August 30

I had to run to the doctor today to finish up my physical for the adoption and have blood drawn, but when I made the appt, I forgot I would have two kids with me today. The only way I could get them both inside (without having to carry 50 pounds) was the wagon. I loaded it with toys and they played really well while they waited. It was a successful trip.

The ride home was successful too!

August 29

Grayson has his first haircut with the clippers today. If you remember, we had it cut just before vacation, but she only trimmed the back. So, it was time for the rest to be cut. He tolerated it very well and looks quite handsome.


August 28

Any guesses what this might be?

If you want to find out you'll have to click here. There's some exciting news there!

August 27

Tonight was the Chiefs Charity Game and for the second year in a row, CCVI was the recipient of this game. It was very exciting and more money was raised for our programs this year than last year. Wd had great weather tonight as the Chiefs hosted the Philadelphia Eagles, but in the last 20 seconds the Eagles
 scored a touchdown and took the win.

We (Adam) will be cheering for one of the Chiefs newest recruits, Eric Berry (#29) , from TN


August 26

Grayson was just itching to go outside today so we rode the bike to the park. He noticed some older boys playing in the sand and ventured over. Sand volleyball court = extra large sand box!!!!

August 25

Another "sick" day since the rash has not completely faded. Since he couldn't go to daycare he went to play with friends while we worked

August 24

Oh, the fun you can have with Daddy when you're home "sick", but not really sick


August 23

We are on day 5 of the ugly roseola rash. As you can tell from our weekend, it didn't slow us down much. It did cause a few stares because he is quite scary looking and this rash looks like the chicken pox. But he still feels fine and is not itching. I am praying it goes away by tomorrow so he can go back to daycare. It's hard to tell in this picture, but every inch of his body is covered in small red bumps.

August 22

Today was another fun-filled day. We spent the afternoon at Grayson's first waterpark. And he LOVED it!!! The tube below was what they had for kids under 25 pounds. It was enclosed at the bottom, so Grayson sat in it and was able to ride any slide or ride he wanted. He rode 2 big slides with Mommy and the raging river ride with Daddy and came out with big smiles each time.

They also had a fabulous kids area with lots of slides. Most of these were able to be conquered alone

August 21

The game did get cancelled last night and the make-up game scheduled for tonight. Since we didn't have any plans, we decided to try it again. This time there was success. It was hot, sunny, and well attended. As soon as we sat down Grayson started clapping with the rest of the crowd. This baseball stuff is pretty exciting.

The clapping and cheering didn't hold his attention long (maybe 2 minutes) so we were quickly gone to walk around. We found the kids area with a nice playgound and splash fountains. Grayson found out what happens when you look down into the hole where water comes out.

We had a great night and surprisingly, the Royals WON!!!


August 20

Well, tonight was not the evening we had planned. I got free Royals tickets yesterday at work and thought it would be a fun family outing. Grayson has this really cute Royals outfit too, but hasn't yet been to his first game. Well, it would have been fun had it not been raining all night. We drove to the stadium, paid to park, and as we pulled into the parking spot, they covered the field up and thus started the rain delay. We sat in the car for about 30 minutes before giving up and driving home. Maybe we can go to the make-up game, if there is one. Doesn't Grayson looked bummed?

August 19

This picture attempt didn't quite turn out with as much detail as I had hoped. I was trying to show you the bumpy rash that developed on Grayson's tummy and back earlier this evening. I guess I thought by going outside to swim, we could just wash it off. Don't know what it's from, but his babysitter didn't notice anything at 4:30 this afternoon.

August 18

So, what does it say about your hair when goldfish get stuck? Too long, too sticky, too dirty, or too thick? Or, is it just a good spot to save one for later?


August 17

Grayson went to work with Mommy for a little while today and he had a blast. All the teachers were cleaning their classrooms and putting unwanted toys in the hall. Grayson found several hats he could easily put on. I think he's ready for preschool. When can I sign him up?!? Judging from his eager behavior today, I think he will be the child that walks into preschool/school and never looks back!

It was really hard for me to only post 1-2 pictures a day of our trip, so if you want to see more and hear more stories, go on over to the Wilson's blog and check it out. So far 4 parts are completed, so keep checking it out. I think there will be 8 parts in all. It was a long trip!

