October 26

This is intense bath taking. I guess if you move fast enough, the dirt just slides off.

October 25

Girls Night Out! Our table from Renew for Moms got together tonight for a wonderful Mexican dinner at Mi Ranchito. Just what I needed after a long Monday with screaming kids and the keys locked in the car and no way to get anywhere.

October 24

This is what happens when you give your child a snack in the car, while they are still rear facing, without supervision! I think most of it made it into his mouth.


October 23

We took Grayson to his first real pumpkin patch today. It was the perfect fall weather for a few hours of fun outside. They had lots of farm animals, a pig race, hay maze, playgrounds, pumpkins aplenty, and freshly grilled corn on the cob. We picked out pumpkins for each of us.

Grayson loved this really bumpy pumpkin

Navigating through the hay maze

October 22

I am going to start trying my hardest to use coupons to save a little money. So, today I went shopping with my little coupon organizer and list. With the $12 in coupons I had for 6 boxes of cereal, I got them for just $1.32 per box. Not too bad for my first go at this.


October 21

This is unusual. . . Grayson is sitting still watching TV. He pulled his little chair over and climbed in. It only lasted a minute before he got up to walk around.

October 20

I continue to talk about how observant Grayson is and how quickly he is learning things. This is the latest. He knows exactly what to do with the nasal aspirator. Hmm. . .I guess it's been used on him quite a bit. Sorry, this picture isn't the best.

October 19

We have a little music lover

October 18

We brought Grayson's new table downtstairs tonight. This was an exciting find for me at another garage sale the same day as ours. I brought this home for only $20!!


October 17

Still working on using the spoon. It's getting a little better.

October 16

Adam took Grayson to a touch-a-truck at a construction company open house this morning. There were lots of big trucks to sit in, a ride through a rock quarry, and Grayson got to dig for gems in "rock dust". He found four.

Then he went to his first friend birthday party. All of the children were supposed to wear their Halloween costumes for cute pictures. Adam said once he got used to it, he forgot he was dressed like a chicken. He really liked this tricycle.

So, I mentioned yesterday that I put Adam in charge of the camera for the weekend since there were going to be some fun activities. After multiple reminders to grab it, it was forgotten for both big adventures. Fortunately, they ran into several people from church at the touch-a-truck and the picture at top was taken by someone else and he took the pic at the party with his phone. I hope to see more pics from the party from someone who was taking a lot. I guess Adam is not embracing this Project 365 blog as seriously as I am. 

October 15

When Mommy's away, the boys will play! I went away for the weekend today and Adam went on a little shopping spree. I left the camera with him for the weekend to capture everything and I see that he is trying to make it look like this is Grayson's new toy. Friends, do not be fooled. Grayson had NOTHING to do with this purchase!


October 14

Oh, the pain we as parents endure for our children's enjoyment.

October 13

Grayson was the last kiddo left in the nursery tonight (oops!) so they put him to work sweeping the floor. He thoroughly enjoyed it.


October 12

Today, I will be demonstrating how you are not supposed to sit in your carseat. I know it is safer to stay in my harness, but I got frustrated and wiggled out. Now if I can just figure out how to get out of the bottom half.

And becuase I am a big boy now, I am eating my first whole carrot.

October 11

You might be a redneck if . . .  You use a wheelbarrow AND a dolly to haul a load of wood around the house. Genius, I guess.

October 10

Adam's parents had such a good time at the New Dinner Theatre in May when they were here that they wanted to go back this visit. So, we had a date!

October 9

Adam's dad ran the garage sale from this really comfy chair. The sale went really well, but this chair didn't sale. Anybody want it?


October 8

Grayson found lots of treasures at the garage sale that he wanted. Unfortunately, some were a little out of his age range at the moment.

October 7

Today after Renew, the mommy group I am in, we had a picnic at the park. With all that has been going on this week, I forgot all about it and had no lunch for either of us. But we decided to go because of the free custard for dessert!! So, we stopped at McDonalds for a happy meal to take as our picnic lunch. What a treat!

Grayson eventually found the water source and quickly learned how to turn it on. Within minutes he had attracted quite the crowd of little boys all ready to get soaking wet. 


October 6

I'm just so impressed that our living room floor is still clean today. I guess it's because we didn't let Grayson play at home all day.

October 5

It's such a rarity to see our dining room table clean that I had to take a picture. It's usually covered in mail and dishes, but tonight our social worker came to visit, so we had to clean up.


October 4

This garage was really overwhelming me, so I recruited some help to organize it all while the guys picked up more loads of loot. This is going to be one LARGE sale!

October 3

Is it bad when the spring on the garage door breaks the week of our first big fundraiser, a garage sale?


October 2

Thank you, Grayson!!

The sound of this drill is music to my ears. Finally, all the cabinets in the kitchen are getting Grayson-proofed. I am sure going to enjoy not picking up dishes every day. Grayson, on the other hand, is not going to know what hit him.

October 1

Our family all got a new pair of shoes tonight. Grayson picked his own out, so we gave in. His were the most expensive too!