February 23

We finally made it out and about today. We needed more "project" supplies. So Gray and I bought some spray bottles to fill with colored water to color the snow. They were a hit!
The snow mountain got bigger today when the snow plow finally made it into the culdesac

There is a great place to go sledding right by our house with a long huge hill that is pretty popular. We called some friends and decided to give it a go this afternoon.

The first run down!

And, he LOVED it!!

Oh my! What a cutie!

And, they're ready

I had to show this picture because Neylan is smiling. Adam thought it would be fine for Neylan to go down backwards, while I went down frontwards. NOT a good idea. Shortly after this picture was taken, we flew off and I rolled over Neylan. He was not happy! He did a face plant in the snow and came up with snot frozen to his face.

The big race down the hill

We quickly learned that Grayson is a daredevil. No fear in him! There were a few little ramps that had been made and he wanted to give them a try. He kept asking to go airborn! Of course we wanted to let him try, but in the back of my mind, I'm planning the fastest route to the hospital! He did it! He got some air and came up laughing and asking to do it again!
And by this point, Neylan was at the top of the hill crying to go home :( After I rolled over him, he went down with Adam and Adam rolled over him. The poor kid took a beating today. Not sure he will want to go sledding again this year.

February 22

Happy Birthday to me!!!
Well, we have another day at home to enjoy the snow. The boys were pretty excited to get outside and play. Today things are much calmer. There's no snow falling as fast as rain, the wind isn't blowing snow in your face, and the sun is out.
Grayson thought he might be able to pull Neylan in this little sled, but no such luck

So, they found a snow mountain that got made yesterday. They were able to climb, jump, and slide down the back side. They loved it

They played for a little while and then Grayson got cold and wanted to come in. Neylan wasn't quite ready, so I helped Gray get inside and undressed and let Neylan stay out. Grayson said he would go play in the play room. But apparently, he got really upset with me when I said he couldn't play with the ipad and decided to throw a book at the window! He immediately confessed and felt bad for what he did and for that I gave him a lot of grace. Probably more than I should have. This is the biggest window in the house and it looks to be one single pane of glass (instead of individual panes between each wooden divider). Likely a $500-$1000 fix! So, no more ipad for the rest of the weekend (or maybe longer) and he can forget about the trip to Disney World and the puppy he constantly asks for! (And he's lucky Adam wasn't home when this happened!)

Needless to say, this was not a very fun birthday for me!

February 21

Boy, was it ever. It began snowing around 6:30 am. Below is a short time lapse of brief snowfall. By 10:00 we had a solid 4 inches. And by noon we had 12 inches! Yep, that's a rate of 3-4 inches per hour.
Matt, an intern at church usually spends the night with us on Wednesdays and goes to work with Adam on Thursdays. He was convinced he would easily make it this morning. Not so much! So, I made a big breakfast to get our snow day started!
I think Neylan is amazed!

One of our neighbors headed to work at 4:30 this morning to beat the snow, but came home at 10ish and her little car got stuck in the culdesac. So, all the guys headed out to help shovel her a path to get home.

They got her home and pushed her car up the driveway and into her garage. Can you tell how hard it's snowing!

Grayson was just itching to get out, so we suited up and headed out

This is Neylan's first big snow so we weren't sure how he would like it

There's the top of the ruler! Twelve inches by noon!

Neylan LOVED it! He just laid down and started "swimming" across the yard

Our little old man. Just chilling with his music and watching it snow out the window

Daddy made birthday cupcakes for me tonight and my boys brought it to me with a candle. They were so excited to sing Happy Birthday and start the celebration early

Then we made snow cream. Finally some ice cream this little guy can eat

We had a very busy and fun snow day. Looks like we'll do it again tomorrow.



February 20

The prediction of 10-15 inches of snow tomorrow was the motivation we needed to get the garage cleaned and organized enough for us to park in it for the first time since moving in!

February 19

With a big snow storm predicted to hit in a couple of days, I decided we would brave the frigid temps to clean out the sand table and bring it inside. The boys were a big help cleaning, so after dinner we went and bought 20 lbs of dry beans to put inside. Now they have a new sensory table in the basement to keep them occupied this week

February 18

Someone decided not to take a nap today :( so we're playing games as we wait for Neylan to wake up.

February 17

Our fabulous daycare provider, who is Korean, made lunch for us today! She made delicious bulgogi and rice, fried mandu, and eggs. It was FABULOUS!!! Some of the best we've had. What a treat


February 16

This morning we woke to about an inch of snow. Once the sun came out it began to melt quickly, but that didn't stop us from having a little fun. We saw our neighbor out sledding in her driveway and the boys were just itching to join her. So, we bundled up and went outside
It's pretty hard to sled on a driveway that barely has any snow left on it, but these kiddos had a blast together trying.

February 15

So glad two moms invited us out tonight. I had single mom's night at Chick-Fil-A with two other mommies whose hubbies were working late. We got to let the kids play and burn lots of energy while we relaxed and socialized. My kind of night. Just what I needed this week too.

February 14

Happy Valentine's Day!
Since I knew it would just be the little boys and I hanging out on this special day, I wanted to make it as fun and meaningful as I could. Not sure I achieved that, but I tried.
I made heart shaped pancakes for breakfast
Heart-shaped kiwi for lunch
(sorry for the out of focus pic)

More heart cookies

FINALLY!!! The birds have discovered my pintrosity and are beginning to partake

Grayson and I made chocolate-covered strawberry pies for dessert after dinner
(oreo crumb crust, strawberries, melted chocolate drizzle on top)


And my sweetheart did carve out a few minutes of his busy day to bring me flowers