May 31

Our third port of call

During our research beforehand on St. Lucia, everyone recommended that you go to a little town called Soufriere. It was said to be the prettiest part of the island. So, during dinner last night, our table mates said they were going on a Carnival excursion that went to this town. We found out that Soufriere was a good hour and a half away and would cost a lot to get a driver to take us there. So, we decided to spend the small fortune and go with the planned excursion. We were so glad we did!

The first part of our day was a bit of an island tour as we travelled to Soufriere. We stopped at several places along the way. The first was Marigot Bay. Absolutely beautiful. Because it is a small bay surrounded by mountains, many boats and yachts come here during a storm to avoid being damaged.

Our tour continued up and down very curvy mountainous roads  (which Adam stomach was not fond of!!) Along the route, we saw several cashew trees and our driver stopped to grab the fruit from it. I had never seen where cashews come from. We were told that if you put this fruit to your lips or take a bite, it is so acidic it will give you blisters. And there is only 1 nut per fruit. No wonder cashews are so expensive!

Our next stop was at a botanical garden and waterfall. As soon as we started going through, it started raining, but it wasn't too bad and we were in the rainforest, so it was fitting. The plants and trees were beautiful

The water that flows here is a grayish color because of the volcanic ash and sulfer

there were also warm water springs

Diamond Falls

Our next stop was the little fishing village of Soufriere. Once here, we boarded our catamaran for the second part of our day

The twin pitons (the two mountain peaks behind us) are what St. Lucia is well known for. We had such a great view from our boat

Once we were on our way, they served us a Caribbean lunch that was delicious

We travelled for about 45 minutes and then stopped at an area to swim. As soon as we pulled in, we were surrounded by locals trying to sell us coconuts and conch shells. We bargained for a conch shell for the boys

We had so much fun today. We got to do so many things and see some really beautiful parts of the island. We are so glad we did this one!

We got dressed up again for our second formal night tonight

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