April 27

Adam received an end of the year gift a bit early from one of his kids. A HUGE caramel, pecan, walnut, chocolate covered apple! It was delicious and hard to restrain from eating the entire thing in one sitting.

We are Trolley Run ready as we picked up our packets tonight. Grayson is very excited to run this race again this year and can hardly wait until Sunday.

April 26

Today was take your kids to work day, so the boys got to join Adam at school for an hour this morning

It was a beautiful day and we had a house showing at noon, so we headed to the park for a picnic

April 25

After Grayson used all of Mommy's shaving cream, he got his own!

April 24

The boys received a card in the mail today!


April 23

My Monday morning chore helpers. Grayson sorted the silverware from the dishwasher and Neylan put the wet laundry into the dryer

April 22

Easter continued today with GG, Shannon, and Bill. The boys got more candy, slinkys, sponge capsules that expand in water, bunny ears, and some super duper cute shirts

April 21

Today was Adam's day to shop. And shop he did! He got our new ipad (to replace the one Grayson broke- for free), a new iphone, and 3 new pairs of shoes! With our coupon and gift card in hand, we spent less than $150 on all of this tonight. Not too bad!

We now get to start a new protection plan on the ipad and will be buying a screen protector!


April 20

Occasionally I take pride in the fact that I can score a good bargain. Today was one of those days. I was lucky enough to get a 30% coupon for Kohls this week. I hit all the clearance racks and found this really cute pair of boots. They were originally priced at $109. The tag said they were 70% off and $32.99. I had a coupon for 30% off, which took it to about $20. OK. That works for me. They are cute enough. But, when I checked out, they rang up as 90% off, $10.99 and with my coupon, they were only . . . .


April 19

We had a very nice day today, so the boys got to eat dinner outside. Mommy was preparing to leave for the night, so they wanted Daddy to sit with them. As soon as Adam sat down, it became dinner and a show! Adam does songs and skits at dinner if you ask him!!

April 18

I was away last night, so when Grayson woke up this morning, he was very excited to tell me, "The grass pipe is fixed! Wanna see?"

Yay! The landscapers came back last night and finished fixing the sprinkler system! They did a great job preserving the grass and although it's a little messy looking, it's no longer a wet, muddy problem.

April 17

Happy Tax Day! If I can't have my tax return yet, even though we filed in February, then I'll settle for a drink for a very slim price!


April 16

What kind of mother lets their two-year old go out in public dressed in a Christmas bath robe with a water bottle in his pocket?! One who wants to avoid a battle, that's who!!

Thinking a bit more color may add to the front flower bed, we purchased a couple new plants and had a chance to plant them tonight. Grayson insisted he help with the big shovel!

While the front yard is being beautified, the back yard is undergoing a different project. We recently discovered a patch of really wet grass that never dried up. We have a neighbor, who is a landscaper, come and take a look tonight, and sure enough- we have a busted sprinkler pipe! He began digging and realized the job was a bit more than daylight allowed tonight. So, he's coming back tomorrow to finish (I hope). 

April 15

I didn't believe it could happen, but it did! The gorilla glass on ipads can and does break if a certain little one takes it outside and drops it at just the right angle on the concrete. That's why we bought the protection plan!

April 14

This weekend Beth Moore came to town to speak at a sold out conference. Her message was great and the worship was phenominal. I really enjoy seeing her live. If you have never seen her, you really need to go when you get the chance.

You turn your back for less than a minute in Home Depot and realize they have completely misunderstood the proper use for certain items accessible to curious little ones! Thank goodness it was new!

April 13

Pretty happy to turn this in today! My trial lasted one week and we got to deliver the verdict on Friday the 13th. Sorry, Defendant!


April 12

Daddy had his last meeting today with a committee he has been on at work over the past few years. One of the other team members bought a huge Costco cake for the group to say goodbye to Adam- and then he brought some home!

April 11

Wednesdays are very tight schedule-wise for us as we usually only have 30-45 minutes at home in between daycare and needing to leave for church. So, when I went to get ready and came back to find this, I was NOT happy! Neylan immediately confessed and said, "I frow, I frow". Do you know how long it takes to sweep up sticky rice and wipe the entire table down, just in case there is a showing?! There was a little punishment that went along with this action!

April 10

There's no dilly-dallying when your house is on the market, so all of the Easter stuff had to be put away tonight

April 9

When both boys refused to take naps today, we pulled out the cornhole boards and started playing!

Grayson is looking pretty cute in his capri pants!

April 8

Happy Easter!

This was Neylan's first Easter home and our first Easter since we got married that we got to spend this special holiday with family. It was nice to have Adam's parents with us for the long, busy weekend.

The Easter Bunny came with a few little treats!

Yay!! New bubbles


April 7

Another eventful day for this family. We began the day with an Easter egg hunt at our new church's second campus. This was their big kids ministry kick off, so Adam was helping out. The boys got to ride bikes, hunt for eggs, and play in the inflatables. It was a bit cool and rainy, but we braved the weather and had a great time.

The boys were put in a group of little ones to 5 yr olds to hunt for eggs, which still made them the youngest. It took a lot of persuading and direction to try to get them to grasp the hang of an egg hunt. Just pick it up and put it in the basket!!

So, by the time they had the routine down, all the eggs were gone, having been snatched up by the more experienced, bigger kids. When all the eggs were gone, Grayson had a basket of 4 and Neylan had 3!

A few people noticed we had not made it very far into the "hunt" and decided they would share the overabundance they had. So, several people just started throwing eggs on the ground for the boys to gather and put in their baskets. This was so nice, not that we need the extra candy that was inside, but it allowed them to really participate.

After the weather cleared, Adam showed off his new fun toy- a TP bazooka!

Grayson thought it was a blast. Hey, maybe some more yard decoration will add the character we need to sell this place!