June 26

Tonight we joined some friends at a park to ride bikes. We only took Grayson's new bike to let him practice. They had a great time and are doing so well on their bikes.

Grayson ventured off-road pretty quickly and started going up and down hills

June 25

Grayson was supposed to be home with Neylan and I today, but he never showed up. But Woody came to hang out all day. And he's potty trained too!

Woody took a nap in Grayson's bed

and even had dinner with us.

After dinner, Woody insisted that Bullseye take him and Buzz for a ride around the house.

(These two are obsessed! Neylan is actually holding Buzz and Woody stamps in his hands on his hoseback ride and they called me Jessie, Woody's cowgirl, all day)

Today's naptime project- finishing the second step of this cabinet process. I applied the 2nd coat of the base paint and I have to admit that we are a bit worried by the amount of orange that is in the color we chose. Really hoping the glaze darkens everything up or we are going to be in trouble. So far, the process is really easy.

June 24

We went back to our other church's campus this morning to wrap up VBS week. Adam planned for a Kona Ice truck to come out at the end of the morning and it was a big hit!

June 23

With so much negative feedback about the size of our kitchen holding people back from buying our house, we decided we would try to spice it up a bit in hopes that a more updated look would help. But, we're not starting there. We are trying the new Rustoleum Cabinet Transformations kit and are going to start in the bathrooms first to see how easy it is and to see how good it looks. If it's easy and looks good, we'll move to the kitchen. So, all the doors came off the cabinets and the first step to remove the finish was done today. Bye bye lovely honey oak cabinets!

June 22

Ahhhh!! Finally, after 3 very long, hectic weeks of Adam working his new job, we have a day off- together! The boys asked to go to the park and since the weather was still cool this morning, we took off. Grayson only wanted to ride his old bike and not his new cool bike. They both rode all the way to the park.

June 21

Oh my- shopping trips have just gotten more complicated. Grayson has decided he wants to push the cart (and I can't touch it). Do you know how long it takes a 3 yr old, who can't see where he is going, to push the cart around the store to grab 3 things when you are in a hurry?! And then to complicate it even more, his passenger just kicked him and played with his hair the whole time. The time has now come for me to take advantage of Walmart being open 24 hours. Shopping may have to take place after this little duo is asleep!

June 20

Someone has a birthday today!!

This big guy is 2!!!

He got to celebrate with another night at VBS

June 19

Adam had to work VBS at our other church's campus this week in the evenings and a showing last night and tonight meant that we ended up at VBS as well. Neylan was the youngest kid there so I became his "teacher". We hung out with the 4-yr old classroom during their lesson and craft time and then we took our own time during snack, our favorite rotation, and recreation!

June 18

The temperatures have soared into the 90s today and Mr. Independent chose his thickest fleece jammies to wear to bed. Not worth fighting that battle. Sleep tight, Buddy!

June 17

Happy Father's Day Daddy!

With a showing right during the middle of naptime today that turned into a big disaster, and after the party last night, we didn't have any energy to celebrate today. All we could manage was a walk to Walmart to pick up sandwiches for dinner and a movie for entertainment. Then we had a picnic in the living room and called it a day. Sorry it wasn't very exciting Adam.


June 16

It's party time!!

June 15

Today was the first day of swimming lessons for the summer. Grayson and Neylan were so much more comfortable in the water today than they were last year. Feels like we are off to a good start. Grayson did some big firsts!!

I took the video with the camera turned the wrong way, but was able to flip it on You Tube. But You Tube couldn't find it to embed here :( so you'll have to watch it sideways. Sorry.

I don't believe that our other video from St. Maarten showed up, so I've fixed that post too so you can see. Click here to jump to it.


June 14

Spontaneous showing with little notice right before dinner means scrambling to figure out the plans for the evening! Fortunately great friends allowed us to eat dinner at their house and then go swimming afterward. What a fun evening

June 13

Another BIG celebration day for our family today!!

Happy Gotcha Day, Neylan

We celebrated with a Chinese dinner (no Korean restuarants around where we needed to be tonight). It's hard to believe that he has been ours for 1 year already!

June 12

Mommy got talked into buying fruit bars today. It was pretty easy to talk me into that since the other option was ice cream!

Does anyone notice that Grayson has on big-boy underwear???  He decided last night that he wasn't going to wear diapers anymore, so I suppose we are officially potty training now!

June 11

Amazing Wonders Aviation Vacation Bible School started today. The boys will only get to go two days this week since I am working. I think they had a great time today. They got to do crafts, music, rec, and snack!

June 10

Tonight was Adam's first night of summer volleyball. He's a bit out of practice, so we'll see how the season goes

It was a big day for a certain little one! We have a 3 year old now!! Happy Birthday Grayson. We celebrated at Sonic after volleyball, our Sunday night tradition. More partying to come later


June 9

Tonight we attended a picnic for our little friend Inna, who was adopted from Ukraine shortly before Neylan. She had a celebration party in honor of her first Gotcha Day.

Grayson really wanted to play t-ball and found someone who was willing to take turns hitting and running after the balls with him.

look at that form!

June 8

First popsicles of the summer

June 7

Finally- our first morning at home in weeks! Let's just relax and play some wii

June 6

Tonight was water night for the kids at church. Adam organized this fun night for the 75 kids that showed up. They had a huge inflatable water slide, watermelon seed spitting contest, water balloon toss, and lots of fun!

June 5

This morning we were back in full swing. Adam started his new job today, I went back to work, and the boys went back to school--and we have a house showing this morning. Vacation's over!!!

Despite the craziness this morning, we found a couple minutes to show the boys what we bought them. The locals convinced us to buy a conch shell in St. Lucia. We bought one of the ones that had the tip cut off so you can use it as an instrument. It makes a loud noise when you blow into it. Once we bought it, we discovered how hard it is to play. The boys gave it their best effort though.