May 31

Happy Memorial Day

We spent the morning at the farm and Grayson was a little more into it than he was last year at just a few weeks old.

May 30

My first taste of corn on the cob


May 29

Our little beggar. Nana was enjoying her apple until Grayson spotted it, came over, and started begging for a bite. He did a good job with his first raw apple.

Grayson was so cute today in an outfit that his Uncle Ben wore when he was little.

May 28

The backsplash is up and looks good!!!


May 27

Grayson helping Granddad put up new sheetrock

May 26

Becca's parents arrived today for the long weekend and backsplash demolition began almost immediately.

May 25

Ready for lessons, Mommy


May 24

Although the water was warmer today (I let it sit out for a few hours before we went to play as opposed to yesterday) Grayson did not want to get in the pool. He just splashed around from the other side. He still got pretty wet and had a good time.

May 23

I had to get a picture of Grayson in his church outfit because it was just so cute: linen pants with a vest!! He is just so handsome

Then off went the clothes and out came the pool. It's HOT today. So, we're doing a birthday party run-through. I think this little fish will enjoy splashing around with his friends.

May 22

Went to Toys R' Us tonight to check out the wagons. We got this one (shhh!! It's a birthday present). Notice it has a seatbelt. A requirement for us becuase we have a climber.


May 21

Happy 4th Anniversary to us!!
How did we celebrate, you ask?? We took Grayson to the pet store to look at the dogs. We played with a boxer puppy that was very sweet, but unfortunately very expensive.

May 20

I won 2nd place in Bunko tonight. My first win ever!!! I got some coconut lime body butter and sugar scrub

May 19

I'm 11 months old!!!
This is my last attempt at our monthly picture in the red chair to show how big Grayson is getting (I nearly just didn't do it since I'm several days late, but I decided to go ahead since it's the last one). He can't sit still and quickly learned tonight that it's pretty fun to dive over the arm rest head first.


May 18

I'll be back Mom. Just running to the store. Call me if you need me.

May 17

I've learned a new trick

May 16

One day. . . Soon. . . I hope. I know he loves me. He just doesn't know my name yet.


May 15

Grayson has REALLY become interested in big people food, so it's been really hard to eat around him. He acts like a puppy dog begging at your feet, but instead he just grabs things off our plates. Tonight Adam walked away from his plate for just a minute and Grayson grabbed his food and started eating. I found it humorous, Adam did not.

May 14

Grayson discovered our fountain tonight. I think it could serve as a baby pool this summer.

May 13

Intrigued with his shadow


May 12

Becca's cousin, Keeley, stopped by for a short overnight stay on her way from Georgia to Montana for the summer. She brought Grayson an early birthday present from his great aunt Linda, who obviously is cleaning out her house to sell. So, Grayson got a bar of Santa soap and some books.

May 11

One of Grayson's newest favorite hobbies is to pull out the products in our bathroom cabinets. Today, his find is saline nasal spray. Maybe he's hinting that he's a little stuffy.

May 10

Grayson and Papa fight over a Pepsi


May 9

Tonight we had a date night out with Adam's parents and without Grayson. We went to a dinner theatre for dinner and a play. The food and the play were both incredible. Definitely a fun date.

May 8

Mimi & Papa arrived today and after a big lunch we headed for the mall to walk it off. Grayson also went on his first carousel ride.


May 7

We celebrated Mother's Day a few days early since Adam's parents are coming to KC tomorrow. So Adam and Grayson gave me their gifts tonight, cooked me dinner, and got me flowers.

Adam put together a poem with pictures of Grayson and I around the edges and Grayson got me a stepping stone for one of our flower beds.


May 6

Can I take a bath please?

May 5

I got very sick with a stomach bug this morning, so once I felt I could eat something, this was what I had. No fun at all.

May 4

First car wash!! He was quite amazed and in shock.


May 3

The kitchen got major improvements today with a new countertop and new sink (which is in a new corner position). Everything is much more functional and looks so much better than before. There are still a few things left to finish, but overall I love it.

May 2

Oooh Bubbles!!!!

And mulch!!!!!

The mulch was definitely the favorite

May 1

Tonight we celebrated our good friend Todd's birthday with dinner out and dessert at their house. While I was putting Grayson down for bed, they pulled the cake out. When I came back downstairs and looked at the cake there was a giant fly just sitting on top. I thought it was fake and had been put there as a gross decoration, but it wasn't. It was real and was stuck in the frosting.


April 30

The votes are in. Adam won!!! He gets to have the trophy for the next month. He said his pie was a huge hit. Next month: salads. We'll see if he enters.

April 29

Adam is entering his O'Charleys caramel pie into his school's Top Chef pie contest tomorrow. He has entered several things throughout the year, but never won. Maybe this will be the recipe.

April 28

My new favorite bathroom cleaning tool, the Sonic Scrubber. It works like that tool at the dentist to scrub the tough stains really well. It did wonders on our shower floor.