June 1

Our fourth port of call

Again we started this day without much on the agenda. We had not really heard much about St. Kitts, but as soon as we got off the boat there were tour guides ready to give us an island tour- for a small fee of course! We decided that since we didn't really have a plan that we would go ahead and do this. Our other island tours had been great. This one actually ended up being our favorite!!

St. Kitts has a LOT of monkeys roaming around. Our guide stopped to show us this bottle tree that the locals made by hanging empty glass bottles on the branches to scare the monkeys away when they would get in the tree to eat the mangoes. He said it only worked for a short time and then the monkeys were right back to their antics.

One of my favorite stops during our tour was Romney Manor, formerly owned by Samuel Jefferson, grandfather to Thomas Jefferson. The grounds have been turned into a botanical garden and are simply beautiful. Inside the house was a lady demonstrating how to make batik drawings on fabric. These are very large versions.

The house and grounds overlook a rainforest

continuing on our tour we came to the point where the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea meet. It is along that white line in the picture. On a more choppy day the two meet and begin making a whirlpool. We didn't get to see that today as the water was pretty calm.

We also stopped at Black Rocks. This is an area where the rocks are black from volcanic ash

Another beautiful lookout point along the side of the island where life is more commercialized. This is the area where many resorts and public beaches are. Over and over again today we were blown away with the beauty of this island. We said it was a hidden gem because no one ever talks about St. Kitts. We absolutely loved it.

We were really nervous about our dinner mates on this cruise (our dinner mates on our honeymoon cruise were a bit strange making dinner very uncomfortable). We really lucked out this time and had a great couple from Newfoundland, Canada who were on their honeymoon.

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