October 30

Today after church we headed to our convention center for the Hen House (one of our grocery stores) Holiday Celebration. When we walked in we got a bag full of coupons. Then we walked around to booths with free samples of food and products!! The samples were our lunch and this is what we came home with. For FREE!!!!

  • Activia yogurt
  • Sarsaparilla
  • a rose bush
  • 2 packages of Pantene shampoo and conditioner
  • 6 granola bars
  • cracker jack
  • 2 full size boxes of Quaker Oatmeal Squares (scored these when we told the workers at the booth how much our kids love them)
  • 2 cans of A&W root beer
  • a bunch of baby bananas
  • 2 samples of goats milk soap
  • organic baby food
  • 8 packages of pistachios
  • 2 bowls of cheerios
  • a small football and soccer ball
  • a sample pack of croutons
  • 2 frisbees
  • a can coozie
  • 2 small pumpkins
  • Laughing Cow cheese
  • 2 reusable grocery bags


October 29

Tonight we went to a fall party with a bunch of friends. The boys enjoyed putting the potato head pieces into the pumpkin,

dressing up and putting candy in their buckets,

playing out in the yard,

learning new tricks from Inna,

and eating s'mores

What a fun night! Thanks for hosting Bottorffs'!

October 28

The boys had a Halloween party at daycare today, so I sent my camera along with their costumes. (And we sent Neylan because he seemed to be feeling fine and we didn't want him to miss out on the fun). Lydia said the indoor party was a disaster

but the outdoor party went much smoother. They came home with little treat bags and I think they had a good time


October 27

That's all he had to say!

October 26

Grayson and I used to go to play group all the time last year, but they changed the days this year to all three days I work. But, I worked Monday and Tuesday of this week, so I had today off. So, we went to playgroup. Neylan had a hard time for the first 10 minutes. I think he thought I was going to leave him. He warmed up at the sensory table. Is this a sensory table for a boy or what?! Beans, leaves, shovels, and tons of trucks and bulldozers.

October 25

Workin' at the carwash

Still enjoying our summer-like weather tonight!

The best part- driving the car to the mailbox and back into the garage

October 24

We never baby-proofed a lot, but now there is a need for some toddler-proofing. Grayson can now twist doorknobs and go wherever he wants. So, the first one goes on the laundry room door. I keep finding the dryer door open- during a drying cycle. So, the clothes stop drying or I find random articles in there later- like his construction vest!


October 23

This hasn't happened in a long time- Neylan taking a bath by himself. He quickly figured out there was a lot more room to spread out, so he did, and practiced blowing bubbles for quite some time!

October 22

We had a fall family fun day at the farm today. I have so many cute pics, I will be doing a longer post on the other blog. So, hop on over and see how the fall brings out the cuteness in the boys.

October 21

After the rough day we had yesterday, with several fevers, a nose and mouth that never stopped running, and just feeling cruddy, we decided to keep Neylan home today. So, Grayson went to daycare by himself and Neylan got to hang out with Mommy for the day. I think he thoroughly enjoyed the attention and didn't act like he felt bad all day!

October 20

I hosted my first Bunko tonight. The theme was easy- fall! I served chili (in the bodyless man) and pumpkin butterscotch muffins. Everyone else brought snacks, so we had a great spread. We had a fun night, despite Neylan being sick and Grayson not being able to fall asleep. So, he just stayed up and partied with the girls until after 10:00!

October 19

We've added something new to the potty- a candy jar (aka- bribery!) At this point we will reward with a chocolate chip just for sitting on the potty, because at this point, Grayson is SCARED to death of the potty. I know he's a little young to start training, but why not encourage a little?!


October 18

Clean as a whistle and ready for a DVD and bedtime

And I just have to say- this bath happened at 6:15, DVD at 6:55 and both in bed before 8:00. Now, what to do with all my free time tonight!

October 17

Big Boy got a new pair of shoes!

So, I've been looking for a long time and haven't found the right pair of shoes at the right price. But I've had a lot of time becuase the weather has been unseasonably HOT. Eighty degrees in October still calls for sandals and flip flops. But, all of a sudden, a cold front arrived. And it looks like it's staying for the week. Maybe fall is here to stay. So, off to Target this morning to buy some shoes.

