July 29

Today we toured Schonbrunn Palace and Grayson went to his first zoo. We began with a beautiful day and ended in the zoo with pouring rain.

July 28

We went to an amusement park today and Kristi and Adam were brave enough to ride the swings that go up to the top of this tower, over 100 yards tall.

We also went to Family Fun Center where the highlight for the boys was this giant ball pit. They also had inflatables, slides, and riding toys. I wish they had a place this good in the US


July 27

Tonight we had dinner on top of the Danube Tower in a revolving restaurant. The picture below is from the top of the tower where you can see the entire city. Quite amazing!

July 26

Our first Austrian Wiener Schnitzel

After lunch the boys enjoyed afternoon naps while touring

July 25

After 2 days of traveling and arriving with no luggage Grayson really needed a bath, so he had his first bath with a friend tonight. Now we have two clean boys ready for adventure.

July 24

Now this is the way to fly overseas: with a personal TV that has a cartoon channel and a personal bed hanging on the wall

July 23

Grayson explores airports in different ways than most people. And I just allowed it since we were hanging out and praying to get on an 11:45 flight since we missed our original one due to weather and the airport closing.

July 22

Grayson had his first haircut today. He did great, but was very interested in all that was happening, so he kept turning around, which made the process more difficult. He's quite handsome now!


July 21

There are so many other things I need to be doing right now, but instead I sit here, with freshly painted toes, eating a bowl of cereal, and watching Top Chef, while the rest of my crew are in bed. These moments are few and far between, so I take advantage when I can.

July 20

Several have commented on Grayson's dryer fetish. So, I thought I'd just show you what happens now each time I go to the laundry room.

July 19

Ready for a FAST bike ride before the heat index climbs over 100 degrees by 10:00 am!


July 18

On a blistering hot day it's always fun to play in the water, if you can figure out how to get it on. Once he did get it on, it wouldn't stay when he tried to put his hands under the water.

July 17

Mommy took Grayson to Monkey Bizness tonight to burn some energy and ensure a good night's sleep. He loved the big inflatables and was quite the little monkey himself.

July 16

Grayson has now learned how to get on and off his little car. Next he'll have to learn how to make it go. It's not as much fun just sitting still


July 15

Helping Mommy with laundry just became a little more fun today with this new discovery

July 14

The best part of staying in the nursery: the snacks!!

July 13

We had a dinner date!! Without Grayson!!!


July 12

Today we went to Clifford, the Big Red Dog exhibit and to play in the fountains at Crown Center. Grayson was adventurous and would walk to the middle while the fountains were down, and then all of a sudden they would pop back up, and he would walk out as fast as he could.


July 11

Call me weird, but I love new organizational toys. This is now our new "toybox". Everything is hidden and orgazined, for the moment.

July 10

I made a diaper cake for a shower I helped host this morning. It was fun to make and very practical.

July 9

After 3 years, I decided that it was time to rearrange the living room. I think I got tired of all the toys out and decided we needed more organization, which meant we would have to rearrange. Not sure yet if this layout will work, but we'll leave it for a few days and see if it grows on us.

July 8

Grayson has discovored the fun rides in stores that are meant to attract the kids attention and slow parents down when they are in a hurry. He spotted this one as soon as we walked in and kept pointing and fussing until Daddy pulled out a quarter and let him ride.


July 7

I apologize, first of all, for the incredibly bad picture. I tried really hard but my subject wouldn't stop moving. We just wanted to say THANK YOU Aunt Sissy for this cute new outfit.

July 6

We visited the same McDonald's again tonight on our way home because we knew they had a great play area. A hamburger happy meal this time. Grayson ate the ENTIRE burger, but wasn't too fond of the fries


July 5

Grayson really wanted to help Daddy get the corn ready to grill. It's one of his new favorite foods

We spent the evening on the lake. Grayson really enjoyed being out there last year, but wasn't quite sure this year since he had to wear a life jacket the whole time

Getting in the water with Uncle Ben made him a little nervous, but when Mommy joined him, all was well

July 4

Happy Fourth of July!

After dinner, Grayson couldn't wait to get into the pool, so he just jumped in clothes and all before anyone could stop him

July 3

Grayson's family birthday party. Finally some chocolate!

His FAVORITE toy was a little water gun that he got to shoot at everyone in attendance


July 2

We got to spend a few hours tonight with Allison and her girls. The kids loved walking around the neighborhood.

July 1

You can't take your eye off of me for a minute

June 30

Hello Cat, nice to meet you. I think it might be fun to play with you this week. You may not feel the same way though.