February 26

Our latest adoption fundraiser, a cookbook, consumed our ENTIRE day today. Although very easy to put together, we waited until our deadline to start proofreading every recipe. That takes a LONG time when you have 190. It's sure to be a book full of great recipes!

February 25

Adam was in charge of the devotions for the Upward basketball games tonight. In true Adam fashion, he did a science experiment. He has red water in that jar with a mesh screen over the opening. How is the water staying in? Ask him. I don't know!


February 24

It's back!!!

February 23

I picked up Grayson's next installment of hand-me-downs from his friend Teagan today. We are completely set with clothes until next winter (maybe). Thanks Teagan!

February 22

I celebrated my last birthday tonight. I've decided I will hold at 29 for the rest of my years. We celebrated with a nice date out at the dinner theater with my parents. The food and the play were both great. And it was a meal I didn't have to cook!

February 21

We took Nana, Granddad, and Grayson to their first Korean restaurant for lunch today (didn't think about taking a picture there) and then we braved the bitterly cold wind to feed the ducks at the park.


February 20

Tonight, Adam and I had the privelege of assisting our adoption agency in the mission of finding people to sponsor orphaned children all over the world. We volunteered at the Winter Jam concert and only had to work during the 20 minute intermission. This might become an annual event for us.


February 19

Nana and Granddad arrived today for my birthday visit. They suggested I get my cake early so we could enjoy it all weekend. I didn't argue.

Grayson said "cake" for the first time and thoroughly enjoyed it.

February 18

Another nice day today. Is spring around the corner?

February 17

Oh, what a BEAUTIFUL day we had today! Our high was 71 degrees! So, after weeks of snow, Adam's car was covered in layers of dirty. While he was at work, my little helper and I did him a favor and washed his car. Grayson was very excited to help.

While we were washing, Grayson came over and picked up my camera with his soapy hands and gave it to me, saying, "Mama cheese". This means, "take my picture". Of course I did! 

February 16

We've finally thawed and melted. And it's not pretty.


February 15

Grayson is making up lots of new games for himself to play. Tonight's was running around trying to keep the ball and balloon in the stool. It's the little things!

February 14

Happy Valentine's Day!

Grayson refused to take a nap AT ALL yesterday and then woke up at 5:40 this morning. Yesterday, Mommy entertained and played while Daddy took a nice nap! So, when I found this card, I thought it was PERFECT!

The lack of sleep finally caught up with the little man and he took a nice four hour nap this afternoon. The hair is total proof!  

We were able to sneak away for a little date tonight. We went to our favorite Mexican restuarant and then to get a free cappucino from QT! We also did a little shopping/ browsing just beacuse we were kid-free for a few hours.

Grayson was so jealous of our drinks that we gave in and gave him a small taste of cappucino with a lot of milk. I think he just wanted to drink from that cool cup.

February 13

Monkey see, monkey do!


February 12

Grayson had a busy morning today. First we went to My Gym and then we went to my gym.

My Gym had a free open house today, so we took advantage to run off some energy and play with friends. Grayson loved all of the activities, many of which he had never tried before. He did a great job. I keep saying he needs to be enrolled in a tumbling class.


After an hour and a half of fun here, we went to my gym so Mommy could get her workout in and G could play some more. This ensured a nice long nap this afternoon.

February 11

It was a big day today. We sold my car that I got in college. It had seen better days and with a large amount of money needed to repair all the damage, it was in our best interest to get rid of it. It was a good car.

February 10

We bought G a fun bath toy on clearance for $3 a long time ago. This week, he found it in the guest bedroom. So, we thought he was old enough to enjoy it and put it together for him. He LOVES it.

I guess the best part is that the elephant fountain, that is meant to push the floating animals down the slide, doubles as a drinking fountain.


February 9

Every day when I take Grayson to daycare, I pass by this pond. It's very intriguing in the winter when it is frozen and covered in snow. All of the ducks form a circle in the middle and stay that way all day. The water in the middle of the circle does not appear to be frozen, but behind the ducks, everything is frozen and snow covered. I guess I could look up why this is, but I don't have the time.

February 8

It's hard to stay warm on a six-degree day when you break the zipper on your coat, little friend!

February 7

Boys of all ages love dangerous games like this

February 6

We attended a large Super Bowl party with a bunch of friends from church. There were several games and prizes throughout the evening. The biggest contest was the chili contest for the men and the dessert contest for the girls.

I took these caramel chip bars that, in my opinion, are delicious. Unfortunately, they didn't win.  

Adam made a pot of chili, that didn't win either. There were about 7 different types of chili and 7 desserts. It was a feast and a lot of fun.


February 5

Engineer in the making or stacker extraordinaire?

February 4

There must be something exciting to see up here

February 3

Homemade snow cream for dessert. Yum!!


February 2

When you're stuck inside there's only a few things you can do to entertain yourself. Grayson is catching onto the Wii pretty quickly.

So, remember a couple weeks ago when I had to shovel the whole driveway by myself? I was glad when this snow came and Adam volunteered to go out today. And then. . . .

This guy shows up after 5 minutes after Adam started and did the whole thing for him. He was hired to do the house across the street and then volunteered to do everyone's driveways who were outside working. Seriously?! How does he get out of this so easily?

The snow drift on the side of our house. Where did the air conditioner go? Good thing we don't need that now.


February 1

The blizzard of 2011 began this morning, so we started out at Chick-fil-a. Our local stores are giving away a free breakfast item every day this month. So, before we got snowed in the house, we thought we would get our free chicken biscuits and let Grayson play.

The snow has been coming down all day and the wind has been blowing hard. We have quite a bit so far with more to come and some tall snow drifts.

This is the view of our neighbor's house from our window. The snow is not too far below their window!

January 31

These tiny letter books are my favorites right now. I usually read all 26 several times a day.

January 30

Today was a big day for us. Adam was ordained as a deacon tonight in our church. This carries some big responsibilities, so it's neat to see him be so respected in our very large church at such a young age.

The other part of our day that made it so big was the training we were at all day in preparation for the adoption, but I will post about that on the other blog.

January 29

Another busy day for us. We started our morning at a jamboree with our school district's Parents As Teachers program. Grayson enjoyed most of the activities.

His least favorite was the pudding play. It just broke my little OT heart to see him not enjoy putting his fingers in the cold, yummy mess. He didn't even want to eat it! I guess we have work to do!