December 22

Our December schedule has been beyond insane, so today, on December 22nd, I started my Christmas shopping. Now, that's a first! Adam kept the boys at home so I could get done quickly. It must have been an exhausting morning at home (and yes, he does have socks on his hands because he can't keep his finger out of his mouth)

Having snacks with Buzz, T-Rex, Mr. Potato Head, and Woody

 Enough of this being sick and staying in stuff. We decided that despite all that was on our to-do list before heading out of town, we needed one last family night to do something Christmas-y. So, we headed downtown to Crown Center to look at the lights, play on the giant decorations, watch the ice skaters, and have dinner.

The boys were impressed with the gingerbread display

They were so excited to find this little patch of snow that hadn't melted yet and started making snow balls

And they started flying at me!! 
 Climbing on the giant legos

On our way home, we drove through the Plaza to look at the lights. 


December 21

Uh oh! The elf has caught the cold that the boys have had this week. Another sick day for all of us. The boys are going to the doctor and missing their Christmas party at daycare today :(

Fevers require minimal clothing (and rain boots, apparently)

December 20


Our first snowfall of the season happened early this morning. And despite the fever, runny noses, and coughs, we are going out to play! We didn't get any snow last year (very rare for our area), so Neylan has never been out to play in the snow. So, I didn't want to just stay in. I needed some pictures! Just in case this is our only snow of the year. 

Joseph Frosty is celebrating the snow too!

December 19

While we were out partying last night, the boys were at home getting sick :( So, no school for them today. Instead they are at home riding bikes in the basement (because even when these guys are sick, they still have
 a ton of energy)

 It finally caught up to them! In bed watching cartoons and completely worn out and puny

Neighborhood watch

December 18

Tonight was Adam's work Christmas party and everyone was asked to bring something. I am notorious for trying brand new recipes for occasions like these, which makes Adam REALLY nervous! I usually taste as I cook, so I typically know if it's going to be a flop. So, tonight's dessert was a red velvet dirt cake--and it was delicious!! 

Trying to sneak a cookie in before Christmas Eve, I see!


December 17

After the exhausting weekend we just had with the musical, we are all ready for a nap, even Joseph Frosty! (Grayson asked about the blanket (hand towel) that JF was covered up with becuase he had never seen it before, so I told him that JF must have brought it with him from the North Pole. He thought that was pretty cool. Nothing like lying to your kiddos about the antics of this crazy elf!)

On Saturday night Grayson shut his finger in the car door and hurt it really badly. He thought a band aid would help it feel better so we put one on and today he finally decided to take it off so we could get a better look at the damage. It looks much worse in person :(

December 16

In honor of the musical, The Christmas Shoe Tree, LBC kidz are performing today, Joseph Frosty pulled out his instruments and is ready for his own hoe down!

I did it!! The musical was fabulous tonight. The kids did a great job singing, dancing, and acting. I never thought when Adam pulled me into the role of director this past summer that I would actually be able to pull off an event this big (100 kids on stage and over 500 in attendance) but it was fun to do and since it was such a success I'm not sure I will ever get out of this role now! And if I do say so myself, after the many hours of work I put into this musical, I do deserve this pretty bouquet of flowers!

December 15

Joseph Frosty was caught reading one of his favorite books

December 14

After all that Joseph Frosty has been up to lately, he must have decided he needed a bath!

Tonight we had Christmas with Gigi, Bill, and Shannon. The boys had a blast making and decorating sugar cookies

 There were lots of presents to be opened too!


December 13

I do believe he loves his sugar!
"I couldn't find any coloring books, Mom, so I just colored my stomach!"

December 12

What does he think this is, a bath in Hershey kisses?!

December 11

Even elves need to brush their teeth!

December 10

Joseph Frosty decided to add some extra garland to the tree- out of toilet paper!

The boys thought this was hilarious!

Our new entertainment center has arrived! We needed something bigger to house the new TV Adam thought we needed and we needed a piece to cover the holes in the paneling left by the previous owners. Mission accomplished! Isn't it pretty?! Well, it will look better when I figure out how to decorate it

Pinterest to the rescue tonight! I needed a quick, easy activity that would pull the boys away from the TV. With a little baking soda, vinegar, and food coloring, the boys were entertained for a long time.

When you squeeze drops of vinegar onto the baking soda it makes a fizzing noise and bubbles.

"Can you hear it, Mom?"

And then they added army men and animals to the "mess"

December 9

Joseph Frosty is trying to eat the sucker that is stuck to our countdown calendar!

December 8

Jake and Joseph Frosty out on a pirate mission

December 7

Now freed from the army men, Joseph Frosty is in the mood to tumble!
After a very long week, without Adam home much, we all had the night off. So, Adam planned a fun family night for us. We went to Cici's pizza for dinner (Grayon's pick!) and then to a live nativity.

The nativity had a seperate pin of animals that the kids could pet. Neylan willingly went in, but pinned himself to the fence as the sheep stared him down!

The nativity was really good, so we went through it twice!

Afterwards, we went looking at Christmas lights. You'll have to check out the adoption blog for the highlight of the evening!!