids, so we had to borrow swimsuits. Neylan is sporting the spandex trunks

June 10

Happy 4th Birthday Grayson!!
Since our boy's birthdays are so close to each other, I have tried a few different things to make each one's day special just for him. This morning, I found a few extra minutes, while Grayson slept in, to blow up some balloons and scatter them around his "bed" on the floor.
When he woke up:
G: What are all the balloons for?
Me: Well, what is today?
G: VBS!!!
Me: OK, well, what else is today?
G: My birthday! (in the most timid, questioning voice)
I think he's more excited for VBS than his big day

These guys had a successful first day of VBS!! They are going to have a great week

Tonight, Grayson got to go do something fun with Daddy and Neylan, Catherine, Ellie, and I stayed home. Our friends brought their pet rabbit with them for the week and Neylan is quite enamored with him. He was eager to get inside the fence and demonstrate how bunnies jump

Fuzzy is a velveteen rabbit and is so soft

Grayson got to go on a special birthday outing tonight to the Royals game with Daddy and some friends. When the cheerleader was in their section, one of G's friends yelled that it was his birthday. So, she came over and gave all the little boys foam fingers and tattoos!

And then the Royals won!! What a fun birthday this little guy had

June 9

Every Sunday night after volleyball, we go to Sonic for dinner with friends. Since tomorrow is Grayson's birthday, he got his own little milkshake
Late last night, we had friends from TN arrive to spend the week here in town. Every Sunday night is also bath night after playing in the sand at volleyball. We've never had three kids in the tub, but they all fit just fine!
And Ellie sat on the side playing a recorder while the boys splashed


June 8

Today was the annual picnic for our adoption agency. We've enjoyed going the past 3 years to see families that we've come to know through the wonderful process of adoption.
Neylan's favorite area of the park was the sand area. He stayed here forever and played

Each year there is a pinata for the kids to take a swing at. This year though, it got Grayson's attention and he decided that a pinata would be a great addition to his upcoming birthday party

And guess who we ran into?! Grace, our friend that we met a couple of years ago who was also fostered by the same mom Neylan was!! Since we met her, we've moved into her neighborhood and these three will be going to the same school next year. It's such a small world! From the same foster home in Seoul, to the same neighborhood and school in America!

After the picnic we went home for quick naps and then headed to our friend, baby Owen's, first birthday party. The boys were thrilled that it was pool and water themed!

What a fun, busy day!!