May 27

San Juan, Peurto Rico

This morning we flew to our departure port in San Juan. Our cruise doesn't leave until 10:00 tonight, so we had some time to explore the city. It was very busy today as people got off the ship and new people were getting on. After waiting a while, we were able to hop on a free trolley tour of Old San Juan. The tour took some time becuase the traffic was so bad. We probably should have just walked around. (I could have gotten better pictures that way)

This is a fort that overlooks the ocean. Today it was crowded with lots of people flying kites and just relaxing in the grassy area.

Our first towel animal (not quite sure what it is)

The big sail away/ bon voyage party on the lido deck

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  1. That is so obviously a walrus. Geez, Becca. :)