July 13

For some reason, I picked this weekend (with Adam gone, remind you) to start potty training Neylan. What was I thinking?! So, we went NOWHERE today. And, yes, we are still in the same pjs we went to the drive-in last night. Late this afternoon, the boys went outside and put on a little concert. I wish I could share the video, but apparently my camera was set on a setting so high that the file cannot be recognized by a computer :( Trust me, their made-up songs and dance were a nice pick-me-up for a Saturday night at home!

July 12

Adam left for kids camp this afternoon, so I have the boys all weekend by myself! Although I was exhausted, I agreed to bring the boys to the drive-in tonight when a friend invited me. I knew it would be a fun evening and I wouldn't have to entertain too much. 

This time we got smarter and wore our pjs there, so that when we got home we would just jump in bed!

We have our snacks and are ready for Despicable Me 2!! Too bad, we've never seen the first one.

July 11

We had our second swim lesson this morning. Neylan has caught on that swim lessons=work! And he's not too keen of that idea. He prefers to hang out and play! Unfortunately, I'm not paying for him to just play, so he's being forced to work a bit

Gray loves going off the diving board!

Neylan, on the other hand! Well, he needed to have a little help to jump!

Our swim teacher, Mary, broke her wrist last week, so she's in a nice cast for the next few months. Fortunately, today, she had recruited some help

July 8

A blistering hot day and no plans calls for a day at the pool! We haven't been all summer to the pool just to play. We went early during the little kid play time when we could get in before the big kids. We shared the small pool with just two other little girls! What a fun day!


July 5

Tonight we went to Theater in the Park, one of our favorite summer outings. Peter Pan was the show tonight and we knew the boys would love it, even though they haven't seen the movie. They love Captain Hook and the pirates.

After the show, the characters came out to sign autographs. Grayson was scared to death of everyone so he kept his distance. Neylan was eager to shake Capt. Hook's hook and get Mr. Smeed and Peter Pan's autograph

July 4

Happy Fourth of July!

Today was a busy day at our place. Adam took the boys to a festival this morning where they played on big inflatables and got new bike helments. Then it was home for naps and a big cookout. After dinner we walked across the street for more inflatables and then went to watch fireworks in our neighborhood park. We had a fun holiday!


July 1

Our activity for the day was a simple one: bubble wands made out of milkshake straws!

I was so glad I caught this very cute moment. Grayson really wants to encourage Neylan to potty train. so we checked out a cute book at the library last week called No More Diapers for Ducky. Grayson has memorized it and wanted to read it to Neylan while he went potty

June 29

Adam and I are in St. Louis this weekend at our first Upward conference. We are here to be encouraged in the ministry that we are in charge of and to gather info on how to make this amazing program better. This year's theme was "All In" and really challenged us to be "All In" for the kids that are involved in the basketball and cheer programs that our church has each year. It was a great conference and a great time away for us. We're ready to start implementing some new ideas!

June 28

Fridays around here are Donuts with Dad day! I have to be at work early on Fridays and Adam has the day off, so he typically takes the boys to the donut shop on the way to daycare. They love the treat. Today, my first visit got cancelled at the last minute, so I tagged along to see what all the hype is about!

Neylan's pick: glazed donut with chocolate candy on top

Grayson chose a powdered donut for the first time today. Adam was leary about the mess, but I told him it was ok since he was wearing a white shirt

Yum!! Now that's a great way to start a Friday!

June 27

Our swim lessons got cancelled this morning because our teacher broke her wrist :( But I still wanted to provide a fun activity that involved water for the boys today since they were counting on being in the pool. I had bought supplies to make a water blob earlier this week and thought this would be the perfect day to try it out. It's basically two thick sheets of plastic, duck taped together, and filled with water (aka- a giant, outdoor waterbed)

And then we invited friends over for a water day

The water blob was a HUGE hit with all of the kids, was cheap, and a great activity for today. We even had a family from the neighborhood (who we have never met) come over to play tonight

June 26

I rarely capture Adam in the moment working with the kids, but tonight I took the opportunity to try to get a pic of him singing and dancing with the kids before water night. He is so great at what he does and has such a knack for getting all of the kids engaged.

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June 25

I don't even know what to say about this picture. It's just classic, crazy Neylan

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