December 3

After a busy weekend, the boys asked if they could stay at home today. So, we did, as long as we could. We decided it would be fun to make gingerbread houses.
A great way to use leftover Halloween candy!

Tonight we went to an event to see Santa with one of my offices

We waited outside for him to arrive on his cyber sleigh. I've never seen it before. He came down the street with the bass blasting Christmas music and then pulled in the parking lot.

He pulled to a stop in front of all the kids, got out, then waved his hand and his lights turned off (this made an impression on Grayson). I had another event tonight so we didn't get to stay to talk to Santa. They had fun though and got to do a few activities while waiting.

Joseph Frosty was found in this little predicament this morning! Ouch!

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