August 16

It's so nice to be able to get outside again without the fear of melting or having a heat stroke. I know Grayson loves it. We rode our bikes to the park tonight so Grayson could use up some energy.


August 15

Went to our church's annual picnic tonight. We had fabulous weather for a change so it was nice to be outside. Grayson really liked a friend's chair with fish on the back. It did cause some tension becuase they both wanted to sit in it really badly though.

August 14

Made a little run to Home Depot tonight with some friends and Grayson got to ride in the race car cart for the first time. I wish all carts had kids seats with steering wheels. It kept him entertained during the whole trip.

August 13

We had dinner with friends tonight and as soon as the dessert was served, Grayson began working the crowd. He hit up every person for a bite of brownies and ice cream.


August 12

Adam and several guys endured the heat to go to a Royals vs Yankees game tonight. Unfortunately the Royals lost 4-3

August 11

Welcome Home!!

August 10

Adam and I met for lunch today to fulfil our Mexican craving. There's just not any Mexican food in Austria. Oh, how they are missing out!

August 9

We're Home!!
We have a HUGE pile of mail to sort through
and Grayson has a new collection of ducks from each Lufthansa flight he was on!


August 8

One of Eli's buys at Tesco last night was a pair of rain boots. I wanted to see how Grayson looked in them. Once they were on, he didn't want to take them off. They were pretty cute. Looks like we might have to get our own pair now.

August 7

We had hopeful intentions of returning to the Family Fun Center tonight for more play time for the boys, but after getting stuck in traffic for an hour we decided to turn around and head the other way. We ended up in Bratislava having Pizza Hut for dinner and shopping at Tesco, the closest thing to Walmart.


August 6

We traveled back to Vienna today for our last few days. Tonight we simply relaxed and played Bananagrams after the boys went to bed. Kristi smoked Adam and I.

August 5

Jeremy was able to get Adam and I two tickets to a dress rehearsal for one of the operas featured in the Mozart festival this year. This was Adam's first opera and he really enjoyed it, although we had to stare up at the English captions from the 2nd row to know what was going on. It was a great show and the Vienna Philharmonic (the most prestigious orchestra in the world) sounded pretty good as well!

Grayson has been learning to dance while on vacation. It's really cute and looks more like marching, but is fun to watch.

August 4

We all had a busy day today. Kristi and I took the boys to Hellbrun, where we toured the grounds and went to another zoo. We had perfect weather this time. Adam took a train by himself to Munich, Germany to visit a former concentration camp.

Anybody recognize this? It's the gazebo from The Sound of Music

This is one of many pictures Adam took while visiting the Dachau memorial site of the former concentration camp. This picture shows the original gate house and original road that the prisoners walked when coming into the camp.

August 3

It rained all day so we stayed in and let the boys get good naps in a bed instead of their strollers. Tonight we ventured out for a fabulous Italian dinner and souvenir shopping before more rain came.

August 2

This morning we walked around Mirabel Gardens, which is absolutely beautiful. Here you can see the fortress in the background.

Today is Jeremy's birthday, so we had a fabulous lunch in a beautiful garden and then walked around downtown for a little while before the rain came. This dessert looked so interesting as others were ordering it, so we asked what it was. The waiter described it in such a delectable way that Kristi and I decided to order one to share. It was just a pile of meringue. Such a let down.


August 1

Today we made the trip to St. Gilgen, one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen. We rode a cable car to the top of a mountain overlooking the town and the lake and then walked around at the top.

This is the view from the other side of the top of the mountain. Breathtaking!

July 31

Adam, Grayson, and I ventured out on our own this morning to tour downtown Salzburg. It's a beautiful, quaint little town and happens to be the birthplace of Mozart. Below is the house where he was born, which is now along a street filled with shops and restaurants.

With a beautiful afternoon we played paddle ball in the yard at our apartment while the little boys chased each other around with sticks. Don't be fooled. I know these two places are the same color, but we didn't think Mozart would appreciate us playing in his yard.

July 30

We moved to Salzburg today into our "furnished" apartment. We quickly discovered it was not "furnished" with many dishes and kitchen supplies. So, we made do with what little was there, like a large serving bowl to eat cereal.