January 28

A fun Friday night was had by all! We found a FREE family fun night at a community center. They had the gym set up with lots of riding toys, inflatables, play structures, and balls. Grayson's favorite- the pink and purple Dora tricycle!

Then we headed to the pool for a swim. Grayson enjoyed it, but got REALLY upset when he wasn't allowed on the big kid slide or in the hot tub.

After our fun at the community center ended, we headed to the hospital to welcome a new friend, and possibly one day, girlfriend, Raegan. She's a cutie and Grayson was excited to touch and look at her.

January 27

We had a big morning today. We went to music class, then to Benjamin and James' house to build a snowman. Today is Benjamin's 3rd birthday, so after the snowman was done, we all went to celebrate at Chick-fil-a. This guaranteed a nice long nap this afternoon.

January 26

Although the snow is starting to melt, we still have many visible animal tracks running through the yard. There are so many different tracks, I'm curious just what animals are back there playing.

January 25

For  a baby shower gift before G was born, someone gave us this great music set. We finally thought it might be time to pull it out and let him play the instruments. He loves it and quickly caught on to how to play them properly. When he learns a song, we'll share.


January 24

Grayson got to go to play group this morning and really showed some interest in playing with playdoh.

Look at this feast he has prepared for us.

January 23

Our computer charger died right after Christmas, so we had to break down and buy another one. The only ones you can find in the stores are universal and able to fit any brand. The bad thing is that for each brand there is an attachment head. Grayson is very good at taking things apart in true boy fashion and did that tonight with our charger. By the time we realized it, it was no where to be found. I searched everywhere because I knew it was somewhere and I knew he wouldn't have eaten it. I finally gave in and started digging through the trash. And that's exactly where I found that little tiny piece. Makes me wonder what else has been thrown away that is of value!

January 22

We had dinner with friends tonight and Grayson suddenly decided he wanted to hold their 7 week old baby. I told him he could hold her if he sat down, so he ran to sit in a little rocking chair. As I was passing her to him, he just grabbed her with a huge amount of excitement and held on. He did  a good job and Elizabeth was very tolerant of him. Maybe he is ready for a little brother.

January 21

Grayson got a fun new toy tonight in exchange for one we took back from Christmas (that he got 2 of). A bubble blower dog. When you press his belly he blows bubbles out of his mouth. Thanks Kasey & Nick. Grayson loves it.


January 20

Since Adam has taken on the official job of couch warmer this week, Grayson and I were the only ones left to shovel our way out of the driveway.

This is a snowmobile, right?

January 19

The snow is coming down like a rain shower. We all made it home safely and will just admire it from the window. Maybe we can play tomorrow.


January 18

Our snowman thermometer says it's chilly today and there's a rumor that we might receive 9 inches of snow tomorrow!!!

January 17

Tammy, one of the ladies at our scrapbooking retreat, taught Grayson how to fly this weekend. Disregard the wet overalls- he just spilled his drink.

January 16

I was able to go scrapbook today (since that was my plan for the whole weekend), but I had to take Adam and Grayson along so I could take care of them both. Ultimately, I didn't get much done, but it was fun to get out. Adam had fun watching movies and playing Wii.


January 15

The bad appendix is out and he is on the road to recovery. We go home at noon today!!


January 14

What a day!!

Adam came home yesterday with stomach pain. He thought it was just a bug, but the pain has continued and gotten worse. So, we have spent the day in the doctor's office waiting for an appendicitis diagnosis. He's now at the imaging center drinking this tasty drink and waiting for a CT scan. Then we'll discuss the plan with the surgeon. So, prayers for us over next few hours and days would be appreciated. Adam is in quite a bit of pain and is ready for the surgery.

Update: Adam was admitted in the ER at 3:15 and FINALLY went to surgery at 11pm. Everything was finished and we were back in the room by 1 am. It's been a long day.

