February 4

Grayson started gymnastics today. We've been talking about doing this for a very long time because we've seen the potential and energy he has. He loved the class and caught on really quickly to the routines and various activities the teacher was asking him to do. There were 5 kids in the class, 3 boys and 2 girls (I was a bit surprised by that, but I guess I shouldn't be. Three year-old boys all need gymnastics), and out of those 5, 2 kiddos were named Grayson!! What are the chances?

Grayson loved the hour. Neylan, on the other hand, was a handful! He was soooo mad that he couldn't participate too. "Can I go in? When is it my turn? I want to go!" I thought I was going prepared by bringing the ipad, but he turned that down. That NEVER happens. He just pouted the whole time. But, we are going to let Grayson try this out for a little while and let this be his thing. Neylan is just going to have to deal with it. As painful as it will be :(

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