December 22

Our December schedule has been beyond insane, so today, on December 22nd, I started my Christmas shopping. Now, that's a first! Adam kept the boys at home so I could get done quickly. It must have been an exhausting morning at home (and yes, he does have socks on his hands because he can't keep his finger out of his mouth)

Having snacks with Buzz, T-Rex, Mr. Potato Head, and Woody

 Enough of this being sick and staying in stuff. We decided that despite all that was on our to-do list before heading out of town, we needed one last family night to do something Christmas-y. So, we headed downtown to Crown Center to look at the lights, play on the giant decorations, watch the ice skaters, and have dinner.

The boys were impressed with the gingerbread display

They were so excited to find this little patch of snow that hadn't melted yet and started making snow balls

And they started flying at me!! 
 Climbing on the giant legos

On our way home, we drove through the Plaza to look at the lights. 


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  1. Iris must have the same thing y'all have. She has been running a fever for a week now. We are both getting tired of her being sick.
    We also put socks on Owen's hands to keep his thumb out od his mouth.
    I have really enjoyed seeing all the fun your elf has been having this year.