February 21

Boy, was it ever. It began snowing around 6:30 am. Below is a short time lapse of brief snowfall. By 10:00 we had a solid 4 inches. And by noon we had 12 inches! Yep, that's a rate of 3-4 inches per hour.
Matt, an intern at church usually spends the night with us on Wednesdays and goes to work with Adam on Thursdays. He was convinced he would easily make it this morning. Not so much! So, I made a big breakfast to get our snow day started!
I think Neylan is amazed!

One of our neighbors headed to work at 4:30 this morning to beat the snow, but came home at 10ish and her little car got stuck in the culdesac. So, all the guys headed out to help shovel her a path to get home.

They got her home and pushed her car up the driveway and into her garage. Can you tell how hard it's snowing!

Grayson was just itching to get out, so we suited up and headed out

This is Neylan's first big snow so we weren't sure how he would like it

There's the top of the ruler! Twelve inches by noon!

Neylan LOVED it! He just laid down and started "swimming" across the yard

Our little old man. Just chilling with his music and watching it snow out the window

Daddy made birthday cupcakes for me tonight and my boys brought it to me with a candle. They were so excited to sing Happy Birthday and start the celebration early

Then we made snow cream. Finally some ice cream this little guy can eat

We had a very busy and fun snow day. Looks like we'll do it again tomorrow.


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