June 10

Happy 4th Birthday Grayson!!
Since our boy's birthdays are so close to each other, I have tried a few different things to make each one's day special just for him. This morning, I found a few extra minutes, while Grayson slept in, to blow up some balloons and scatter them around his "bed" on the floor.
When he woke up:
G: What are all the balloons for?
Me: Well, what is today?
G: VBS!!!
Me: OK, well, what else is today?
G: My birthday! (in the most timid, questioning voice)
I think he's more excited for VBS than his big day

These guys had a successful first day of VBS!! They are going to have a great week

Tonight, Grayson got to go do something fun with Daddy and Neylan, Catherine, Ellie, and I stayed home. Our friends brought their pet rabbit with them for the week and Neylan is quite enamored with him. He was eager to get inside the fence and demonstrate how bunnies jump

Fuzzy is a velveteen rabbit and is so soft

Grayson got to go on a special birthday outing tonight to the Royals game with Daddy and some friends. When the cheerleader was in their section, one of G's friends yelled that it was his birthday. So, she came over and gave all the little boys foam fingers and tattoos!

And then the Royals won!! What a fun birthday this little guy had

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