May 28

Our first port of call

This was the view from our window this morning when we woke up

When we cruise, we no longer prefer to go on arranged excursions or tours offered through the ship (too pricey and limited). Throughout our research beforehand, we kept reading about doing 99 Steps. Once you climb the 99 Steps there are supposedly great views of the island. So, we walked about a mile through town to get here and then started climbing.

The view from the top was beautiful, but we were expecting a bit more

So, we kept walking a bit and found Blackbeard's Castle. The tour of the multiple buildings was pretty cheap, so we did it. The statue below is Blackbeard, one of the most dreaded pirates of all time.

Captain Hook

The view from the top of the tower

Captain Jack Sparrow

This was a really interesting tour. I don't think I really knew that the pirates from the movie, Pirates of the Caribbean, were real people. Below each pirate was a plaque that gave each pirate's history and personal info.

We also toured a little rum factory, a nice historic house, and a coin museum. Towards the end of the tour was an amber museum. Amber is dried tree sap that is used the make jewelry and other fascinating things, like this: the world's largest amber waterfall

St. Thomas gets a high rating from me! So beautiful. We definitely didn't have enough time on this island. Guess we'll have to come back!!

Adam got a bit adventurous at dinner tonight and ordered duck for his appetizer

I took a liking to the warm chocolate melting cake

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