March 28

Grayson got a new toy today! He's really had it since Christmas, but we just decided to not get it out quite yet because there are so many toys everywhere. Since Grayson decided not to nap today, Mommy gave in and pulled it out and put it together. He loves it! Thanks Mimi and Papa.

March 27

Grayson had a potty trained friend over for a few hours today and as soon as the friend said he needed to go potty, Grayson said he needed to as well. So, they took turns and Grayson was so excited to sit on the potty likea big boy. Nothing happened, but it's a step!!

March 26

Just breaking in Neylan's mattress!


March 25

Adam and I had a date night tonight at our Renew Remix. Our theme was the 80s!! And we did it up big. It was so much fun to see nearly 60 people in a variety of 80s fashions.

It's amazing people found this attractive!!

March 24

Just browing the catalogs, Mom

March 24

Spring (aka tornado season) has arrived in KS. The wind blew so hard today that it snapped our metal flag pole bracket in half and off the house. So, if we want people on the street to know who our true allegiance is to, we'll have to replace it all so we can hang up our nice orange flag!!

March 22

I love me some bargain shopping. And where better to go than a consignment sale! So a very big sale was our adventure for the evening. It was crowded when we got there and the line was wrapped halfway around the very large room. We began shopping as we watched the line grow longer. Soon after I sent Adam to get in line while I tried to finish shopping with Grayson running around playing with everything. When I got done, I took Grayson to the car and left Adam in line for nearly an hour with our 5 items that only cost $20!!! Now for a very nice crib mattress, Baby Bjorn potty seat, lawn mower, Little People bus, and flip flops (for Neylan) that's a STEAL!!

March 21

Time for spring cleaning and some major organizing!


March 20

Just monkeying around on a beautiful day!

March 19

Adam played in a volleyball tournament this morning as a fundraiser for some friends who are all adopting. The competition was fierce and ruthless, but they still had fun. Adam came home with only one bloody nose and lots of sore muscles.

March 18

Our purchase last night was the new iPad 2!!! We have officially entered the Apple world (and may never go back!) Merry Christmas, Happy Valentine's Day, and Happy Birthday Mommy, from Adam, Grayson, and Neylan!! (Seriously! I didn't get a SINGLE thing from these boys for any of those occasions this year)

I posted this today, because although it is MY present, I didn't get to even touch it until today. Someone else said he needed it to load everything find out all that it could do!

March 17

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Our day started out uneventful and then we finally got out! For ice cream and to make a little purchase!! None of us got pinched today! We all had our green on

Grayson loved his ice cream. Mommy hopes it all comes out of his shirt!


March 16

This is an encouraging sign. Our tulips are coming up and spring is on it's way!

March 15

Am I big enough yet?

March 14

The weather this morning was a bit of a surprise. It was pretty. It is probably the last we will see for the winter. It wasn't even cold enough to keep the snow around until the afternoon.

Mimi and Papa showed Grayson a new activity. And he LOVED it!! My little sensory seeker!

March 13

Grayson loves to help. Today he helped Papa blow out the garage. He did a good job!


March 12

Mimi and Papa arrived today, so we took them to Fritz's for lunch. We had a feeling Grayson would love this place because of the train theme, and boy were we right. He was so entertained the ENTIRE time.

You call your order in from a phone at your table and the train brings it around the restaurant and drops it down to your table.

After lunch, the little conductor took a quick ride

March 11

Grayson spent the evening with some friends and came home in a cute pair of borrowed pajamas. I thought they were cute, so I snapped a pic. Why the long face? Uh, let's just say he overstuffed himself at dinner and there were some bad diapers on the way!

March 10

I guess sometimes you sleep better with your pjs vented open.

March 9

Grayson has really become interested in reading books lately, which is great!! These are by far his favorites. We read them  usually no less than 6 times a day. He has some parts memorized and knows what comes next, which is cute to watch. I hope this love of reading continues.


March 8

Getting smarter and cuter everyday!

March 7

I put my own sunglasses on this afternoon. I'm just keeping the sun out of my ear!

Mommy was away tonight, so I took toy inventory. This isn't even half of it!

March 6

This morning at our scrapbooking retreat, I completed this page, which completed everything from 2006 and 2007. This is a huge accomplishment since I've been working on this album for years. Yeah, I'm a little behind. I would catch up if I would just stop taking pictures!


March 5

The theme of our scrapbooking retreat weekend was Retro Pagent. So, back in my 80's gear I went to compete for prizes. As you can see the competition was serious.

Surprisingly, I won an honorable mention, with 1 vote!!

March 4

Mommy went away for the weekend, so Daddy and Gray went to play. Grayson must have remembered that his favorite riding toy at this event last month was the Dora tricycle because Adam said this was his favorite tonight.

March 3

The Renew Steering team dressed up today to promote our Remix event. Back to the 80's. It's going to be so much fun. I think we look like totally awesome!!


March 2

I'll just take a seat wherever

March 1

Yay! Daddy brought balloons home from an event tonight.

Uh oh. They are now sitting on the really tall ceiling. I saw Daddy use the broom to get them down last time, so I will try that too.

February 28

Grayson is really into taking pictures these days. So, maybe he'll be a photographer.

February 27

Their first hug!
Can't wait to see more