February 22

Happy Birthday to me!!!
Well, we have another day at home to enjoy the snow. The boys were pretty excited to get outside and play. Today things are much calmer. There's no snow falling as fast as rain, the wind isn't blowing snow in your face, and the sun is out.
Grayson thought he might be able to pull Neylan in this little sled, but no such luck

So, they found a snow mountain that got made yesterday. They were able to climb, jump, and slide down the back side. They loved it

They played for a little while and then Grayson got cold and wanted to come in. Neylan wasn't quite ready, so I helped Gray get inside and undressed and let Neylan stay out. Grayson said he would go play in the play room. But apparently, he got really upset with me when I said he couldn't play with the ipad and decided to throw a book at the window! He immediately confessed and felt bad for what he did and for that I gave him a lot of grace. Probably more than I should have. This is the biggest window in the house and it looks to be one single pane of glass (instead of individual panes between each wooden divider). Likely a $500-$1000 fix! So, no more ipad for the rest of the weekend (or maybe longer) and he can forget about the trip to Disney World and the puppy he constantly asks for! (And he's lucky Adam wasn't home when this happened!)

Needless to say, this was not a very fun birthday for me!

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