March 30

Pinterest put into action tonight with sidewalk chalk paint

1 cup of water, 1 cup of cornstarch, and food coloring

This activity kept them busy for all of maybe 10 minutes

It didn't take long for these little artists to take this painting to the next level

I turn my back for less than a minute and they are experiencing the paint in a new way

All done!!

March 29

First, they pulled out the mittens

and then they pulled out my shoes (and headband)

then they started giggling so hard they fell over

March 28

A few weeks ago I started taking this Beth Moore Bible study on Wednesday nights. I've really been enjoying it. Challenges and all! This is making me excited to see her live in a few weeks.

March 27

When we were getting ready to put our house on the market I was trying to find some great cleaning product to get our shower floor really clean. Adam found that Easy Off oven cleaner was the trick, according to Google! So we bought some. It did work great. So, tonight I tried it on the shower doors. I sprayed it on and left it for a bit. When I came back I was able to wipe all soap scum off easily and they look better than they ever have.


March 26

Our Parents as Teachers educator came to visit us this morning and brought markers! We turned our attention away from Neylan for less than a minute and then realized he had forgotten the rule about drawing only on the paper. Thank goodness they are washable!

March 25

Somone got his first black eye tonight when he slipped in the tub

March 24

Adam and I headed to Des Moines very early (6:30) this morning to go watch the TN Lady Vols play in the Sweet Sixteen tournament against KU. It was a fun little date and TN won!

The legendary, Pat Summit

I only managed to get a few pictures because they came and took my camera away before the game even started, saying that I wasn't allowed to use it since it had a detachable lens- NCAA rule! Needless to say they had A LOT of unhappy people on their hands that day, especially since that rule was nowhere to be found on the website.

March 23

More spontanaity tonight as our Saturday plans have changed a bit. We had to find someone who was willing to take the boys for the day, so Grayson and Neylan headed off to GG, Bill, and Shannon's house to spend the night and the day tomorrow. 

Grayson picked out his favorite outfit to wear! 

March 22

Tonight was quite spontaneous because Adam came home at 4:30 and said we should go to Disney On Ice. Tickets were really cheap and we thought the boys would enjoy it. This was also to make up for the really un-fun week we had while Adam was on spring break and getting the house ready to sell.

The boys were so excited to see Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, and Donald

But the show was more about the other Disney movies. So, every 2-3 minutes throughout the ENTIRE show, Neylan asked, "Where Mickey Mouse go?"

Mickey and Minnie appeared several times througout the evening to introduce the next movie and then came out at the end.

The boys had a great time even though they have never seen a Disney movie and only knew Mickey, Minnie, and crew


March 21

Every year I love to see our tulips start to bloom. Usually it's not this early, but with all the rain we have had so far this week and the warm temps, it's not surprising to see spring blooming!


March 20

We put this saying up a few years ago and I just wasn't ready to part with it yet. So, I came up with the best way to preserve it and still paint. Just frame it! We'll just let the next homeowner decide what they want to do with it.

Grayson requested to be steamrolled tonight


March 19

We have had 3 showings so far, which is great for only being on the market 3 days. But we have gotten some negative feedback about the condition of our paint and carpet. So, instead of adding a paint allowance in, we were advised to just start painting. So, we made the decision to do that this morning. Complete disarray is back! No time to waste though- we are on the market. Need to crank this out FAST!!!

The reason we have not painted sooner (like at all in the last 5 years) is that the seller didn't leave any paint for us to touch up with and we were never able to find an exact match. We also have nearly 20 foot ceilings, which is a bit daunting!

But we just had to bite the bullet and do it. We called a painting company this morning to see how much it would cost to hire someone to do this job for us. $1000!!! Don't think so- gonna do it ourselves- with NO scaffolding!

We were fortunate to be able to borrow a long brush extension and a really tall ladder. I did not enjoy climbing to the top to trim the ceiling, so Adam took over after a few times of me climbing the ladder very slowly with my legs shaking like a leaf!

In the end we got the living room done in about 9 hours for $32!!! We really should have done this sooner

March 18

Hard at work- on the SAME stool. They're sharing!!!

March 17

 Happy St. Patrick's Day

The boys spent some time outside this afternoon learning how to play bocci ball. It's hard to teach how to roll a ball instead of throwing it!

We had a dinner of green eggs and ham to celebrate. We also read the book while we ate.

March 16

After having dinner with friends we went to the park to "hang out". It was a beautiful night and perfect for some play time

March 15

We are for sale!!


March 14

"Hurry Neylan, jump in the boat. The crocodiles are going to get us"

March 13

A friend posted a recipe for a dairy-free chocolate pudding on FB this morning. I had all the ingredients to try it and it turned out to be pretty good. It has a different taste (I think it's the orange rind) and was thicker than regular pudding. It tasted a bit like dark chocolate ganache, with a hint of orange and sea salt. Yum!!