May 30

Our second port of call

We arrived in Barbados with not a clue as to what to do. So, we went to the little visitors center and got some info and a map. As soon as we walked out, there was a tour guide ready to take us around the island. What the heck. Sounds like a good tour for a decent price, so we agreed and he found a few more people to join us. He did a great job and gave us a lot of info as we drove the entire island. Our first stop was at the oldest church in Barbados. I found the pipe organ to be quite interesting as the pipes came out horizontally towards you and not vertically toward the ceiling.

Our guide shared that the church is so popular that it has 3 services each Sunday to accomodate all the people who want to attend. He also commented on how religious the island is.

Our second stop was at this overlook. It had just started raining and the fog had moved in. It was still beautiful

On a clear day you can easily see the ocean and another island off in the distance.

After our tour we had lunch on the ship and then got back off to venture downtown. We had a great day despite the bit of rain we had and met a fun family on our tour, but overall weren't too impressed with the island. It's hard to compare to what we saw in St. Thomas.

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