August 29

Who set you on the couch unattended with a box of kleenex?!

No- it's not his birthday again. He just has his drool faucet turned on high, so we are using multiple bibs per day and at this point are not picky at all about which one we put on him.

August 28

Our second annual trip to Schlitterbahn happened this afternoon. We were hoping that yesterday's swim lesson would help with today's activities. Grayson LOVED it! The kids area is perfect for him this year. He was able to climb up on any of the slides and roamed around by himself all afternoon.

I didn't think about it when I bought it, but his lime green rash guard was a huge help in keeping an eye on him as he ran all over the place.

Neylan also had fun. He roamed around by himself for a little bit. Not afraid to stick his face in the water and splash.

Neylan was a bit hesitant on the slides, but I would say by next year, he will be as brave as Grayson


August 27

The boys had their third swim lesson today. The last two have gone so badly we called for reinforcement this time. Our friends who are regulars with this teacher planned their session at the same time to try to show Grayson how much fun you should really be having. Neylan did fabulous today and wasn't clung to me the entire time.

Grayson still had a hard time and needed a little bribing to jump in.

Neylan's cookie was a reward for doing such a good job.

And a little peer pressure from a cute girl never hurts either


August 26

Tonight as we were playing outside two balloons flew over. Adam and I thought it was pretty cool. Grayson, on the other hand, did not. He was scared to death and wanted to go inside. Adam said his heart was racing and he just kept saying that the balloons were going to get him. He even had a hard time going to sleep because of it. Not sure where he got this idea.

August 25

Mommy had to work briefly this morning and didn't have childcare, so the boys went with me to "Mommy's school". They had a great time playing and having a picnic lunch with some of their friends.

August 24

There is no doubt about it- Neylan LOVES food- American food. I honestly think he prefers pasta and red sauce over rice. His love for food is also evidenced by his 2.5 lb. weight gain in 2 months!


August 23

Oh, the welcomed sight of the St. Louis arch. When we get here we know we are getting much closer to home. Still four LONG hours to go, but getting closer!

We chose to drive all the way home today. We knew it would be a long day, especially with Neylan, who was just introduced to a carseat two months ago.

Busch Stadium- Home of the Cardinals


August 22

It's hard to tell which one was more intrigued by this puzzle that made animal sounds- Grayson or the dog?

By far, Grayson's favorite animal in TN is Nana and Granddad's cat. He chased her all over the porch this time trying to get her to eat the food he made for her. He just never had the best timing.

August 21

 After the services today we went to Mimi and Papa's house for some rest and relaxation with family. The boys love this swing, but unfortunately, I wasn't able to get the best pics. The biggest smiles are when they are in motion.


August 20

This is the comfy riding position!?

Do you wonder why so many gymnasts come from Asia?

August 19

We are heading to TN today to be with Adam's family and go to Sissy's funeral. We had already scheduled a swim lesson this morning, so we kept it in order to let the boys burn some energy before such a long drive. Unfortunately, this lesson was worse than last week. The boys screamed and cried nearly the entire time. Grayson did not want to be off the step and Neylan did not want anyone else to hold him. They did like this chair float and Grayson wanted to wear these flippers and goggles the whole time.

August 18

Today, we lost a dear family member. Adam's aunt Sissy, passed away today. After battling a long list of health problems she is now suffering no more. She will be dearly missed by all of us.

August 17

This is so pitiful, but I just have had no motivation to grocery shop or cook. So, after searching the cabinets and refrigerator, this was the best that I could come up with for dinner. So sad! But, everyone ate it without complaining.

August 16

Adam's students come back to school tomorrow and he was not quite ready. So, he and Grayson went back to work tonight to finish up.

August 15

Well, I had a really cute picture for today, but Grayson has learned that he loves to look at the pictures on my camera. He's always been really good about asking for my help if he pushes the wrong button, but I have now discovered that today's picture has been deleted. Will be more diligent about getting the pics off my camera sooner!


August 14

Tonight was our annual church picnic and since Grayson LOVES watermelon more than chocolate Adam wanted to enter him into the watermelon eating contest. He immediately became intimidated with the competition and began crying. So, we took his slice and let him eat it without the pressure.

Neylan wanted in on the yumminess too!

Once away from the crowd, Grayson had his own contest. He would run up to me holding his watermelon, say "set, go" and take a big bite, then run off, chew it up, and start again. Unfortunately, there is no prize when you are only competing with yourself.

August 13

We spent the evening at the fair! It has been years since we have been to a fair. Grayson was so excited about the animals and I don't think he was disappointed.

We paid a small fortune to ride a few rides and ended up losing a shoe on this elephant ride!

Grayson and James picked out the purple helicopter to ride in

Yee Haw!

August 12

The boys spent the evening at GG and Bill's house so I could have a break for a few hours. All went well because GG is dog-sitting right now. The boys chased that dog all over the place and gave him lots of attention he may not have wanted.

This used to be Grayson's trick, but now Neylan is in charge of picking which DVD to watch.


August 11

The boys had their first swimming lesson today. Grayson was surprisingly nervous and didn't want to do much but sit on the steps. He started warming up after an hour and I imagine next week will be better.

His first jump off of a diving board!

August 10

Adam had the day at home today while the boys went to daycare and I worked, so he cleaned the living room. He expects it to continue looking like this for a while, but in reality, it will be destroyed within 10 minutes of them walking through the door

August 9

Neylan's first day of daycare! He was a bit nervous and I think Grayson was a bit confused as to why we had to stop at the door for a picture!

He survived and came home with only a black eye- from Grayson- who swung a golf club and hit him in the face! Oh, it's only the beginning

August 8

Look Mom, I'm an airplane!


August 7

Nothing like a yummy lunch at Chipotle and a ride home in a warm car to knock these two out!

August 6

Working together to whip up something yummy for breakfast

Grayson got a popsicle after dinner and only ate half of it. So, Neylan was the lucky reciepient of the bottom half! He ate it like a champ. And that face?- well, he's already starting to say "cheese" when a camera is pointed in his direction!

August 5

Pajamas on, kie kies in hand, DVD playing and ready to wind down for bed

August 4

It has not been a fun couple of days. Adam and Neylan are down for the count. Adam has a sore throat, headache, and what the doctor calls a "virus". Neylan is teething in full force with explosive diapers again. I cannot even begin to imagine how many diapers and wipes we have been through this week. Let's hope it all passes quickly


August 3

Mimi and Papa got this cool indoor/outdoor table for the boys for their birthdays. Grayson was SOOOO excited about it and thought it would be fun to eat dinner at it. But, being the wiggler that he is, had to be tied to his seat with a scarf in order to finish his meal. He just couldn't manage to stay in it. So, this table won't be for eating at!

Neylan approves of the cookies Mimi and Grayson made last night


August 2

It's been a long time since I have seen or felt temps this high. Not exactly pleasant

Grayson and Mimi made no bake cookies tonight. Yum!!

August 1

Back to the pool again tonight! With temperatures over 100 everyday now for weeks, it's difficult to have the energy to do anything else!

July 31

Mimi, Papa, and Uncle Jason (Adam's parents and older brother) arrived today and the only place that everyone can be together and tolerate the weather is in the water. So, after dinner we headed to the pool.