January 13

These big gloves are fun to wear

January 12

Thanks Daddy for showing me this new trick


January 11

The official total--7 inches!

January 10

Snow Day!!!!

The snow fell all day and accumulated quickly. So, we headed out to enjoy it with friends. Grayson got to go sledding for the first time and LOVED it. We had a great afternoon and successfully wore these boys out.


January 9

Sunday lunches have become crock pot meals. We get home so late from church that it is easiest if I can plan ahead to have something ready when we get home. So, today was taco soup day. Perfect for a cold, snowy afternoon.

January 8

As a mom, you quickly learn all measures to take to make certain things possible; like going to the grocery store. We started at Sam's (part of the plan) and hit all the good sample booths. This worked well while I raced around as fast as I could gathering the few things I needed. Then we hit the grocery store (where samples are harder to find). We lucked out and got the fire truck cart. He did a great job driving while I shopped and was able to ride the horse at the end of our visit. This was a good trip. Most do not go this well!

January 7

Grayson spent the evening with some friends while we went to Adam's post-Christmas work party. There is a 5th grader, a 2nd grader, 2-year old twins, and a large dog in this household, and Grayson LOVED every minute of it. He cried so hard when we had to leave. He loved playing with Katy and it gave me a glimpse of what life will be like with a one and a two year old running around. Wow!!

January 6

A night out with girlfriends is often needed to rejuvinate after a long day home with a toddler. And tonight was great!


January 5

Let's just say he had an accident tonight at church and there was not an extra outfit in his bag!


January 4

Whenever I return home from Christmas break, I get into an organization kick. I think it's because you bring home all your new gifts and then have to find a place to put them. This year especially, with all the toys. So, we bought a hanging shelf to store all of the holiday decorations. That frees up a little more space in the house.

January 3

If he ever needs glasses, he's going to be cute! Doesn't he look so smart?

January 2

At any time of day, you might find Grayson playing in the bath tub. Clothes and all!! Bath time is probably his favorite activity right now. So, I just let him play. Until he learns how to turn the water on, this will keep him busy for a little bit.


January 1

Happy New Year!!!

It's hard to believe it's 2011 already, but it is and we are excited to see what God has in store for us this year. It's going to be exciting.

Today was nothing special. Just filled with 13 hours of driving back home. We are ready to settle back in to our routines and stay put for several months. Anyone is welcome to come visit us though!!


December 31

Happy New Years Eve!!

We spent the morning and afternoon with Allison, a great friend from high school, and her girls. All the pink didn't bother Grayson at all. He just jumped right in and played with the dolls and kitchen set like he knew what he was doing.

We spent our last night with Adam's family eating hibachi and playing Bananagrams. Obviously this game takes a lot of concentration and thought.

December 30

We hit the slopes today with Adam's best friend from college, Josh, and his wife, Rachel. We had a great time and no bones were broken!

December 29

Oh boy!! Got to eat his first sucker today. And of course, he picked the blue one. It was lip smacking good!

December 28

After visiting Kristi and Jeremy yesterday, we stayed in middle TN for a quick visit with Becca's aunt, uncle, and cousins. Today for lunch we tried a new place that was outstanding. Marvins, a country-cooking buffet. Yummy!!!

Once we got back home, Ben and Adam fixed our mirror that has been broken and not attached since July. If you read our adoption blog, you might remember this was our first financial disaster that happened after we applied for adoption. So, it will be nice to drive again with 2 mirrors. Probably safer too!!

December 27

Today we travelled to see our great friends, Kristi, Jeremy, and Eli, who were able to come home for Christmas from Austria. Grayson gave Eli this fun tunnel, which kept them entertained for quite a while.

We made multiple attempts to get a good group shot, but really, with 2 toddlers, it's nearly impossible to get everyone looking at the camera at the same time.

Notice Grayson's surprised face in both pics? We were trying to attract their attention towards the camera by throwing jingle bells across the room! It made for some funny pictures at least!