February 7

Every year in Renew, we have some of the hubbies fix us moms a pancake breakfast. Since Adam is working at church now, I nominated him to help out, so he became the sausage boy this morning.
Our project tonight can be named "Mom had good intentions, but what in the world was she thinking?!" I've had this little snack planned for a while and didn't get around to it for Christmas. So, I thought the boys could help make little treats to take to school tomorrow to share with their friends for Valentine's Day.

It's simple. Graham crackers with marshmallow fluff in between.

Then you dip in chocolate. I did the first step (spreading the marshmallow cream) and thought they could handle this second step.

Neylan dipped and immediately began eating (After yelling at them for touching the crackers and licking fingers, by this point flames are starting to come out of my ears)

Grayson dipped and took the sprinkles. While I cleaned Neylan up and banned him from participating any more, Grayson dumped half of the red sprinkles on these 3 small cookies. (Now, really questioning why I thought two toddlers could handle making food for others without spreading germs!) Now everyone is banned from the table and I decided I would have to finish these by myself. (I think it's safe to say my patience is running thin. It's Thursday!)

The finished, salvaged product. Maybe I should only allow them to cook when it's just for us. Having them help make food for others makes me nervous (especially during flu season).

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