July 21

picture taken with my phone---Grayson deleted it!

July 20

 Tonight I got away for a Pinterest party with some girlfriends. We each brought a snack from a recipe we found on Pinterest and then brought supplies to make a craft or project that we had found on Pinterest. Apparently I was a bit ambitious with the necklace I intended to make. It's going to take a bit longer than I thought. 

July 19

Tonight was just a lazy night after a busy start to the week. We got the boys ready for bed early and let them eat popcorn and watch a movie! Not a complaint was heard

July 18

And nothing again :(

July 17

I got nothing !

July 16

Grayson learned to float at swim lessons today! Moving right along with his mad swimming skills

July 15

picture taken on my phone--- Grayson erased it!


July 14

Tonight we headed to Kids' Camp to see Daddy. They boys have barely seen his this week becuase of his busy work schedule. We got to watch the kids do skits and songs and then played outside for a bit.

Adam also took us on a tour of the camp in his golf cart

July 13

Tonight we went to Theatre in the Park with a big group of friends. It was Nana and Granddad's first time to go. The show completely captured Grayson and Neylan's attention. We saw a double feature of the Jungle Book and Sleeping Beauty.

At intermission the kids got a snack necklace (one of my recent Pinterest finds). They devoured them pretty quickly!


July 12

I bought a Toy Story gummy making kit a while back with intentions of making these for their birthday party. Well, it's a month later and they are still asking to make them. They were actually really easy to do. I should have done this a long time ago!

the finished product- Buzz, Woody, Ham, and the alien

July 11

Nana and Granddad arrived this afternoon right before we had two showings. So, Grayson requested that we go to CiCi's for dinner. Then he talked his grandparents into giving him some money to play air hockey

I think he has a new favorite game!

July 10

Now that is some bed head

July 9

Hmmm. . . someone decided he wanted to give the diving board a try

making progress

nevermind. . . getting back down

He's a fish!

July 8

Sunday nights are volleyball nights. Adam plays and the kids all play in the sand

July 7

The little washing crew hard at work

well, that didn't last long! Someone just wants to play now!


July 6

The boys went to spend the evening with friends while Adam and I had dinner with his coworkers. When we dropped them off, the mom wasn't home. But she said the minute she walked in, this funny series began. They ran up the stairs and ran right past her and plopped down at the table and said they were ready to eat!

So she had them come wash their hands

and then Neylan washed dishes, hoping it would hurry her along

when she began setting the table, they came running back, thinking it was time!

FINALLY! Let the feeding frenzy begin!

I think it's obvious they are quite comfortable here!

July 5

This blog makes it very difficult to be consistent with discipline! Like when the boys get into my lipstick and gloss and go to town. So, while they sat in time out, I ran for the camera! I know, I'm horrible

July 4

A fun-filled Fourth

We started our day at the Village Fest. This was our first year to go and it was fantastic. There were so many great activities for the kids to participate in and the boys had a great time. We will definitely go back next year.

They got to practice shooting a fire hose at a wheel

There was a small petting zoo with very unique animals, like a baby zebra, kangaroo, pig, and a camel.

There was also a bike rodeo, where we were able to have their helmets fitted correctly and then allow them to practice some bike safety skills

This was followed by the bike parade. Grayson did really well riding the short distance.

Neylan, on the other hand, participated like this!

We spent the evening with friends

No Fourth of July would be complete without fireworks. The boys got to stay up late to watch them and loved it!


July 3

I just realized that I forgot to post these pictures a few days ago, but wanted to show off the finished product. We are so pleased with how well the bathroom cabinets turned out. They look completely different and new now. I would highly recommend using Rustoleum's Cabinet Transformations kit. It was simple and didn't take too long to complete. Now, if I can find some motivation to tackle the kitchen, it will get a facelift as well.

July 2

Because I'm not the type that ever procrastinates, Grayson received a fun package in the mail today. His very own scrapbook of his first 6 months! It's only 2.5 years late! I've determined that I will never get 2 traditional scrapbooks done for him and I (becuase I've also decided that if I'm going to put so much work into it then I want to keep it), so I've decided to start a digital album for each year for him to take with him when he grows up. He was very excited to see his book and really enjoyed looking through it.

Neylan was also interested for a few minutes, and then jumped off the chair. He must have realized he wasn't in any of the pictures.

So, how long will it take me to finish his first full year??! Maybe it will be done before he goes to kindergarten!