Grayson enjoyed trying them on and walking around the aisle. They look a little big, but we need some growing room. They are so cute on him and make him look like such a big boy. Thanks Aunt Kasey and Uncle Nick for the birthday gift card. He loves them.

During Grayson's photo shoot, Neylan climbed up the stairs and sat on the other side of Grayson's step, then said "cheese". How can I resist someone who wants to have their picture taken? I totally have these boys trained to help me keep this crazy blog going!

Sorry- now that I look at these pics larger, I realize I didn't have the flash on.


A random thought!

So, looking back over the posts, I realize that 6 out of the last 8 days pictures are of Neylan eating or doing something with food. Man, that kid eats a lot! Or, it's the only time he stays still long enough for me to get a picture. Will work on a bigger variety for ya'll

October 16

The party favors from yesterday were placed in these buckets, which got left in the car- to be worn as hats today!

October 15

The boys were invited to a birthday party today at the park. It was the perfect day to be outside. The theme was superhero. They had a great time eating, playing and then dressing up in their Halloween costumes for a quick picture.

More cute pics of my Chick-Fil-A duo on Halloween!

October 14

Tonight was date night! The first one in, hmm. . .  a long time!! We had dinner at California Pizza Kitchen, one of our faves, and then went to a movie. We saw Courageous. FABULOUS!!! After we paid for dinner, two $10 movie tickets, and $13 for popcorn and a drink, we realized that's why we don't go on dates much. We can't afford them. So, until next year, this will suffice. We had fun and the boys had a blast with their favorite twins.


October 13

Adam took the boys to the park before dinner tonight and came home saying the boys were hungry. Dinner wasn't quite ready yet so I sent them to the backyard to play. Neylan was apparently really hungry and found a piece of 3-day old bread that had been sitting out that I finally threw out to the birds this afternoon.

October 12

Grayson requested to watch Toy Story 3 tonight before bed and since there is a scene at the beginning where Andy eats popcorn, he wanted some too. So, we had a little movie night and the three of us shared a bag of popcorn!


October 11

We went to a self-serve frozen yogurt place for dessert tonight. No complaints from these guys! Who needs spoons when you can just drink your yogurt from a HUGE bowl!?

October 10

Neylan had his 15 month check-up today, which included another round of shots! So, we talked about it all morning before we went to the doctor. Since Grayson has been so fascinated with playing doctor lately, he asked if he could have a shot. When we got there, he asked the doctor the same thing. So, she caved and let Grayson have his flu shot! Grayson also wanted me to get one, so I got my flu shot too. And then the best part- suckers for such brave boys. They didn't offer me one for being so brave! 

October 9

The easiest way to get through a grocery shopping trip- find a race car cart and let them drive through the store. And shop fast! And promise a horse ride after checking out!


October 8

How much fun can you have with a 5 gallon bucket and some dishwashing detergent?

A lot, in the minds of these boys!

They took turns blowing bubbles

And then regretted sticking the whole face in

So, then decided to just stick the whole leg in (mind you the water is very cold waterhose water)

Let's retaste just to make sure it's as nasty as they say it is

And then, let's stick both legs in

And now, let's sit down!!!

Well if you're sitting in a bucket full of water and bubbles, you may as well get washed!

After all of this fun was over, they headed straight for the big bathtub!

October 7

I have been looking at this plant all spring and summer wondering if it was a weed that needed to be pulled. I knew I had planted a mum there and that the leaves looked like mum leaves, but I just couldn't tell. Until now. When I went out today, I see- it's my mum!!! It's gotten a lot bigger since I planted it.


October 6

Mr. Independent is at it again. Most of the time I just let him. He needs to try and succeed in his own way. Tonight after he finished playing outside, he wanted to put his clothes back on- himself! And he did


Who cares when he is so proud of doing it himself!


October 5

I had a little bit of a break today on my workday and a 30% off Kohl's coupon. So, I just HAD to go see what I could find. And I came home with this perfect and adorable picture frame for my monkeys who are quickly becoming very close friends. Now, I just need to find the right picture for it. It matches Neylan's room perfectly too!