February 27

Testing the ice!! He did step out with both feet, but has been so inspired by the Olympics that he tried to do a triple lutz and one foot fell through. No gold medal for this performance.

February 26

Grayson, Granddad (Becca's dad), and I ventured out for our first walk around the neighborhood this year. The sun is finally out and the weather above freezing.

We celebrated my birthday tonight with my parents. Adam picked up a very good ice cream cake for our little party.

February 25

Remember how Grayson loves the fruit bowl, the one he discovered while he was eating in his Bumbo chair on the table? Well, since I got flowers for my birthday, I had to move the centerpiece. Look who found it!! He still is quite intrigued with the fruit.


February 24

Grayson has been working the past several days to learn how to crawl into the bottom of the exercauser. Today he figured it out.

Then he wanted to stand up. We had to remove the seat so he could get all the way through.

February 23

Just chillin' and waiting on Mommy to get home from work

February 22

Happy Birthday to me!! My boys got me these beautiful flowers


February 21

Crazy weather this weekend. Now we have ice covered trees and just a little bit of snow

Annie and I celebrated our birthdays tonight with friends and lots of dessert

February 20

Tonight we helped another couple host a silly supper for our Sunday School class. We did a Mexican theme and had a lot of fun.

While we were helping with the social we had Grayson stay with GG. Here is a video of what they did for the night. This will bring a smile to your face!!!

February 19

A little chef in the making


February 18

Here we go!!

February 17

Mommy's little helper is constantly finding new ways to make bigger messes

February 16

Grayson is in bed already. He didn't take an afternoon nap today at daycare. Could it be he's down for the night?!?

February 15

He found a new place to explore. Do you think it means he wants to take lessons?

The best pic I have of his first two teeth


February 14

A snowy Valentine's Day
The extent of our celebrating was lunch out at one of our favorite pizza places

February 13

The most dreaded part of running a home business: taxes. I started all of my paperwork tonight and should be finished soon.


February 12

What a big helper unloading the groceries without even being told

February 11

You can have just as much fun with a paper towel roll

February 10

I'm 8 months old today!!


February 9

I am crawling on my hands and knees now


February 8

Now that Grayson is pulling up on everything we have become indoor climbing gyms


February 7

I'm not the most graceful yet, but I am quickly learning how to feed myself

February 6

Tonight we participated in a community date night sponsored by a local church because they had FREE childcare. We had an hour and a half to go out. We went to Gorozzos, a nice Italian restaurant and then to the grocery store (it's much easier and quicker without baby).

February 5

Grayson is beginning to feed himself his bottle. He came home from daycare twice this week with it in his mouth. He has such a grip on it he won't let it go. Eventually he finishes it.

February 4

Grayson found a new place to play. He's beginning to pull up on everything.


February 3

How old do you think kids should be before you start having them do chores? He's obviously interested. I would be willing to give a small allowance for the help.

February 2

Grayson's first experience with puffs. He liked to eat them, but has not quite figured out how to pick them up and get them in his mouth.

February 1

There's got to be something in here that I want to play with

Adam lowered the mattress over the weekend, but that hasn't stopped our little monkey from pulling up. He thinks it's quite fun too.

January 31

Grayson really likes to look at fish tanks. He is really becoming an animal lover.

January 30

Scrapbooking with friends at our now quarterly retreats. It's the only time I get anything done anymore.

January 29

Happy Anniversary to us!
We began dating 10 years ago on this day!!

This picture was taken on a mission trip to Arizona the summer before we began dating.