November 28

Joseph Frosty took it upon himself to babysit Baby Jesus today!
I'm sure this was helpful to Mary and Joseph, but it sure stirred up trouble at our house. Grayson started crying because he wanted to play with Baby Jesus so bad, but knew if he touched him and Joseph Frosty, it would not be good. So, he tried so hard to resist. Thank goodness today was a school day and they weren't home much.
So, on the way home from church, Grayson still very concerned about baby Jesus asks, "Mom, do you think Joseph Frosty will put Baby Jesus back in the manger safely where he found him?" I assured him that he probably would, but if he was really concerned he should tell our elf when he got home. So, he did! He went right up to him, bent over, and said, "Joseph Frosty, please be very careful with Baby Jesus when you put him back tonight."

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